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Monday, May 31, 2004

May 31 2004

'Mass global movement will decide Palestine's future'
"Israel has reduced the Palestinians' daily life to unbearable forms of prison existence. They have no freedom of movement sometimes inside their own residential clusters," said Bidwai, winner of the Sean MacBride Prize of the International Peace Bureau.

Declaration by South Africans on Apartheid Israel
We, South Africans who have lived through apartheid cannot be silent as another entire people are treated as non-human beings; people without rights or human dignity and facing daily humiliation. We cannot permit a ruthless state to use military jets, helicopter gun-ships and tanks on civilians.

Only the Ones Who are Loyal Can Stay
With separation, walls, and disengagement are being used in a framework of peace making in the Middle East, it is no wonder that "separation of nations" via forced transfer is presented as an alternative peace plan.

IOF Arrests Civilian, Dynamites House, Seizes Houses in WB
Hamamra told WAFA that the Israeli soldiers, armed to teeth, broke into the village and dynamited the two-storey house of Khaled Hamamra which shelters 15 family members. They were not allowed to take any of their personal belongings.

UNRWA needs the funds to provide emergency cash, food and housing assistance to the hundreds of families who have lost their homes, had a breadwinner killed or wounded, or who are in need of ongoing medical care.

Rafah children march in solidarity with homeless
About 2,000 Palestinian children held amarch in the southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah on Monday to show solidarity with those who were rendered homeless by the latest Israeli military raid.

IOF Wide Rampage in Salfeet, Razing Land in Bethlehem
In Bethlehem, IOF military bulldozers mowed down vast arable land in Janata town, the city mayor Said Askar said. Askar added that IOF troops, backed by a number of Israeli military bulldozers, razed vast areas of arable land in the town and hundreds of fruitful trees.

IOF Wounds Two Citizens, Arrests Four as Settler Militias Attack Civilians
The Israeli occupying forces (IOF) shot and wounded two citizens in Hebron, while four others were arrested, three of them in a town near Jerusalem, at the same time as armed Israeli settler militias attacked a town in the Nablus province.

Civilian Arrested in Jerusalem
Witnesses told WAFA that IOF soldiers arrested Ali al-Ammory 20, while he was at work in Jerusalem, shortly before taking him to Gilo Israeli military checkpoint in Bethlehem and leading him into an unknown spot.

Israel still holds tight grip on Gaza
Abu Safeya told reporters that the army still imposes strict measures and bars the access of agricultural merchandise to the strip, refuting Israeli reports which said that the military siege had been lifted.

OCHA Weekly Briefing Notes
Incidents involving ambulances and medical teams: Denial of access: 15 incidents (mainly in al Zaitoun area and Rafah)... Delay (up to 120 hours): 8 incidents... Shooting/Shelling/Damage to Ambulance: 5incidents...

Analysis / Humanitarian obligations
Yesterday's High Court ruling requires the IDF to observe humanitarian obligations under international and Israeli law. The detailed ruling differs from previous ones handed down recently that were satisfied by army declarations of "an immediate and decisive military necessity" to destroy houses in Rafah.

Turkish PM: There Is Individual, Institutional And State Terrorism In Middle East
Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan said, ``Turkey has been in an effort to determine steps it can take for peace in the Middle East. But, unfortunately, Sharon didn`t help us. Recent developments are clear sign of this.``

Two Palestinian diplomats released after one year in Abu Ghraib
They were detained in mid-May 2003 along with five other people working in the Palestinian mission, said National Palestine Committee vice president Anwar al-Sheikh. Iraqi-born Rahman told AFP that US forces had levelled no charges against them and repeatedly promised that they would be released.

Israeli Court Rules on Jewish Identity
Israel's Supreme Court ruled Monday that foreigners who convert to Judaism in Israel could be eligible for citizenship, but sidestepped the key issue of whether the decision applies to conversions by non-Orthodox rabbis.

Sharon says Egypt backing him on Gaza pullout plan
Sharon's office said Mubarak expressed his backing for an Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and "readiness to help in the advancement" of the pullout plan during a telephone conversation between the two leaders on Monday.

Sharon buys more time for troubled Gaza pullout plan
Public radio said that Sharon had asked the speaker of parliament, Reuven Rivlin, for the delay as he feared he lacked a majority in parliament in any vote on a new version of his disengagement plan, which was rejected in its original form by members of his right-wing Likud party

U.S. Urges Israel To Coordinate Pullout to Prevent Islamist From Taking Over
In a recent message to Israel, the American administration requested for Israel to start negotiations with “some Palestinians empowered to take responsibility” to prevent “Islamic fundamentalists from taking over evacuated areas; according to Israeli media sources.

Middle East accepts new ceasefire plan
The Israelis and Palestinians have accepted an Egyptian plan for a ceasefire, a resumption of peace talks and a meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his Palestinian counterpart Ahmed Korei, the Egyptian news agency Mena reported on Monday.

Qorei says willing to meet Sharon but only if talks “bring results”
“We are in favour of any meeting which could bring an end to the suffering (of the Palestinians) and bring about the implementation of the roadmap,” Qorei said, referring to the moribund peace blueprint endorsed by Israel and the Palestinians last summer.

Netanyahu: Diplomatic process can proceed in current gov't
Meanwhile, Justice Minister Yosef Lapid met Monday with Netanyahu in an attempt to broker a compromise proposal that would bridge the gap between Netanyahu and Sharon over the latter's revised disengagement plan, and will enable the cabinet to approve the proposal.

Egypt ready to help with any Israeli withdrawal: FM
The foreign minister noted that Egypt was prepared to help with training Palestinian police forces, with a view to rebuilding a part of the Palestinian infrastructure destroyed by Israel.

Israel FM heads to Cairo as Egypt talks up deal to relaunch Mideast talks
The diplomatic activity came as Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon ran into mounting difficulty overcoming opposition from hardliners in his own government to his US-backed plans for a pullout from the Gaza Strip.

East Jerusalem Commemorates the "Prince of Jerusalem"
The speakers agreed that the occupying authorities have desecrated the holy city of Jerusalem after the passing away of Mr. Al Husseini, as many Jerusalemite institutions were closed, mainly the New Orient House, which Al Husseini used to run, in addition to hastening the steps aiming to Judaize the city

Rafah counts cost of Israeli onslaught
Besides the carcasses, the only indication that a zoo once occupied this empty field was a rusty welcome sign that had fallen to the ground. Everything else had been brutally ploughed over with military tanks and bulldozers.

Film review: Ford Transit
Filmmaker Hany Abu Asad interviews the young driver and his customers in Rajai's Ford truck taxi, showing viewers a variety of Palestinian opinions that don't often get represented in the international news media, while also illustrating the absurdity of the military checkpoints in the West Bank.

Israel-Palestine: two sides of the same coin
The suffering of the Palestinian people is assuming tremendous dimensions. Not only have they been denied a homeland for over half a century, forced to live in refugee camps, but now they are also facing a second expulsion.

Return of the chairman
Although he has grown accustomed to the prolonged stay in the suite of rooms that remained after the demolishing of most of the buildings in the presidential complex, when he talks about political issues - it is his personal fate that interests him most. What will happen to him?

South Africa Style Sanctions Against Israel? - by Noam Chomsky
In the current real-world circumstances, a call for sanctions, even if it were justified, would be greatly welcomed by the right wing extremists and hard-liners, because they could easily convert it into another "proof" that everyone wants to kill the Jews and so we must rise to the support of embattled Israel to prevent another Holocaust.

Shin Bet: Vanunu violated limits
According to Shin Bet officials, Vanunu gave an interview to a foreign correspondent and he spoke of his employment at the nuclear reactor in Dimona. These are two conditions specifically set by the attorney general for Vanunu's release last month.

U.S. Marines See Falluja Brigade in New Iraq Army
A militia charged with keeping the peace in the flashpoint city of Falluja may become the nucleus of Iraq's new army after an interim Iraqi government takes over on June 30, U.S. military commanders said Sunday. the 2,000-strong Falluja Brigade is composed mainly of Baathists who served in Saddam Hussein's army...

Bush given Saddam's gun as souvenir of capture
"He really liked showing it off," a White House visitor who had seen the gun was quoted as saying. "He was really proud of it." Mr Bush has told select visitors that the gun was not loaded when Saddam was captured, contrary to reports at the time.

Sunday, May 30, 2004

May 30 2004

25 Homes Demolished in Rafah: 350 Palestinians Homeless
Last night, Israeli occupying forces (IOF) demolished 25 houses in Rafah refugee camp, leaving more than 350 homeless and injuring two Palestinians. According to PCHR’s preliminary investigations, at approximately 23:00 on Saturday...

Time to punish Israel
It entered Rafah to tell the world that they can criticize until their faces turn as blue as the U.N. flag: Israel can and will do what it wants to Palestinians. And what did the world do? A U.N. Security Council resolution was passed that, for once, the U.S. did not veto. Europeans complained. Arabs remonstrated. Even Israelis protested.

United Arab Emirates sponsors Rafah reconstruction
The president of the United Arab Emirates, Sheik Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, has started a regional campaign to pay for the reconstruction of more than 400 Palestinian homes destroyed in a recent Israeli incursion.

UAE Red Crescent collects more than $27m to rebuild Rafah houses
Abu Dhabi - The national fund-raising campaign in the United Arab Emirates to contribute to the reconstruction of Palestinian houses in Rafah has managed to collect more than 100 million Dirhams (27.222 million dollars).

Bulldozers crush Gaza children's dreams and build its martyrs
Najla, 16, a white headscarf framing her round face, was studying hard, dreaming of becoming a lawyer 'so I can give justice to people'. Six of her young relatives had been killed during her life, as Israeli troops periodically swept through Rafah. 'They all died sad,' she said.

Israeli Troops Kidnap Wounded Palestinian from Hospital
Eyewitnesses said that a number of Israeli forces surrounded the hospital at pre-dawn before breaking into it and kidnapped Suleiman Fawaz'a 18, who was injured earlier by the Israeli bullets in the Refugee Camp of Tulkarem.

Soldiers clash with Palestinians near Jenin
IDF soldiers and Palestinian residents are clashing in the Village of Salem, near Jenin. The Palestinians are throwing Molotov cocktails and stones at security forces, who are responding with rubber-coated bullets and gas grenades.

8 Civilians Wounded in OPT
Officials at Nasser Hospital reported that one civilian moderately wounded when Israeli soldiers opened heavy machine gunfire at civilians' houses in the Gaza Strip city of Khanyounis...

Israeli Colonizers Assault Peasant
A Palestinian peasant was critically wounded Sunday after having been brutally beaten up by Israeli colonizers in the West Bank city of Bethlehem, WAFA and witnesses said. three Israeli colonizers stopped khalil Mustaffa Rajjoub 55 and violently assaulted him.

IOF Critically Wounds a Youth, Arrests 3 in WB
A youth was critically wounded early Sunday when Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) opened fire at civilian houses in Tulkarem Refugee Camp of the city, Palestinian security sources said.

Palestinian diplomats freed from U.S. jail in Iraq
The United States said at the time that all diplomats lost immunity after the fall of Saddam Hussein in April last year and Washington did not recognise the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) as the representative of a sovereign state.

PNA courts sue Palestinian collaborators with Israel
They said the court had held the first session of the trials on May 24 against four Palestinians and the indictment included the charges of collaborating with foreign sides and undermining Palestinian spirits and morals.

Hamas rocket scientist liquidated
The Hamas military wing in the Gaza Strip suffered a lethal blow Sunday after an IAF aircraft fired a missile at its leader and his operations officer, hitting them on a motorbike as it sped through Gaza City. A third, unidentified Palestinian bystander was also killed and seven people were reportedly slightly injured in the strike...

High Court: IDF must protect Palestinians' lives, honor
Supreme Court President Aharon Barak on Sunday issued a ruling that defines guidelines for the Israel Defense Forces' obligation to honor humanitarian international law during warfare.

Occupation soldiers detain Palestinian medical team
Dr. Husam Khuraim, chairman of the society said that the soldiers at the Hawara roadblock intercepted the society’s ambulance vehicle that was returning from Kabalan village to Nablus. The car was carrying a doctor, a pharmacist and a number of nurses in addition to the driver, the chairman said, adding that the team was detained from 2 pm to 6 pm.

Celebrating Life in Rafah
Israel’s murder of civilians is sanctioned as self-defense; Palestinians, once again are labeled “terrorists”. Israel can assassinate any Palestinian at the time of its choosing with a ready-to-serve verdict. It killed and wounded hundreds of civilians in those “targeted killing” sprees. Yet, Palestinians are condemned if they show the mere desire to respond.

PNA condemns Israeli airstrike on Gaza
The Palestinian National Authority (PNA) on Sunday condemned an overnight Israeli airstrike on Gaza City which killed three Palestinians and wounded nine others. In another development, Israeli army arrested Sunday morning three members of Palestinian security apparatus in the West Bank city of Ramallah...

Arafat proposes meeting Sharon to renew peace talks
"I hold my hand out to Sharon, the nation in Israel, the Knesset and the Israeli government," Arafat said in an interview to Channel 10 television that was aired Sunday night. "Why not?" said Arafat. "If there is a will for peace, it will overpower other things."

Lieberman presents to Russia plan to expel 'disloyal' Arabs
Lieberman described the Plan for the Separation of Nations as an alternative to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's disengagement plan, which calls for Israel to evacuate from the Gaza Strip and parts of the West Bank.

Sharon threatens to sack ministers to push through Gaza plan
"I am warning anyone who wants to exploit moments of crisis for personal ends that I have decided to adopt this plan, even if I have to change the composition of my government," Sharon was quoted as saying by army radio.

Lapid working on compromise in bid to pass pullout plan
Justice Minister Yosef Lapid is working to bring about an agreement between Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the revised disengagement plan in an attempt to get it passed in the cabinet.

Shin Bet interrogates Anglican Bishop over Vanunu ties
Shin Bet security service interrogators conducted a body and property search of the Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem, the Right Reverend Riah Abu El-Assal, in connection with the controversies surrounding freed nuclear whistle-blower Mordechai Vanunu.

Israel attacks BBC 'tricks' in taping Vanunu
The Foreign Ministry is expected to seek a meeting with the BBC's Middle East bureau chief, Andrew Steele, to discuss the circumstances in which the tape of the interview was smuggled out of the country despite demands that all copies be handed over to the Israeli censor.

Arab Lawyers Union Calls on UN to Intervene in Palestine
The members of the permanent office of the Union of Arab Lawyers urged United Nations and the international organisations for the defence of Human Rights to immediately intervene to protect the Palestinian people from the "genocide perpetrated by Israel."

European Parliamentarians Support Israeli Refuseniks
60 eminent parliamentarians from the European Parliament issued Sunday a statement to the Israeli public opinion, voicing out utmost support for the Israeli refuseniks in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) and calling for releasing all the refuseniks behind Israeli bars for refusing service.

Analysis / Sharon presents: Another episode of Survival
On Friday morning Prime Minister Ariel Sharon instructed cabinet secretary Yisrael Maimon to stop trying to reach an agreement with Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and put the disengagement plan before today's cabinet session.

Syria says refuses dictates, WMD stance unchanged
EU states agreed last week to demand stronger Syrian commitment to fight weapons of mass destruction, in return for a long-planned political and economic cooperation pact. "Syria does not accept foreign dictates," the state news agency SANA quoted Defence Minister Hasan Turkmani as saying.

Muslim-Christian seminar argues over inviting Jews
A Vatican-led conference on dialogue with Muslims ended in the Arab state of Qatar on Sunday after bickering over whether to allow Jews to participate in future meetings because of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

UN Security Council heads for new showdown on Iraq
China, France and Germany -- with Russia taking a quieter role -- are pushing for changes to the text to strengthen the commitment of full sovereignty for Iraqis once the US occupation has formally ended. But the US State Department has already made it clear that Washington would not accept calls to fix a date for US troops...

Bush has Saddam's pistol: report
US President George W Bush has been given a pistol Saddam Hussein had with him when he was captured and now proudly shows it to selected guests, Time magazine reported today.

Iraqis 'will forgive jail abuse'
The people of Iraq will forgive US-led occupying forces for the Abu Ghraib prison scandal, according to a senior coalition spokesman. Brig Gen Mark Kimmitt told the BBC's Talking Point programme that the photos of abuse by US soldiers at the Baghdad jail were not representative.

The handover that became a shambles: ten U-turns on the road to 'peace'
The more that is learnt, however, about the sudden emergence of Mr Allawi, a man close to the CIA and MI6, the more it appears the appointment of the new government has been hijacked by the ambitious politicians of the Iraqi Governing Council - the very body it was meant to replace.

Saturday, May 29, 2004

May 29 2004

Army to confiscate lands from 7 villages northwest Jerusalem
statistics held by several human rights organizations revealed that the Wall will confiscate 7000 Dunams from Beit Sorik, Biddu, Beit Iksa, Beit Duqqu, Al-Qbeiba, and Beit Anan, all are northwest Jerusalem. It is worth mentioning that the village of Beit Sorik lost a huge part of its land for settlements constructed since 1967

Letter From Budrus
It's a bucolic scene, violently interrupted by the razor-wire fence on the outer edges that threatens to tear through the middle of the groves. If construction here continues, the 1,200 residents of Budrus--the vast majority of whom depend on agriculture for work--will lose a large portion of their fields. An Israeli bulldozer has already carved a preliminary path...

IOF Kills Four Citizens as Settlers Ravage Farmers' Crops
A fourth Palestinian citizen of the northern Gaza Strip city of Beit Hanoun, joined on Saturday morning the three others who were killed yesterday night by the Israeli occupying forces (IOF) in different parts of the Gaza Strip and West Bank, IPC correspondent reported.

IDF officer killed in Balata camp; Al-Aqsa claims shooting
Captain Shahar Ben-Yishai, 25, was killed Saturday morning in an exchange of gunfire between Palestinians and paratroops under his command during an operation in the Balata refugee camp just outside the West Bank city of Nablus.

4 Citizens Arrested in Hebron
Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) arrested four Palestinian citizens in the West Bank city of Hebron and the Refugee Camp of al-Fawwar, Palestinian security sources and witnesses d told WAFA.

Israel Denies UN Committee Access into OPT
Head of UN committee, on the investigation of the Israeli violations of Palestinian Human Rights Bernar Gunateleky reiterated Friday that the committee was denied entry permission by the Israeli authorities to visit the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT).

Israeli Stabbed in Jerusalem's Old City
An Israeli man was stabbed in the back by a Palestinian on Saturday in Jerusalem's Old City, according to the police. The attack took place on a major street that runs through the Muslim Quarter of the walled Old City.

Incurring into Nablus, IOF Blocks all Entrances
the IOF troops incurred into the city after mid-night, amid intensive shooting on the civilians’ houses and blocked all entrances that leading to it. They prevented students and workers from reaching their universities and works.

MOH’s Report; 120 Palestinians Killed, 808 Wounded within a Month
The death toll of the Palestinians from 28 April to 27 May 2004 were 92. They were killed by the Israeli occupying forces in Gaza strip compared to 74 were killed in the same period of 2003.

UNICEF calls for the protection of children in Rafah
“Palestinian children have a right to be protected against all acts of violence in the midst of the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” said David S. Bassiouni, UNICEF Special Representative in Jerusalem. “They have a right to a safe shelter, safe access to their schools and to health services,” he said.

On This Day 1972: Japanese kill 26 at Tel Aviv airport
The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine said they had recruited the gunmen from the Japanese Red Army and said they "came from thousands of miles away to join the Palestinian people in their struggle".

Inter-Palestinian dialogue to be renewed soon: lawmaker
"Talks will tackle previous disputes, such as leadership and decision-making mechanisms," Abu Amer said. He stressed the necessity of reaching a national agreement to cope with the Israeli occupation and reject any form of US interference in Palestinian domestic issues.

Arafat's free access issue not to be bargained: PLO
A member of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)'s executive committee stated Saturday that Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's freedom of movement is not an issue that can be "bargained or traded."

Dahlan: Pullout would end attacks on Israelis from Gaza Strip
The former Palestinian security chief for the Gaza Strip, Mohammad Dahlan, said Saturday that militants would stop attacking Israelis from the Gaza Strip if Israel withdrew completely from the area.

Netanyahu slams PM's accusation of Gaza plan manipulation
"The attempt by the prime minister's office to portray the main differences of opinion between himself and most of the Likud ministers and party leaders as a seemingly personal struggle with Minister Netanyahu is a distortion of the truth,"

Mubarak wraps up Russia visit, calls for end of Iraq occupation
Both countries are seeking to resurrect the stalled Middle East peace plan, of which Russia is a co-sponsor, and Mubarak said he thought Moscow should play a "leading role" in the process, advocating an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital...

Sharon indicates he's set for Cabinet dust-up
Armed with popular support but bedeviled by dissent from within his government, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon on Friday signaled readiness for a showdown with Cabinet opponents over his plan to withdraw from the Gaza Strip.

BBC to air interview with Mordechai Vanunu on Sunday
In the interview, Vanunu reiterates information he has already stated, claiming he turned to the international press in order to warn the world of Israel's nuclear program which could lead to another Holocaust.

Egypt agrees to help maintain security in Gaza Strip after Israel pullout
The report said that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak had told Sharon that Cairo was prepared to "send experts in all fields, notably security, to the Palestinian territories immediately to help the Palestinian Authority assume its responsibilities in the matter of security."

Aqsa Radio again on the air
The Islamic Aqsa radio station returned on the air anew in the Gaza Strip after about one month stop when Zionist Apache army chopper fired a number of missiles at the building housing the radio.

The stain is spreading
the suffering and the destruction as a matter of routine - what happened in Rafah was a mere "incident," of those that happened so often in the past and will continue in the future. This is because there will be no end to the war over the land until the Arabs accept Jewish ownership.

Guest Viewpoint: Islam bashing too common in U.S. media
The world is not buying the idea that a suicide bomber giving up his life to free his country from invaders and occupiers is a terrorist, while those who traumatize an entire nation full of children and women with "shock and awe" demonstrations of its military might are liberators.

Al-Hurra television receives mixed reviews
"Can they expect the Arabs to watch them if they don't show Palestinians being killed, and don't portray Israelis as oppressors?" said Nabil Dajani, professor of communications at the American University of Beirut. "The US has a lost cause here in the Middle East unless they change their policy on Palestine. I think Al-Hurra is doomed."

Gantz warns Syria of 'heavy price' for new northern unrest
GOC Northern Command Major General Benny Gantz on Saturday warned Syria that it would pay a "heavy price" for any escalation in Hezbollah militant activity along the Israel-Lebanon border.

Bush to the Arabs: " Go Get Yourself Some Democracy!"
It was the United States that deposed Mossadeq and propped up the Shah, that backed fundamentalist Islamic factions against the Soviets in Afghanistan, and that aided Saddam Hussein's growth into the heavily armed monster it then so noisily deplored --- and all with an eye to its own interests rather than the building of viable civil societies.

Gunmen kill Kurdish politician and family north of Iraq
Colonel Mohammed Hamid, the head of Kirkuk's fire department as well as a senior member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan party, was travelling with his wife, sister and another relative when his car came under attack.

The silence of the healers at Abu Ghraib
William Kimbro is a U.S. Navy dog handler who worked at Abu Ghraib prison. When military intelligence officers pressured him to participate in the interrogation of Iraqi prisoners, Kimbro refused. The U.S. Army's Taguba report mentions two other soldiers who intervened or reported the incidents to the chain of command.

EU, Latin American leaders condemn Iraqi prisoner abuse amid angry protests
European and Latin American leaders have condemned the abuse of Iraqi prisoners by US soldiers, as thousands of protesters vented their anger at what they saw as their governments' reluctance to tackle poverty and other social ills.

Friday, May 28, 2004

May 28 2004

Nothing Can Come Between Me and My Land
Omar's story starts with the building of Zufin settlement North West Qalqiliya city. At that time Occupation forces confiscated 3 dunums of his land for the settlement bypass road. When the Apartheid Wall was built around Qalqiliya city, Omar's land became trapped between the bypass road and the Wall.

Land Confiscation for the Wall in Salfit
At noon today Occupation forces handed confiscation orders to both Salfit city and Masha village. In Masha, Occupation forces will confiscate 6 dunums from lands isolated behind the Wall, however the confiscation order does not provide reasons for the confiscation, claiming they are are classified.

Palestinians protest against Israeli police in Prague's centre
The banners said Let us build bridges among people, no to racist apartheid wall. Protect our children against war criminals. Occupation and peace do not come together. There was also a small coffin covered by the Palestinian flag.

A Solution for Palestine ( This article originally appeared in the December 26, 1936, issue )
The Arabs are beginning to direct the nationalist flood into constructive channels. They are organizing small industries to shake off their economic bondage ta Europe; they are carrying on a fierce boycott campaign' against the Jews. The manager of the largest clothing store in Jerusalem told me a few days ago that he had lost more than half of his business. Other Jewish shopkeepers say the same thing.

The Starry Plough Article on the Apartheid Wall
The coordinator of European outreach for the Palestinian grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign has been for a week touring Ireland in order to raise awareness about the horrific crime the Israeli government is committing by building the Apartheid Wall in Occupied Palestinian Territories reinforcing the occupation and its dire consequences on the Palestinian people.

Israel lays claim to Palestine's water
Under an agreement signed a decade ago as part of the Oslo accord, four-fifths of the West Bank's water is allocated to Israel, though the aquifers that supply it are largely replenished by water falling onto Palestinian territory.

Israeli troops kill Palestinian farmer in Gaza
soldiers shot dead Tayesser Abu Haddaf, a 34-year-old farmer, as he worked at his farm near the (illegal) settlement. Another Palestinian woman was injured and admitted into the hospital after she had been shot in the same incident, the medics said, adding that the soldiers opened fire indiscriminately at the area.

þThree Palestinians hit with shrapnel
Director of the Emergency Department þþat the Palestinian Health Ministry Dr. Muawya Hasanayn said that the three þþinjured persons were transported to the local Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in the þþcity of Deir Al-Balah after they sustained injury from gunfire launched by the þþIsraeli tanks

Israeli convoy attacked in Gaza
The car reportedly stopped near a bus full of Israelis heading to work at the Rafah border crossing and a gunman got out and began firing at the bus. The car then exploded, killing the driver and injuring two soldiers.

IDF forces operating in Rafah after morning attack
Contingents are searching the area and are exchanging fire with armed Palestinians. According to Palestinian sources, troops fired Lau missiles at the Tel-Zuarub neighborhood, and are encircling a house near the area of the attack.

Zacharia Zubeidi: The marked man
Zacharia Zubeidi, head of the al-Aqsa Martyrs brigade in Jenin, has survived four assassination attempts by Israeli forces. But if the army comes looking for him, Zubeidi insists, "they will have difficulty getting out".

Briton says he was held in Israeli dungeon
Speaking outside the Jerusalem jail where he had been held, Hounam said Israel should be ashamed of itself for arresting him. He complained of being kept overnight in solitary confinement in a "dungeon with excrement on the walls" and limited to two hours' sleep.

Update for oPt (19 – 25 May 2004) Construction of the Barrier is continuing in different sections from Khallet an Nu’man northwards near Har Hommah settlement, Ash Sheikh Sa’ad, Sur Baher, Sawahriya ash Sharqiya, Abu Dis and Al ‘Eizariya.

urgently appeal to the Government of Israel to respect United Nations Security Council Resolution 1544 and bring a permanent halt to the massive military operation by Israeli occupying forces, including the systematic demolition of Palestinian homes, the destruction of water sources and livelihoods in the Rafah refugee camp of the Gaza Strip.

AU Condemns Israeli incursion into refugee camps in Palestine
The African Union (AU) Friday condemned the recent incursion and aggression by the Israeli Defense Forces on Palestinian civilians at the Rafah refugee camp that led to the death of 50 Palestinians, the vast majority of whom were women and children.

Stop the massacres of the Palestinian workers and people
WCL is profoundly indignant at this situation and at the lack of energetic reaction on the part of Europe, which has so far contented itself with pious condemnations. This attitude can only feed the despair of the Palestinians, who are left alone, without any protection against unpunished and repeated violations of international law.

Ground Zero
Two years ago in April, when Israeli forces terrorised people and demolished their houses in Jenin, the United Arab Emirates Red Crescent Society donated $27 million for the rebuilding of the destroyed areas of the camp. So far, 80 per cent of the houses have been rebuilt...

Sharon won't put pullout plan to vote at cabinet meeting Sunday
Secretary of State Powell on Friday said the U.S. was looking forward to receiving the revised disengagement plan, Army Radio reported. "We'll examine the new version," Powell said, adding that "I cannot support or not support something I have yet to see."

Sharon mulls firing Netanyahu over Gaza plan-report
Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is considering sacking Benjamin Netanyahu if the finance minister votes against his Gaza pullout plan in the cabinet, a newspaper Web site said, citing sources close to Sharon.

Tape of Vanunu interview may already have left the country
Copies of a videotaped interview given by Mordechai Vanunu to a local journalist on Saturday may already have been smuggled out of Israel, the Shin Bet security service admitted Thursday, meaning that the agency may have failed in its task of preventing this.

Meeting between Foreign Minister Barnier, Mr Beilin and Mr Rabbo
Michel Barnier met yesterday with Yossi Beilin and Yasser Abed Rabbo, and their aides. Mr. Beilin and Mr. Abed Rabbo conceived and are promoting the Geneva Initiative. They were also received at the National Assembly, the Senate, and by the City of Paris and in Lyons.

Analysis / The end of Sharon
From a position of leadership, Sharon yesterday became a prisoner of his ministers, who undermined his plan to withdraw from the Gaza Strip and the northern West Bank. President George Bush offered extensive promises in advance to Sharon, who is now unable to fulfill his part of the bargain.

Between the Lines / Last tango for Peres?
The leak about Shimon Peres' and Haim Ramon's meeting with Uri Shani brought back the old battered image of Peres as a saboteur, once again plotting a dirty trick - just as Ariel Sharon can use Peres to warn the Likud ministers to obey Sharon's line. Peres, haven't you learned a thing?

Analysis / Netanyahu in charge
The government of Israel is today being run de facto by Netanyahu, economically and politically. The finance minister's refusal to support the "government recognizing the overall revised disengagement plan" formula has left Sharon with no options.

Analysis: comparing Sharon's old and new withdrawal plan
The final draft of the plan shows that Sharon has decided to evacuate Kfar Darom during the first stage, while Rafah Yam will wait for the third stage, when it will be removed along with the remainer of the settlements in Gaza.

Cheeseburger in Palestine
We can drive through Gaza City and tell our grandchildren: “The brochure says that 15 people were killed by Israeli Defense Force machine-gun fire on that plot of land over there. Now it's a Burger King.”

Allawi chosen as Iraqi prime minister
The 25 members of Iraq's US-appointed governing council today chose a former Ba'athist turned CIA supporter to serve as the country's interim prime minister after the June 30 handover. The appointed did little to cheer many Iraqis who dismissed him as an outsider lacking the political experience to lead the country out of post-war chaos.

Bush promises "full sovereignty" for Iraqi government
The president said the United States was "making progress" on the new UN resolution, amid concerns from war opponents China, France, Germany and Russia about how it will define the role of nearly 140,000 US soldiers in Iraq.

Report: Iran establishes unit to recruit 'suicide bombers'
According to the report, the secretary-general of the new unit began by drawing up a list of names of people who support suicide attacks in Iraq, Lebanon and the Palestinian territories.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

May 27 2004

'Rafah is our Falluja'
Rafah's 140,000 inhabitants are counting the cost of Israel's latest and most brutal blitz of murder, terror and house demolitions. Palestinians see the Israeli aggression as "ethnic cleansing" and "a holocaust". Human rights groups, including Amnesty International, name it "war crimes against humanity".

IDF destroys 3 homes in southern Gaza, 2 more in Nablus
Three Israel Defense Forces tanks and a bulldozer entered the Gaza town of Dir el-Balah early Thursday, destroying three Palestinian houses, witnesses and Palestinian security officials said.

Woman Arrested in Jenin
tanks and armoured vehicles stormed 'Arraba village, broke into several houses, vandalized property, shortly before arresting Huda 'Arda 30... 'Arda is an employee in the Municipality of 'Arraba and is a sister of three prisoners, of whom two are sentenced to lifetime imprisonment.

Israel lays claim to Palestine's water
Israel, which wants the US to fund the project, would guarantee safe passage of the water across its territory in return for an agreement that Israel can continue to take the lion's share of the waters of the West Bank. These mainly comprise underground reserves such as the western aquifer, the region's largest, cleanest and most reliable water source.

IOF Shells Civilian Houses in Khanyounis
Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) shelled on Thursday the civilian houses in Khanyounis city of Gaza Strip, witnesses and Palestinian municipal sources said.

Weekly report on human rights violations
19 Palestinians, 15 of whom are civilians, including 5 children, were killed by Israeli forces.  Israeli occupying forces continued their full-scale offensive on Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip.  Human rights violations perpetrated by Israeli occupying forces also included willful and extra-judicial killings, incursions into Palestinian areas, indiscriminate shelling and house demolitions.

IOF Onslaught Turns to Nablus
IPC correspondent reported that the IOF invasion began at 11:30 pm last night, when 70 Israeli military jeeps and ten armored personnel carriers invaded the city of Nablus and deployed troops in several parts of the city. The troops then occupied more houses and buildings in addition to those already occupied in the past couple of days.

Freedom Summer Palestine 2004
against occupation, whereby Palestinians mobilizing with the participation and support of their international supporters, will draw the attention of the world to the true nature of the situation on the ground in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and leave no doubt in anyone's mind that the Palestinian struggle is a just struggle for dignity, human rights and freedom.

Israeli Soldiers Arrest Civilians, Deny Paramedics in Nablus
Israeli troops, positioned near the villages of Beit Dajan, Salem and Beit Foreek denied accessing of paramedics and detained them for several housr, the sources added.

UAE telethon to raise funds to rebuild Palestinian homes razed by Israel
The eight-hour telethon, part of a drive ordered by President Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al-Nahayan, will feature live broadcasts from major shopping malls. Red Crescent staff will be deployed at 80 spots throughout the country and outside mosques to collect donations, said Red Crescent chief Khalifa Nasser al-Swaidi.

Israeli cabinet to vote on cut-down Gaza pullout
Bowing to hardline ministers opposed to his Gaza Strip pullout plan, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon agreed on Thursday to a cut-down version that starts by removing just three of 21 settlements, officials said.

PNC Calls for Protection Palestinian Detainees
In a statement issued Thursday, the committee said that Israeli escalation against detainees, especially in Hadreem prison which is represented by solitary confinement, rejection to respond to detainee's demands and hunger strikes, only prove Israel's disrespect of humans.

Sharon woos cabinet on Gaza plan
A leading Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, reports that Mr Sharon has the support of 11 out of 23 ministers. The three ministers that are said to be undecided are Mr Netanyahu, Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom and Education Minister Limor Livnat.

Information Minister meets with Mustafa Barghouthi
Barghouthi, for his part, referred to "Syria's pan-Arab role and its support to the Palestinian people in order to restore their legitimate rights." He described the US sanctions on Syria as unfair, unjustified and baseless and that they come in the service of Israel.

Diplomatic delegation tours Rafah after IDF operation
Fifty foreign and Arab diplomats who serve in the Palestinian Authority are currently conducting a tour at the Tel Sultan and Brazil districts of Rafah, sites of the recent IDF operation. The delegation is headed by Palestinian Foreign Minister Nabil Shaath.

Israeli minister urges Arab-Jewish population swap
A far-right Israeli cabinet minister called on Thursday for a population swap involving minority Arabs living in the Jewish state and Jewish settlers living in occupied territories. (ie. swap between legal and illegal ownerships).

Israeli envoy: Turkey undecided on recalling ambassador
Aviv's statement came on the heels of remarks by Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul, who said on Wednesday that Turkey was considering recalling its ambassador in Israel to Ankara for consultations, citing displeasure with the IDF's actions in the territories.

Israel frees UK journalist in nuke case
Simon McDonald, the British ambassador to Israel, had met Justice Minister Yosef Lapid earlier in the day to press for the release of the reporter, who interviewed Vanunu on behalf of Britain's Sunday Times in 1986, sources close to the talks said.

Sharon's right hand - By Azmi Bishara
While new flags are being designed elsewhere in the region, perhaps two blue lines with a bulldozer in the middle would make a fitting flag for a country that has, since its creation, placed itself in conflict with every roof under which a Palestinian lives. Sharon and Dayan are the uncontested pioneers of home demolition.

How Palestine is dying in Iraq
"The more aggressive the [Iraq] attack is, the more it will help Israel against the Palestinians. The understanding would be that what is good to do in Iraq, is also good for here."With the Iraq war, a fusion of US and Israeli interests, intended or not, has come about.

India to balance ties with Israel, Palestinians
India's new coalition government vowed on Thursday to give a new thrust to ties with Arab countries and renew support to the Palestinians, moving away from a strong pro-Israeli tilt of its predecessor.

Washington must talk to Hamas, albeit conditionally
However, whatever the outcome of the November election, a new administration will most probably attempt to revive negotiations between Israelis and the Palestinians. In order to inject credibility into that process, Bush's proannexation policy must be reversed.

Sharon prepares for the day after
What do you think? asked Sharon. First of all, don't recant, his interlocutor advised. If you're destined to go, better to go as a hero than as a doormat. Secondly, don't be in a hurry to bring in the Labor Party - you can't count on them.

The demographics point to a binational state
In 2003, 54 years and almost 3 million immigrants later, the Central Bureau of Statistics' official figures indicated a similar Jewish-Arab ratio (81 percent Jews, 19 percent Arabs), with the figure for Jews including non-Jewish immigrants.

PCBS: Israel Restricts Palestinian Incomes and Health Services
The PCBS concluded that 51.0% of the households have access problem to health Services due to the Israeli closure, 50.6% of households because of Israeli military checkpoints, 48.2% of households because of cost of medical treatment, and 10.8% of households because of the expansion and annexation wall.

Amnesty: 'Bankrupt' war on terror is world's most damaging conflict in 50 years
The American government is charged with "sacrificing human rights in the name of security at home, turning a blind eye to abuses abroad, using pre-emptive military force where and when it chooses". This draconian approach, Amnesty says, has "damaged justice and freedom, and made the world a more dangerous place".

Jews can join Muslim-Christian forum, Qatar says
Qatari Prime Sheikh Abdullah bin Khalifa al-Thani set the stage for two days of inter-faith talks by drawing parallels between those who believe in the oneness of God. "Perhaps it is wise to widen the dialogue to a Muslim-Christian-Jewish dialogue," next year, he told the gathering of some 200 delegates from around the world.

Rebel cleric cuts deal to end Najaf stand-off
The tentative deal, reached late on Wednesday night, falls far short of the demands of the US-led coalition, which is seeking Mr Sadr's unconditional surrender to face murder charges. It also will set the stage for the conflict with Mr Sadr to be finally resolved by Iraq's interim government which takes office on June 30.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

May 26 2004

Selves and Others: A Portrait of Edward Said
Shortly before Edward Said's death, a French film crew spent several weeks with him and his family in New York. The result is Selves and Others , an intimate documentary that offers a glimpse at some of Said's final reflections on the themes that dominated his life's work.

Palestinians to resume activities against Israeli wall
Palestinian committee for campaigning against the Israeli separation wall announced Wednesday that it has organized a series of activities that will last for 56 days starting June 25. Coordinator of the committee, Suheil Salman, said the 56 days of the public activities symbolize the 56 years of Palestinians' nakbah (catastrophe) in the Palestinian territories.

Through the heart
The graffiti artists have barely begun. There are a few slogans sprayed in red or black on the tall slabs of grey concrete - "Welcome to the Ghetto" and the like - but the elaborate murals and lurid colours of the Berlin wall or Belfast peace line are yet to appear. This wall is too new for that.

From 18 May until 24 May a total of 167 buildings in the Tel Sultan, Brazil and Salam quarters of Rafah were destroyed or rendered uninhabitable. These buildings housed 379 families or 2,066 individuals. In total, from 1 May until 24 May, 277 buildings, housing 641 families, or 3,451 individuals have been demolished in Rafah.

IOF Kills Three Citizens in Rafah, Wounds Others in West Bank
Mohammed Zo'rob, 42, was killed by bullets fired at him from Israeli soldiers stationed near the illegitimate Israeli settlement of "Atsmona". Zo'rob was shot in the chest and was left to bleed until he died of his wounds. Eyewitnesses affirmed that Zo'rob was searching through the rubble of his demolished home when the Israeli forces shot

62 Palestinians killed in Rafah in seven days: medical sources
Director of Abu Yussef Al-Najjar hospital in Rafah Ali Mussa told reporters that 25 out of the 62 people killed by the Israeli army were aged below 18. Mussa added that 280 others were injured during the Israeli military operation codenamed " Rainbow " and that half of them were children.

Tens of Students were Injured and Suffered Suffocation in Hebron
Several schoolchildren were Wednesday wounded and suffered suffocation when Israeli soldiers shot fire and lobbed tear gas at the school complex of Dora village of Hebron, medical sources and witnesses said.

Peter Hansen... has today demanded an apology and retraction from the Israeli Government and Military for the damaging and baseless allegations they have made against UNRWA’s ambulance drivers in the Gaza Strip.

Amnesty: 100 Palestinian children killed by IDF in 2003
Amnesty International's newly-released annual report charged Wednesday that the Israel Defense Forces killed some 600 Palestinians, including more than 100 children, between January and December 2003.

Oxfam calls for protection of civilians
A new report by Oxfam International today calls for the protection of Israeli and Palestinian civilians to be put at the top of the international agenda. The report calls for the Government of Israel, the Palestinian National Authority and the international community, through the Quartet...

"Shatta" Prisoners Tortured and Ill-Treated Worse Than "Abu Ghraib"
The prisoners asserted, in a letter sent to the Prisoner Supporters Association today, that the abuse photos of Iraqi prisoners by the American occupying forces in "Abu Ghraib" prison were not different from what they suffer in the Israeli jails and concentration camps...

Confident Sharon puts final touches on Gaza plan ahead of cabinet meet
Public radio reported that ministers were to receive written drafts of the proposal for their review on Thursday, three days before the crucial weekly cabinet meeting. The new plan calls for a phased military pullout as well as the evacuation of 21 Jewish settlements in the Gaza Strip and a few in the northern West Bank.

PNA to present security plan to Egypt in June
"For the first time, Sharon shows intention to hold negotiations with the PNA about his evacuation plan," said the official who participated in a meeting recently held between Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and Egyptian intelligence chief Omar Suleiman.

Palestinian policemen to deploy on border with Egypt
Meanwhile, witnesses reported earlier this week that a number of Jordanian officers were seen with Israeli military officers at the eastern hills of the West Bank, near the borderline with Jordan. They said the Jordanians and Israeli officers were discussing issues in the area, where the Israeli government intended to establish a separation wall.

Israeli troops continue operations in Nablus
The Israel army troops continued Wednesday their military operation in the northern West Bank city of Nablus for the fourth consecutive day, Israeli military sources reported. They said the Israeli troops took over 30 Palestinian houses in the city while opening random fire against houses and pedestrians.

Fatah holds first local elections in Palestinian territories
"The decision of holding the elections was made a month ago by the movement's central committee." The elections were held in response to a series of calls launched by Fatah members and cadres, who consistently called for electing the movement's new leaders and holding the conference as a first step toward reforms.

Some 1,100 people are stranded in a makeshift site in the no man's land between Jordan and Iraq
Several thousand Palestinians were evicted from their homes in the Iraqi capital last April. UNHCR, the Red Crescent and the Iraqi Ministry of Displacement and Migration are currently sheltering 35 families at a Baghdad sports centre, while the refugee agency is providing a stipend to others who have found apartments where they feel more secure.

Turkey to Open Embassy in Palestine
Erdogan announced that there was already a consulate in Jerusalem and said they plan to open an embassy in Palestine. He also stated that he signed a decree for the appointment of former state minister, Vehbi Dincer, as Turkey's Special Envoy to Palestine.

Report: Israel may purchase two submarines from Germany
According to the report, German law prohibits the government from selling arms to conflict regions. However, in the past decade Israel has purchased three submarines, all funded by the German government.

Turkish PM Declines Invitation to Israel
Turkey's prime minister declined an invitation to visit Israel after criticizing Israel's week-long offensive in the Gaza Strip, and the foreign minister said Wednesday that Turkey's ambassador to Israel could be called home for consultations.

Shin Bet arrests U.K. journalist who interviewed Vanunu
Hounam, who interviewed Vanunu on Israel's nuclear program some 20 years ago for the Sunday Times, was scheduled to meet in Ramat Gan with Yael Lotan, an activist in a committee that worked towards Vanunu's release and against Israel's nuclear program. When he failed to arrive at the meeting, Lotan found out that Hounam was under arrest.

Egypt faces opposition criticism over reported Israeli gas deal
An Islamist MP has demanded explanations from the Egyptian government after an Israeli newspaper reported an agreement in principle to import gas from its Arab neighbour, the Muslim Brotherhood said. Mustafa warned the two officials that any such deal with Israel would be a "shock for the Egyptian and Arab street."

Intifada spurs Palestine internet boom
Nearly 80% of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip live under the poverty line, surviving on less than $2 a day, according to the United Nations. Nevertheless, the internet is booming like never before. “You're talking about a society with no food but great interest in the internet,” said Saidam.

Vladimir Putin will meet with Hosni Mubarak before the G8 summit, with some Arab leaders invited. Egypt decided not to participate in this meeting as it does not agree with US proposals concerning reforms in the Middle East.

EU agrees to seek Syria WMD pledge for trade pact
The deal among EU ambassadors broke a five-month deadlock on the stalled agreement, just two weeks after U.S. President George W. Bush imposed sanctions on Damascus, accusing it of backing terrorism, seeking WMD and letting militants into Iraq.

Madonna projects her fears over the borderline, cancels Israeli concerts
Last week the Queen of Pop had to abruptly cancel an eagerly awaited series of concerts set for this September in Tel Aviv, Israel's largest city, which would have included a televised concert on September 11. It is reported that Madonna's "Re-Invented Tour" will include video footage of a Palestinian boy and an Israeli boy walking arm in arm.

Blair Denies Split with Bush Over Iraq
Tuesday, Blair surprised Washington by saying Iraqis would have a veto over operations like the recent attacks on Falluja, prompting Secretary of State Colin Powell to fire back that American forces would stay under U.S. charge.

'Key aide' to rebel cleric arrested in Najaf
Qais al-Khazali said Riyad al-Noury, a relative of Sadr, was captured in a raid on his house in the holy city of Najaf. He said raids also targeted the houses of three other aides to Mr Sadr but failed to capture them.

The re-writing of Iraqi history is now going on at supersonic speed - By Robert Fisk
Last August, I was invited to Abu Ghraib - by my favourite US General Janis Karpinski, no less - to see the million-dollar US refurbishment of this vile place. Squeaky clean cells and toothpaste tubes and fresh pairs of pants for the "terrorist" inmates. But now, suddenly, the whole kit and caboodle is no longer an American torture centre. It's still an Iraqi torture centre, and thus worthy of demolition.