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Friday, April 30, 2004

April 30 2004

Jenin and Qalqilya Farmers Express Their Solidarity With Biddu Village
A popular meeting took place in Biddu today, when members of popular committees against the Wall in Jenin and Qalqilya challenged the closures and separation of the West Bank imposed by the Occupation and managed to reach Biddu in North West Jerusalem.

Three Palestinians arrested in Biddu
Biddu along with 14 other villages will be completely surrounded by the Apartheid Wall, which will cut them off from the rest of the West Bank. Biddu will also lose two-thirds of its land. Since February 2004, five people have been killed by the Israeli military during demonstration against the Wall in Biddu.

Wife of Shot Film-Maker Still Waiting for Answers
James Miller, 34, from Braunton, Devon, was killed by an Israeli Defence Force soldier on May 2 last year, while working in the town of Rafah. The father of two young children was filming a documentary about children in areas devastated by terrorism when he was hit in the neck – despite waving a white flag while working.

IOF Wounds Child in Rafah
Mohammed Z0"rob 12, was shot in the abdomen with a live gunshot, adding that his condition is said to be serious. Witnesses told WAFA that the Israeli soldiers stationed at Zo"rob military tower deliberately opened direct fire at the child and seriously wounded him.

Palestinians evicted from Hebron hills
Large forces of IDF troops and border policemen, accompanied by bulldozers, arrived in the area where several hundred Palestinians live in caves and pits near their fields. The route of the separation fence is supposed to cross the northern tip of the area and it is due to be built in the coming months.

IOF Kills Two Citizens, Demolishes 20 Homes
22-year-old Ahmad Kulaib, from the town of Hareth in Salfit, was shot dead by the Israeli soldiers. His body was taken to the nearby Nablus governorate hospital for examination.

Israeli troops demolish 19 Palestinian houses in Khan Younis
The troops forced the Palestinian owners to leave their houses without taking anything of their personal effects, the sources said, adding as a result, dozens of Palestinians were displaced.

And the Walls Came Tumbling Down
The officer ordered everyone in the buildings to evacuate in ten minutes. "I could not get anything from the house, not money, or the women's jewelry or furniture. It was all buried under the rubble." Abu Taha says the army put dynamite in the corners of the building and then blew it up from the inside.

Israeli forces prevent Palestinian trade union leaders from commemorating the dead
the ICFTU called on the Israeli government to ensure that the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) refrains from preventing Palestinian trade union officials from carrying out legitimate trade union activities. As the world’s largest trade union body, the ICFTU condemned the defence forces’ petty and unnecessary harassment.

May Day Demonstrations in Israel and Palestine!
This Saturday, May 1st, 2004, they will be serveral demonstrations: In Nazareth, In Tel-Aviv, In Abu-Dis, In Nablus...

Two IDF soldiers lightly hurt by Gaza missile
Earlier, Palestinians fired at IDF bases near the Gaza settlement of Neve Dekalim and at military forces on the Karni-Netzarim road in the Strip, Israel Radio reported. There were no injuries.

IOF Prevents Worshippers from Reaching al-Aqsa
Witnesses from Jerusalem said Israeli troops installed, on Friday morning, several military checkpoints at the gates of the Haram al-Shareef in the holy city of Jerusalem and prevented hundreds of Palestinian citizens from reaching it.

Abu Mazen: Palestinians must reform to counter Sharon
The Palestinian leadership should start overdue reforms to counter its sense of powerlessness in the face of what it sees as an Israeli land grab, former Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas said on Friday.

PM: Rejecting disengagement plan likely to mean new elections
New elections will likely be held if Likud members reject the disengagement plan in the party referendum to be held Sunday, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said Friday.

Sharon to advance pullout after referendum: Army Radio
Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon will move his disengagement plan forward regardless of the results of Sunday's Likud referendum, Army Radio reported Friday.

Annan urges Arafat to give Gaza pullout a chance
"You are aware... that the Palestinian side too has obligations it has not fulfilled," Annan told Arafat. "The Palestinian Authority should immediately start taking effective measures to curb terrorism and violence."

Israeli Geneva Accord initiators cancel ad campaign supporting PM
The Israeli initiators of the Geneva Accord decided on Thursday to cancel a weekend advertisement campaign supporting Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, local newspaper Jerusalem Post reported.

Former US diplomats send protest letter to Bush
"Your unqualified support of Sharon's extra-judicial assassinations, Israel's Berlin Wall-like barrier, its harsh military measures in occupied territories, and now your endorsement of Sharon's unilateral plan are costing our country its credibility, prestige and friends," the letter says.

Al-Qaida: If we had chemical bomb, we would have hit Israel
"The [allegation] that there was a chemical bomb to kill thousands of people is a mere lie," the reported voice of al-Zarqawi says on a tape broadcast via an Islamic site on the Internet.

Time and the things it takes away - By Nayef Hawatmeh
A sea of blood runs in Jenin. A sea of blood runs from Palestine to Iraq. But nothing would disturb the death-like slumber of our leaders, from coast to coast. Meanwhile, our nations are dizzy with shock, writhing in pain, not knowing what hurts more, the claws of foreign foes or the grip of repressive compatriots.

Israeli pullout opponents say they'll rally behind PM after vote
"We will wave the flag of unity no matter what the result is," Ratzon, a leading opponent of the disengagement plan, said at a press conference ahead of Sunday's party referendum. "The Likud will be unified after the referendum. We are committed to accepting any decision."

Ehud Ya'ari: ‘Gated Community’
There is a plan for withdrawal, both from the Jewish settlements and from army facilities. But the way it is to happen means that the Strip, with its 1.2 million residents, will be one big fenced-off prison camp, very much engaged with Israel, which will hold the keys to all its gates.

Sharon's willing accomplices
Like a ventriloquist dummy speaking the words of its master, we heard the world's most powerful man reciting a script written in Jerusalem by one responsible for bathing the Middle East in blood for decades.

Terrorism and Assassination
Israel has succeeded in creating the wide spread perception within Israel and among American society that violence committed by the Palestinian paramilitary is reprehensible and never justified, but that the violence committed by the Israeli occupation forces is somehow defensible.

Video Conference with Maine University
Zejel Youth Exchange Program organized a video conference on the Middle East conflict with Maine University in Amerrica on Tuesday, 27th April. The conference was organized to encourage dialogue between Palestinian and American students and to narrow the gap between their perspectives.

Report: Hezbollah gives Israel two weeks to reach deal on Kuntar
The Web site Middle East Online reported Friday that according to "Al-Kifah al-Arabi," Hezbollah has "the remains of the three Israelis who went missing in Lebanon in 1982 at the battle in Sultan Yaacub in Lebanon's (eastern) Bekaa Valley."

AP Toll Says 1,361 Iraqis Killed in April
Volunteers hunting for bodies in Fallujah find a woman and her daughter in their home, killed in the siege but undiscovered for days. Victims — young and old, women and men, insurgents and innocents — have been piling up day by day, making April the deadliest month for Iraqis — and Americans...

Iraq: Torture not isolated -- independent investigations vital - AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL
"Our extensive research in Iraq suggests that this is not an isolated incident. It is not enough for the USA to react only once images have hit the television screens". If Iraq is to have a sustainable and peaceful future, human rights must be a central component of the way forward.

Torture of Iraq Prisoners Prompts Wave of Revulsion
The chilling pictures show hooded and naked prisoners cowering and being sexually abused by their smiling captors, who include women. The prisoners were being held at the Abu Ghraib prison which Saddam Hussein used to torture his own people.

Thursday, April 29, 2004

April 29 2004

Palestinian injured by police horse in Biddu
Palestinian sources say that police continued to beat the demonstrator after he was injured by the horse. Six other Palestinians were arrested in the (Apartheid Wall) demonstration.

People and Politics / The Pope also wants a letter from Bush
House International Relations Committee Chairman Henry Hyde's letter about the route of the separation fence will soon force Bush to decide what is more important - his relations with the masses of Christian voters on the eve of the presidential elections, or Sharon's relations with Benjamin Netanyahu the day after the referendum.

Palestinian woman dies from inhaling tear gas
Palestinian sources report that a 50 year old woman, mother of ten, died after inhaling tear gas fired by IDF soldiers at her house in the El - Phara refugee camp south of Jenin, Thursday.

Weekly report on human rights violations
Israeli occupying forces have also continued construction of the “Annexation Wall” inside the West Bank and have continued to impose a tight siege on the OPTs. This week, 18 Palestinians, mostly civilians, including 5 children, were killed by Israeli occupying forces.

IDF admits it killed Palestinian lecturer by mistake
The Israel Defense Forces admitted on Thursday that it accidentally shot and killed Dr. Yasser Abu Laimun, 32, a resident of the village of Taluza, north of Nablus in the West Bank, over the weekend. The army apologized for the death of Abu Laimun.

IOF Slays a Citizen, Arrests Five University Students, Demolishes Two Houses
In a fresh incursion today morning the Israeli occupying forces (IOF) killed a citizen in the eastern neighborhood of Jenin City, north of the West Bank. An IOF massive contingent advanced deep in the aforementioned area under a volley of heavy firings

IDF destroys 16 buildings in Hebron Hills
IDF destroyed 16 buildings, constructed by a British aid organization, in villages around the Hebron Hills area. Palestinian sources also reported that 13 people were detained in the village of Walaje near Bethlehem

Al-Faraa Refugee Camp; Number of Wounded Rises to Nine
IOF opened today heavy fire at homes in Al-Faraa Refugee camp in the city of Tubas. One boy was reportedly wounded and thus the number of the wounded citizens has mounted to nine since the Israeli recent incursion into Tubas.

Israeli army demolishes two houses in W. Bank
the soldiers stormed into Soura village and opened intensive gunfire at Palestinians before evacuating the residents from the two houses owned by Palestinians detained in Israeli jails and dynamiting them.

Troops uncover 40-kilogram bomb on Israel-Gaza border
According to the Israel Airports Authority, which operates the crossing, the belt was discovered by an explosives-detection device during a search of the container.

Iraq pledges to honor Arab boycott of Israel
The commissioner general of the Central Boycott Office, Ahmed Khazaa, read out a statement saying that the meeting had discussed "Israeli attempts to penetrate Iraq" through deals offered by the U.S.-led occupation forces. Iraq "cannot but be against such attempts" by Israel to penetrate its markets...

Palestinian Peace Campaigner Arrested
"They made me spend all this time this morning just to tell them I had no idea about it," he told reporters. Nusseibeh, president of Al Quds, has been working to gather support for a peace plan he put together with Ami Ayalon, former chief of Israel's Shin Bet security service.

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL - Israel/OT: Open letter to President George W. Bush
Today, I am writing to express our deep concern about a number of issues related to human rights contained in your recent letter to Mr Ariel Sharon, Prime Minister of Israel, and in your statement to the press of 14 April 2004, on the occasion of your meeting with Mr Sharon. We note that some of these positions are contrary to international law

Palestinians demonstrate in Gaza in support of Arafat
The demonstrators, including Palestinian students and representatives of the different Palestinian factions and movements, attended the massive rally organized on what was announced to be the "solidarity day with Arafat."

Israeli Geneva Accord initiators cancel ad campaign supporting PM
The Israeli initiators of the Geneva Accord decided on Thursday to cancel a weekend advertisement campaign supporting Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, local newspaper Jerusalem Post reported. The decision was made after officials close to Sharon said the ads would kill his chances of passing the unilateral disengagement plan.

Rabbis call on Likud to vote against PM's plan
The rabbis, identified with far-right political movements, are members of a group called "Pikuah Nefesh," Hebrew for "saving lives," the highest precept in Judaism. The group believes that giving up any of the West Bank or Gaza violates religious precepts

Haaretz poll: 43% of Likud voters against pullout plan, 36% for
The poll also showed that 14 percent of Likud members are still undecided, while 7 percent declined to say which way they will cast their ballot. Of those who are "certain to vote" or "inclined to vote," 46 percent oppose the plan...

Arafat: Israel Must Recognize Palestinian Inalienable National Rights
Arafat reaffirmed that there can never be a place for the Israeli occupation, nor can there ever be a place for Israeli colonies or for Apartheid Wall around Jerusalem with its Christian and Moslem holy sanctuaries.

During the week Mr Slocombe was taken to Ramallah, where he met the Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. He said: "His palace has been totally bombed and he is living in two rooms. It's not safe for him to leave the area because he might be killed by the Israelis."

U.N. envoy connects dots between Iraq, Israel
With Bush endorsing Sharon's plan to keep much of the West Bank and also his policy of extrajudicial killings, Mubarak is reporting "unprecedented hatred" of Americans by Arabs. "What happens in Palestine touches every people," including Iraqis.

'Not enough evidence' to prosecute Sharon
Channel Two television quoted the report from a panel appointed by Menachem Mazuz, the attorney general, to investigate whether to press charges that could topple the Israeli leader.

Gilad Sharon has 5 days to hand over Greek Island documents
After more than nine months since he was first ordered to hand over the tapes he made of conversations with Likud power-broker Appel, Gilad Sharon recently said that he destroyed the tapes some four years ago.

Bantustan Plan For an Apartheid Israel
And Sharon - crowned by victory and convinced that he has unveiled a daring new initiative that will foil all schemes - will be surprised to discover that in Washington he was pushed into embracing an accelerated process of founding the state of Israel as a binational state based on apartheid.

After the Likud referendum
Americans sought to tone down Israel's enthusiasm over Bush's letter to Sharon, which the prime minister had described as a show of diplomatic support "unlike anything since Israel became a state." They explained to the Israelis that they would soon have to make a countermove in order to mollify their Arab and European friends.

Eight US soldiers killed by car bomb
on the latest of a string of attacks by insurgents which have killed over 120 US troops in April alone, more than during the six weeks of "major combat" with Saddam Hussein's forces. The blast came on top of the deaths of two US soldiers in attacks in Baghdad and northeast of the capital on Thursday.

U.S., Iraq Generals Reach Tentative Deal
U.S. Marines negotiated a "tentative" agreement Thursday to pull back forces from Fallujah, a deal that would lift a nearly monthlong siege and allow an Iraqi force led by a former Saddam Hussein-era general to handle security.

Saddam's secret agents behind attacks in Iraq: report
Iraqi officers of the "Special Operations and Antiterrorism Branch," known within Saddam's government as M-14, were responsible for planning improvised roadside explosive devices and some of the larger car bombs that had killed Iraqis, Americans and other foreigners, the intelligence report was quoted as saying.

BP ready to quit in blow to rebuilding hopes
John Browne, one of Tony Blair's favourite industrialists, indicated he had given up on Iraq because the political and security situation in the country had deteriorated so much.

Army Finds Troop Supply 'Getting Thin'
It's not yet certain that U.S. commanders in Iraq will ask for more troops, beyond the 135,000 there now, although it appears increasingly likely with violence high. But if they do, the Army would have to resort to extreme measures to answer the call.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

April 28 2004

Terror and Destruction: The Next Steps Towards Expulsion
On April 25th Occupation forces accompanied by an official from the High Planning Council of the Occupation authority warned the owners of the sheds, to demolish them within a week or the Occupation forces would carry out the demoltions, and force the owners to pay for the demolition expenses.

IOF to Demolish 400 Palestinian Houses in Occupied Jerusalem
The Israeli interior ministry yesterday distributed demolition notifications on 40 Palestinian houses in the eastern area of occupied east Jerusalem, came in a plot to demolish nearly 400 houses.

No Need To Embrace Israel
Since then South Africa has emerged as a full fledged democracy which guarantees equality and franchise to all its citizens, while Israel continues along its original apartheid path. Hence when Archbishop Desmond Tutu visited the Holy Land in 2002, he expressed his distress at the conditions of the Palestinians. He observed that Israelis were "treating Palestinians in the same way...

Drawing Caterpillar Out Of Its Corporate Cocoon: Company Should Examine Its Role in Mideast Violence
According to Caterpillar Chairman Jim Owens, in a letter sent to Jewish Voice for Peace on August 22, 2003, Caterpillar bulldozers are sold to Israel through the US Foreign Military Sales Program. In other words, Caterpillar bulldozers are not given to Israel as construction equipment but explicitly as weapons.

Israeli army detains 10 Palestinians in West Bank
Israeli troops raided the northern refugee camp of Balata and arrested 3 Palestinians, while the other 7 Palestinians were arrested during military raids in Jenin, Bethlehem and Ramallah... The Israeli troops stormed into the refugee camp under the cover of random fire at Palestinians' homes, injuring a Palestinian boy...

Israeli Troops Go on Rampage in the West Bank
Israeli soldiers broke into Suheil Hanoona house in the neighborhood and held all the dwellers in the living room of the house before messing it up, putting surveillance cameras and turning the house into a military post.

2 Israeli soldiers wounded in Gaza car bombing
At around 7:00 a.m. local time (0500 GMT), a huge blast was heard southeast of the town of Deir El Ballah in the central Gaza Strip, residents said, adding that they saw ambulances evacuating casualties from the area.

Palestinian peace campaigner arrested
The Oxford-educated don, who is the Palestinian Liberation Organisation's representative in Jerusalem, has been working to galvanise support for a peace plan he put together with Ami Ayalon, the former chief of Israel's Shin Bet security service.

Palestinian urges SA to support peace
Speaking from the Palestinian Embassy in Pretoria today, Erekat, who represented Yasser Arafat, the Palestinian Authority president, at the inauguration of President Thabo Mbeki yesterday, said the South African experience still served as an inspiration to Palestinians.

Remember Falluja
But while the killing of the guards, whose bodies were dragged through the streets of the city and then hung from a bridge, received wide media coverage, and thus prepared hearts and minds for the military revenge, the hundreds of victims of the American retaliation were practically a military secret.

U.S. says Bush not to renege on his commitments to Sharon
The America Administration moved Wednesday to sooth Israeli fears in the wake of reports the U.S. intended to send a letter of assurance to Jordan that would "balance" the letter President George W. Bush sent to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon...

Saeb Erekat: Bush took my job by siding with Sharon
President Bush apparently has taken my job. Until the Bush-Sharon press conference on April 14, I was the chief negotiator for the Palestine Liberation Organisation, PLO, the only internationally recognised entity that has a mandate to negotiate a permanent peace with Israel.

Egyptian intelligence chief to visit Arafat
The Palestinian foreign minister said that Palestinians would seek a UN resolution on enhancing the rights of Palestinians against the backdrop that US President George W. Bush gave unprecedented endorsement to the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's disengagement plan.

UN nuclear watchdog chief ElBaradei due in Israel in July
UN nuclear watchdog chief Mohamed ElBaradei, who has called for Israel to dismantle its nuclear arsenal, is expected to visit the country in July, officials said Wednesday. Sources said, however, that he is not expected to be allowed to visit the Dimona nuclear reactor.

PNA calls for cooperation in handling collaborator issue
"As long as there is a PNA that is responsible for internal security, this authority should assume its responsibilities and arrest those collaborators and put them to justice," Abu-Shbak stated. He said the security services had already arrested a number of Palestinians suspected of collaborating

Lapid to PM: Government not bound by outcome of Likud poll
Justice Minister Yosef Lapid warned Prime Minister Ariel Sharon on Wednesday that the government would not be committed to the results of Sunday's referendum of Likud members on his disengagement plan.

French prosecutors open inquiry over terror attacks in Israel
The seven Jewish plaintiffs, who are French but live in Israel, filed their complaint in March 2003, accusing Arafat of masterminding attacks against Jews to back Palestinian demands for an independent state.

Iran Court Orders U.S. to Pay $600 Million
Iraqi gas attacks killed thousands of Iranians and Iraqi Kurds in the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war. Hundreds of thousands died on both sides and Iran has thousands disabled by chemical arms. "The court has ordered the American government to pay the money for furnishing Saddam with chemical weapons to attack Iran," IRNA reported.

IDF to dig trench along Philadelphi Route ahead of Gaza exit
Under the disengagement plan, Israel will retain control of Philadelphi Road for the present. Although Prime Minister Ariel Sharon had originally favored a total withdrawal from Gaza, including Philadelphi, he eventually bowed to the wishes of senior IDF and Shin Bet

Powell: Not anti-Jewish to censure Israel, but Nazi imagery is
"It is not anti-Semitism to criticize the State of Israel," the BBC quoted Powell as saying, "but the line is crossed when the leaders of Israel are demonized or vilified by the use of Nazi symbols."

Bush or Kerry, same incoherence
Kerry's endorsement of Bush's assurance to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon that the US would support Israel's incorporation of Jewish settlements in the West Bank and oppose the Palestinian refugees' right of return, guarantees that any honeymoon a President Kerry has in the Arab world would be brief.

Targeting Arafat: A brief history
The first case is well known: In 1982, during the Lebanon War, Israeli intelligence and the Air Force made an effort to dispose of Arafat, who was in besieged Beirut. They failed, though there were close strikes from the air.

On the "New World Order" and the Origins of His Scepticism - Noam Chomsky
The United States is far in the lead in vetoing Security Council resolutions and in voting often in isolation or virtual isolation on General Assembly resolutions on a wide range of issues, including the Middle East, aggression, observance of international law, disarmament, environmental issues, you name it. That is why the U.N. was unable to act.

Jewish group accuses Swiss of anti-Israel “bias”
Donath also used his speech to urge Jews in Switzerland not forget their ties to Israel. "Should we not win the fight for Israel, and if we don’t overwhelm the anti-Semitism that is spreading in Europe, then our own position in the Diaspora will become untenable.”

Finding shades of southern Lebanon in the Gaza Strip
A few days ahead of the May 2 Likud referendum on Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's plan to disengage from Gaza and parts of the West Bank, the similarity between the Gaza Strip and the security strip in south Lebanon stands out more than usual.

Libya invites Israel to international chess competition
Yerech Tal, said in response that "the association is in constant contact with the Israeli Foreign Ministry and the decision on whether to accept the Libyan invitation will be made following consultations with Israeli security bodies and the players themselves."

Bush says US forces 'will secure' Falluja
"Our military commanders will take whatever actions necessary to secure Falluja," Mr Bush said, as US marines continued air and ground attacks against what Mr Bush described as "pockets of resistance". Earlier, US marines encircling the town began shelling the city's Golan district

Al-Asad: Iraqis are right to resist
Speaking on Aljazeera's Open Dialogue programme, prior to the latest attack in Damascus, the Syrian president said the resistance represented the people of Iraq and was, therefore, legitimate.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

April 27 2004

S. Africa Observes Apartheid-Free Decade
President Thabo Mbeki was sworn in for a second term Tuesday as South Africa celebrated 10 years of democracy and an end to the brutal apartheid system that denied the most basic of rights to the vast majority of its people.

The Right to Resist
Huwaida, not recognizing the authority of the occupier, returned to Biddu yesterday, April 25, to join a peaceful women's demonstration. In order to disperse the crowd, Israeli policemen mounted on horses charged the women, hitting them with batons. The policemen arrested four women protestors...

3 Palestinians killed by Israeli soldiers in W. Bank
Israeli soldiers shot dead early Tuesday three Palestinians, two in the West Bank city of Tulkarem and a teenager in Ramallah, witnesses and medical sources said. The soldiers opened heavy gunfire at the residents, killing two and wounding another severely, they said.

Palestinian youth dies of wounds from Israeli gunfire
A Palestinian youth died Monday of wounds he received from Israeli gunfire, hospital sources said. Islam Rizik, 14, was shot in the head two weeks ago when Israeli soldiers opened fire to disperse Palestinians who pelted them with stones in the village of Deir Abu Mashal, northwest of Ramallah.

Number of the Wounded Citizens Mounts to 15 in Tulkarem
Three Palestinian citizens have been reportedly wounded today when Israeli soldiers opened fire randomly at Palestinian citizens in the West Bank Palestinian Refugee Camp of Tulkarem and thus number of the Palestinian wounded in the camp has mounted to 15.

Wounded Journalist Says IOF Intentionally Targeted Him
Samoudi, who works as a reporter to Aljazeera satellite channel and a cameraman for the Reuters, was shot and wounded on Saturday, as four other citizens were killed by IOF.

Palestinian family names twins after Yassin, Rantisi
Mazen Al-Najjar, who works in the Palestinian telecommunications company, said that he named his twin boys after the Hamas leaders as a way of paying tribute to the assassinated leaders as well as asserting the continuity of the Palestinian struggle.

Palestinian ambulances held at Israeli military checkpoint: medical source
Israeli troops refused to allow them to pass, saying they had not received previous authorisation, the source said. Only after Western diplomats intervened with Israeli authorities in Jerusalem were the ambulances allowed to proceed, the source added.

IOF Kidnaps Wounded Civilian from Hospital
Israeli soldiers broke into the Hospital and kidnapped Mousa Mqeitish 19, leading him into an unknown fate. Mqeitish was seriously wounded with a live bullet in the head and was under medical treatment when Israeli soldiers broke into the Hospital and kidnapped him.

Police arrest Palestinian girl, 16, with butcher's knife in Old City of J'lem
The girl was standing next to two police officers who became suspicious because of her lingering in the area and arrested her. She subsequently told investigators that she intended to stab the two police officers, because her brother and friends are jailed in Israel.

School Stormed in Bethlehem, Howwara under Curfew
IOF tanks and armoured vehicles stormed the village and imposed a tight curfew as they also closed schools and all governmental and non-governmental institutions. Witnesses affirmed that Israeli patrols are moving in the village streets, indiscriminately shooting fire at civilians' houses, preventing them from going out.

70,000 attend Gush Katif rally against PM's disengagement plan
Some 70,000 Israelis Monday afternoon attended a solidarity rally in the Gush Katif settlement bloc in the Gaza Strip to protest Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's "disengagement plan."

Palestinian state is within entire 1967 borders: Qurei
The Palestinian state is not in Gaza or the West Bank, but within entire 1967 borders, visiting Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei stressed here late Monday. Qurei made the remarks to reporters after his talks with Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa, Egypt's official MENA news agency reported.

Palestinian Authority: World Bank Launches Multi-Donor Trust Fund To Support Reform Program
“The Trust Fund was established by the World Bank in recognition of the very positive developments in the Palestinian financial reform domain over the past two years,” says Nigel Roberts, World Bank Country Director for the West Bank & Gaza.

Saudi crown prince slams Israeli attacks on Palestinians
Crown Prince Abdullah met Tuesday with Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia. Abdullah condemned "the killings, deportations, demolition of Palestinian's houses and the assassinations and besieging of the Palestinian leaders."

Arab countries call for politically, economically boycott to Israel
Ahmad Khazaa, General Commissioner for the offices, made the call in a speech on the opening ceremony of the conference. It is important for the Arab countries to boycott Israel, he said, describing it as an "active reaction to the barbaric policy" of Israel.

Mideast quartet must take lead to enforce roadmap: Swedish FM
"We hope we can make the other parts in the quartet understand that now is the time for the quartet to take the lead and start to enforce the roadmap," Freivalds said at a news conference in Amman.

New leader of Hamas identified
Hamas on Monday denied the Israeli claims regarding Zahar, calling it a ploy to draw out information about the group’s murky leadership structure. All three major Israeli newspapers Monday identified Zahar as the group’s new leader.

El Salvador: Central American Palestine of the West?
International observers at the recent, heated elections in the Central American nation of El Salvador might have been surprised to discover amid the violent political polarization, a curious similarity between its two presidential candidates: both are Palestinian.

In search of a Palestinian strategy
Palestinians must confront their problems squarely. They are a people living under an oppressive occupation, with a weakened and isolated leadership, without an army and with a tattered security force, a wrecked economy and fractured institutions. The image of defenders of a just cause has gradually and relentlessly metamorphosed into that of terrorists.

Palestinians: Still Victims of Politics, Bigotry and Passivity - by James Zogby
"Those who care about Middle East peace, promoting Palestinian rights and saving the lives of innocents must act to challenge and change the political dynamic in the United States. It can be done. And too much is at stake to remain passive in the face of this urgent need."

Sharon Plan May Foil Palestine State, Historians Say
Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's plan to retain territories captured from Arab countries in the 1967 war has little chance of bringing peace to the region because it won't leave Palestinians enough land to create a viable state, said historians including Israel's Tom Segev.

Bush Endorsement of Sharon Proposal Undermines Peace and International Law
President Bush has effectively renounced UN Security Council resolutions 242 and 338, which call on Israel--in return for security guarantees from its Arab neighbors--to withdraw from Palestinian territories seized in the June 1967 war.

Sharon's US visit: intentions and reality
He took it from his private archive: a plan from the early 1980s that already bore his name, the thrust of which was to establish bantustan-like Palestinian enclaves in the occupied territories that would enable Israel to rule the land without bearing the Palestinian demographic burden.

Hezbollah silent on prisoner-swap with Israel
Lebanon's As-Safir newspaper said Yaalon's statement coincided with the expiry of the three-month period set by the German mediator to achieve the second phase of the exchange following a January swap between Hezbollah and Israel.

Palestinian Tourism Lost $950 Million Due to Israeli Practices
Mr. Hamad accused the Israeli government of targeting the infrastructure of tourism in the Palestinian territories, through bombing many of its facilities and destroying major archeological sites and tourist attractions, pointing out the Ministry's great efforts in reconstructing and renovating what has been destroyed by the Israeli war machine.

Apartheid assassins meet match in Iraq
A South African killed in Iraq two weeks ago once worked for a secret apartheid death squad known as the Civil Co-operation Bureau. The CCB specialised in assassinating civilians who sympathised with black liberation movements.

Spain Completes Troop Pullout From Iraq
"No Spanish member of the Plus Ultra II brigade remains in Iraq," Zapatero told Parliament in a debate on his decision to withdraw the 1,300 troops. Zapatero said the only Spanish military personnel who remain in Iraq are logistics experts assigned with shipping home military equipment. He said these people should be out of Iraq by May 27.

Monday, April 26, 2004

April 26 2004

April 26, Commemorating the tragic fall of the city of Yaffa in 1948
On April 25th, Israeli terrorist gang of Irgun and Haganah forces launched an attack and a bombardment campaign to ethnically cleanse the city. Jaffa was bombarded with more than 20 tons of Mortar artillery fire. Terrorizing the population with news of the massacre of Deir Yassin, the civilian population left by sea.

Palestinian Territories: The Right to Resist
Over the last two months, the village of Biddu has been actively engaged in unarmed resistance to the destruction of its land and the ghettoization of its people resulting from the construction of the Apartheid Wall.

Biddu-Palestina: violenza contro protesta di donne palestinesi ed israeliane (pictures included)
Wake up, world! Hear O Israel, wake up!! Israeli soldiers have made brutality a way of life against Palestinians, then they turned their weapons and death upon international peace activists, and now they are brutalizing Israelis who express disapproval of their ways. Who will be the first one killed?

Palestinian teenager killed by Israeli troops in Gaza Strip
Ibrahim Mussa al-Muqayad, 14, was hit by a bullet in the back when soldiers opened fire on a group of Palestinian youths throwing stones on a nearby military position, the medical sources and witnesses said.

Israeli troops injure Palestinian girl in Rafah
A Palestinian girl named Wafa Jodah, 15, was wounded with Israeli troops' gunfire in Rafah Monday evening, the Palestinian General Security Directorate in Gaza reported.

Two Workers Wounded in Jerusalem
Two Palestinian workers were critically wounded Monday after having been severely beaten up by Israeli Occupation soldiers (IOF) in the town of, Biddu south west of Jerusalem, witnesses and medics said. Tens of people gathered near the scene and evacuated them after the soldiers had left.

Israeli Colonizers Set Fire to Olive Trees in Nablus
colonisers from the "Yetzhar" colony broke into O'rif and randomly opened fire terrifying residents. Some of them set fire to trees while the others were protecting them. Israeli soldiers also participated in protecting the bands...

School Attacked by IOF in WB
Head master of Beit Sahour School said that Israeli soldiers stormed the school, shot rubber bullets and tear gas at pupils inside classes, wounding three and causing suffocation to many of them.

Israel Arrests Minors, Uses Electric-Shock and Tiny Solitary Confinement With Them
The solitary confinement policy has always been the systematic pursuit by the Israeli occupation jails to degrade the morale of the Palestinian prisoners and turn them into phantoms, incapable of knowing whether it’s night or day.

Israeli Arabs to mark Nakba Day with march
"Our goal is not to call for Israel's destruction, but to recall that there is a people that has not only not obtained its national rights, but whose very existence is under attack," explained Anbatawi.

Arab countries call for politically, economically boycott to Israel
It is important for the Arab countries to boycott Israel, he said, describing it as an "active reaction to the barbaric policy" of Israel. The conference will last for four days with the participation of 19 Arab states, during which how to reactivate the boycott will be discussed.

Drawing Caterpillar Out Of Its Corporate Cocoon: Company Should Examine Its Role in Mideast Violence
In fact, it was the first time ever that a shareholder resolution relating to human rights violations in the occupied territories has been brought before a US corporation. Though the odds against the resolution were tremendous, it still garnered 4% of the vote, enough to be re-introduced next year.

Qureia says PA can control Gaza if PM carries out pullout plan
Qureia also blasted Sharon's threats against Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat, saying the Israeli government should "release Arafat from his confinement instead of assassinating him."

Palestinian PM pushes for timetable to implement roadmap
"If there is an adopted timetable guaranteed by the Quartet Committee, there will be a credibility on implementing the roadmap and if the matters remain unclear as happened in the past days, the situation will remain difficult," said Qurei.

Diplomats attack Blair's Israel policy
The virtually unprecedented letter criticises the prime minister for claiming influence over the US president, George Bush, and American policy, then backing the Israel policy when it was already "doomed to failure".

Kerry jumps on Sharon bandwagon in favoring Gaza disengagement plan
The Washington Post declared immediately after the meeting that Bush had made some headway in the race to win American Jewish support; so Kerry didn't waste a minute, and jumped on the bandwagon, announcing his support for Sharon's plan.

Rivlin dedicates Independence Day torch to settlers amid criticism
Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin (Likud) expressed support for settlers at an Independence Day torch-lighting ceremony Monday night, despite criticism that a state event was not the appropriate place to make such comments.

Japan urges Israel not to harm Arafat
"To harm the president elected through a democratic election could cause damage equal to destroying the Middle East peace process," a Japanese foreign ministry official quoted Domichi as telling Cohen.

Palestinians forced to live in state of disrepair (Palestinian refugees in Lebanon)
The wall destroyed by the wave could be rebuilt, making the house habitable again, but because Khatib is living in an unofficial Palestinian refugee camp this is forbidden under Lebanese law.

Why does Sharon want to get rid of Arafat?
Sharon always turns to assassinating Palestinian leaders each time he goes through a crisis in an attempt to gain more support from his radical right-wing party, theLikud. Sharon intends to carry out his plans and disregards their consequences as long as they will work on enhancing his status and overshadowing his political failures...

Bantustan plan for an apartheid Israel
Nor did the Palestinians err when they compared his statement to the Balfour Declaration - even if they perhaps failed to grasp that the statement is liable to have implications yet more grave than the 1917 pledge, and will compel a substantive strategic change in their struggle.

US moves inflame Arab moderates

"In fact, at one time in my life, I was as much an American as a Lebanese. Now I watch helplessly as those principles, that were so much part of me, are bulldozed mercilessly by the present administration." The motivation for writing the letter, he says, was the "flagrant one-sidedness of the United States toward Palestine and Iraq.

PALESTINE: What Israel wants
If the olive branch is the symbol of hope, then Israel’s uprooting of hundreds of thousands of ancient olive trees from Palestinian land is a fitting metaphor for the current situation. With each passing day, Palestinians have less to hope for and more to fear as Israel annexes yet more land, builds more illegal settlements, destroys more homes...

"What should we do? Let’s ask Israel!"
They are now merrily helping al-Qaeda recruit more terrorists in Iraq by blowing up houses, shelling populated areas and using snipers for targeted assassinations, methods that Israel perfected on the Palestinians. And we know how successful they have been with those tactics.

A faith on the verge of extinction
No catalogue of Palestine would be complete without mentioning the Samaritans, the ancient quasi-Jewish sect mentioned in Islam and the Bible. Adherents of the faith present themselves as one of the most ancient monotheistic communities in the world.

Japanese Ex-Hostages Billed for Expenses
Three Japanese taken hostage in Iraq earlier this month have been charged a total of $21,000 by a travel agency for their air fare home from the Middle East and other expenses, an official said Monday. The ministry's position is that the bill should be paid directly by the former hostages and their families...

US troops threaten to cross Shia 'red line' to enter Najaf
American troops will enter parts of the holy city of Najaf to crush the radical Shia cleric Muqtada Sadr but will avoid its sacred sites, a US general said yesterday. Shia leaders have warned there will be an explosion of anger among the 15 to 16 million Iraqi Shia if...

Iraq unveils new 'inclusive' flag
What the new Iraqi flag might look like Iraq's US-appointed Governing Council has approved a new national flag for the embattled country, officials said. The design consists of a pale blue crescent on a white background, with a yellow strip between two blue lines at the bottom.

U.S. Facing Opponents it Trained
But while Arab sections of the new Iraqi Army defect in droves, the United States has still been able to count on support from former members of Iraq's Kurdish guerrilla armies, the Peshmerga, who fought Saddam's regime for years before allying themselves with the Bush Administration in last year's war.

Sunday, April 25, 2004

April 25 2004

Women’s Demonstration Against the Apartheid Wall
Despite attempts to de-arrest, one Palestinian woman, Deema from Al-Isawiya, was beaten and taken away by Israeli soldiers with three international women: Angela from France, Angie from Britain and Huwaida from the US. Meanwhile four soldiers on horses charged into the crowd, menacing women, following them and beating them with batons.

Jerusalem: Israeli Occupation Forces Prevent the Movement of a PMRS Ambulance
At 6:30 AM in Nablus sixty-three year old Mohammad Hussein Abdel Razzaq, diabetic and suffering from heart disease, was referred from Nablus Hospital to Al Makassad Hospital in Jerusalem. The patient’s condition had severely deteriorated and he required a serious cardio-vascular surgical operation.

Anti-Apartheid Wall Petitions Signed by 15,000 in Ireland
The IPSC intends to pressure the Irish Government to "get off the fence" and mobilise opposition in Europe to the Apartheid Wall which Israel is constructing through the West Bank.

Palestinians: Settlers burnt down house and olive grove
Palestinians say that settlers from the nearby settlements of Yizhar and Har Bracha broke in to the village of Kfar Avarif, south of Nablus, and chased one family from their home, then set the house on fire, and burned down a nearby olive grove.

IOF Wounds Two Citizens, Terrorist Settlers Attack Another
a group of armed terrorist settlers attacked Sunday a another Palestinian civilian in the West Bank city of Hebron, causing him severe fractures in different parts of his body, as he was severely beaten by them. Local Palestinian sources told WAFA that the beating took place at the Bani Naim neighborhood, near the illegitimate Jewish settlement of Kiryat Arba’

Israeli killed, four hurt in separate West Bank shooting attacks
Around 9 P.M., one Israeli was killed and three others were lightly wounded by shots fired at a vehicle near Hebron. The gunmen fled the scene. Earlier Sunday, two Israelis were lightly wounded Sunday by a rocket that Palestinians fired at a Gaza Strip settlement, according to Israel Radio. Two homes were heavily damaged in the attack.

Al-Aqsa Brigades kill collaborator near Ramallah
Al-Aqsa Brigades has taken responsibility for the death of a Palestinian man from Beit Rima near Ramallah. Sources within the group state that the man was killed after admitting that he was collaborating with Israeli...

Anarchy in the soul - journal from Biddu
Today, any single demonstration that takes place in the territories -- whether by Palestinians or Israelis, women or men, nonviolent or violent -- is treated to the same brutal behavior of guns, stun grenades, and clubs. And no one investigates the incidents in a serious, unbiased manner, and the soldiers learn that they can be more and more cruel, and no one gives a damn.

3 Houses Demolished in Rafah
Witnesses told WAFA that Israeli bulldozers, backed by vehicles , four tanks and armoured personnel carriers shot their way into al-Salaam neighbourhood and started a demolish and shovel campaign of three houses.

IOF Tightens Its Grip, Wounds a Boy, Bulldozes Houses
Palestinian medics of Nablus city reported that a 13-years-old boy was moderately shot and wounded by the Israeli occupying forces (IOF) in Al Shuhda square. He was admitted to Raphedia hospital, IPC correspondent reported.

The Arab National Conference / Final Statement
The statement stressed commitment to the national firm principles towards the Arab-Israeli struggle which call for the complete Israeli withdrawal from the occupied Golan, Sheb’a Farms, the Palestinian territories and for returning the legitimate rights to their legitimate owners.

China opposes Israel's threats against Arafat
Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Kong Quan said here Sunday that China is opposed to any comments or activities that threaten the personal safety of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

Spain's leader criticises Israeli threat to Arafat
"I don't think certain threats, that undoubtedly contribute to intensifying the climate of tension...are the right way," Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero told a news conference during a visit to Morocco.

Mubarak seeks greater international involvement in Middle East crises
Mubarak also said the international community, especially the so-called quartet of the European Union (news - web sites), Russia, the United Nations and the United States, should spell out the steps required for the creation of a Palestinian state.

Immigrant groups against disengagement plan join forces
As it appears that most Russian speakers in the Likud party are opposed to the plan, the main effort will be to motivate as many immigrants as possible to come to the polling stations.

Israel Court Ends Ban on Palestinian Journalists
The ruling by a panel of three judges said the Government Press Office had no right to deny press cards to Palestinian journalists once they had been given security clearance to enter Israel and work there.

Israel's population on Independence Day is 6.8 million
About 1.2 million residents were born in the former Soviet Union, or to a father who was born in the former Soviet Union. Some 500,000 of Israel's residents claim Moroccan ancestry, 245,000 claim Iraqi ancestry, 240,000 claim Romanian ancestry and 220,000 claim Polish ancestry.

Police suspect Sharon family took perks from Austrian tycoon
The prosecution told the court following Sharon's testimony it wants him either promptly arrested or fined for contempt of court for not supplying the court with the relevant documents.

Despised in their own country
The definition "dissidents" is, indeed, appropriate for them. Vanunu and the demonstrators against the fence, like the radical leftists of yore - Matzpen, Olam Hazeh, and a few other minuscule groups - oppose the activities that form the basis of the regime in Israel. In the absence of a true alternative, they not only oppose the government, they oppose the regime.

Analysis / Costly words
Once again Sharon has managed to focus attention on Arafat and made him a hero in the media among the Palestinians, in the Arab states and in international public opinion. Arafat has recently been in the shadows. Behind the scenes there was talk of the need to prepare for "the day after Arafat."

West Bank's great divide
Slashing through olive groves, breaking up fields of cauliflower and tomato, truncating roads, severing village from village, sundering families - a silent ash-gray concrete wall, coupled with miles of electrified fences, is relentlessly pushing its way through the West Bank and Jerusalem, through the lives and hopes of millions of Palestinians.

Vanunu: The Terrible Secret - by Uri Avnery
"The world must be prevented by all available means from hearing, from the lips of a credible witness, that the Americans are full partners in Israel’s nuclear arms program, while pretending to be the world’s sheriff for the prevention of nuclear proliferation."

Bush, Kerry stab Palestinians in back
And Israel reserves the right to re-invade Gaza, a hotbed of Palestinian resistance, at any time. In return, it has gotten U.S. endorsement for grabbing valuable land from Palestinians in the West Bank and is keeping an apartheid wall in place that cuts off Palestinian territory equivalent in area to the state of Rhode Island.

American Christian delegate: Israel carrying out virtual holocaust against Palestinians
“Our people watch very little news which comes to them through mainly Jewish sources. They seldom get to see or know the Gestapo-like atrocities in Jenin and Rafah.” Thomson said the Bush administration was accomplice to the Israel’s genocidal war against a civilian population.

Zur: Israel has infiltrated Hamas leadership
Border Police head Cmdr. David Zur, said Saturday that "Israel has people in the leadership of the Hamas." Zur was responding to a question posed to him regarding Israel's success in finding and killing...

Yemeni president calls for "immediate" US pullout from Iraq
"It has been proven to the world that there are no weapons of mass destruction," he said, referring to the main reason invoked by the United States and Britain to invade Iraq and overthrow the regime of Saddam Hussein.

World Has Realized That Sharon Is the Major Threat to Region: FM Spokesman
On Sunday Iran declared it has now become quite clear that Israel, specifically its Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, is the major threat and the source of insecurity in the region. An earlier statement by Sharon declared an Israeli military buildup is needed to counter Iran.