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Saturday, July 24, 2004

July 24 2004

Dear Readers,
I would like to inform you that my daily headlines won't be available for the next 11 days, as I am to attend a local Palestinian Summer Camp.
Best wishes to all of you!

The nation was torn asunder 30 years ago
The demonstrators planning to hold hands between Gush Katif and the Western Wall on Sunday say they symbolize the unity of the country and the people. It’s no accident that they’re proud of the overseas Jews who flew in to join the line, which is meant to prove Ariel Sharon’s unilateral disengagement plan will rip asunder the nation.

Israeli Army prevents blocs the way of over 1000 nonviolent protestors
Besides, other busses were also turned back on Atarah, and Zatara checkpoints. This was supposed to be one of the big Jerusalem Marches, but Israel does not want to allow Palestinians to protest nonviolently, they keep pushing for violence because it gives Israel justifications.

Detailed Report of March to Jerusalem
By threatening busdrivers the military was able to prevent large numbers of people from gathering at any checkpoint. When soldiers at Atara were asked why they were preventing peaceful groups, of mostly women, from entering Ramallah and Jerusalem, they said they were not allowed to give any explanations, but that they had their orders.

MPs sign up against Sharon's barrier
A Birmingham MP's House of Commons motion calling on Israel to dismantle the wall being built inside the occupied West Bank has now been signed by more than 200 British MPs. Few Commons motions on any subject attract this level of support.
http://icbirmingham.icnetwork.co.uk/0100news/0100localnews/tm_objectid=14457915&method=full& siteid=50002&headline=mps-sign-up-against-sharon-s-barrier-name_page.html

Hanegbi: Extreme-right may carry out attack on Temple Mount
"There is no information on specific persons, otherwise the Shin Bet and the police would not have enabled them to act," Hanegbi told Channel Two news, "but there are worrying indications pointing to a purposeful - not just philosophical - frame of mind."

Palestinian activist dies after giving speech
Farouk Abdel-Muhti, 57, a Palestinian activist who up until three months ago was incarcerated for two years in nine jails in Pennsylvania and New Jersey following his arrest during the post-Sept. 11 crackdown on illegal immigrants, died of a heart attack Wednesday night after addressing an audience at the Philadelphia Ethical Society.

6 Houses Destroyed in Rafah
Official Palestinian sources figured out the number of Palestinian owned houses that the IOF had destroyed during this week only to 35 houses in the Rafah area.

Israeli Settlers and Occupation Go Wild in Hebron
The locals said that more than 60 settlers sit- in an unauthorized outpost that were established two years before on the forcibly seized land of the citizen Mohammed Bouti Jabber ,during which the horde chanted racist chants “ death doe Arabs” and “kill the Palestinians” .

Child Wounded, Another Arrested in Hebron
Medics at “al-Khalil Hospital” in Hebron said that the a12-year-old child was shot with a live bullet in the leg when Israeli soldiers randomly opened fire at civilians’ houses in Beit Awwa village in Hebron.

Gaza police station torched, regional governor's office taken over
in Al-Zawaida, a village near Deir al-Balah, was burned to the ground by unidentified assailants, witnesses said. There were no reports of casualties. And in Khan Yunis, further south, some 20 armed and masked men forced everyone out of the governor's office and took over the building.

Palestinian territories sliding into chaos, minister admits
"What's happening is a dangerous drift toward chaos," Erakat told reporters after visiting former Palestinian information minister Nabil Amr, who is recovering in a hospital in the Jordanian capital after being shot. " Some are presenting it as a power struggle, but that's false," he said.

Arafat: My government is not in crisis
In his first public comments since the upheavals in Gaza spilled over into a political confrontation with Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia last week, Arafat denied the government was in a crisis, and said he had approved changes in the Cabinet.

Inter-Palestinian dialogue will continue: PLO statement
The PLO executive committee made the pledge in a statement released following a meeting held Thursday night under Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. In the statement, the PLO leadership underlined the necessity of confronting attempts to sow dissension among Palestinians.

Powell to push Gaza withdrawal plan in Mideast trip
U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell aims to promote Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's plan to withdraw from the Gaza Strip and support stability in Iraq during a visit to the Middle East and Europe next week.

Powell due in Cairo to reactivate peace process
"Powell is expected to discuss with the Egyptian leadership ways to reactivate the roadmap peace plan and how to promote bilateral ties," Fahmi was quoted as saying.

World Bank: Let Gaza economy thrive
In a new report entitled Disengagement, the Palestinian Economy and the Settlements, the World Bank warned that the Gaza Strip pullout plan "does not incorporate a change in border trade regimes". Israel has said it would keep control of entry points in and out of Gaza after it evacuates all 21 illegal settlements in the Gaza Strip...

ECOSOC Denounces Israeli Practices in the OPTs
The UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) voted late Friday overwhelmingly to condemn the Israeli practices in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPTs). 51 member states(of 53) vote with the resolution against 2. The USA objected while Australia abstained.

Chirac ends row over Sharon's call for Jews to flee France
French President Jacques Chirac sent a message to his Israeli counterpart Moshe Katsav in which he says he views the crisis over Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's call for French Jews to immigrate to Israel because of "wild anti-Semitism" as over

Sharon to Chirac: France still anti-Jewish
Israel's leader has rebuffed an attempt by French President Jacques Chirac to tamp down a public feud between the two over alleged French anti-Semitism.

200 French Jews to make Israel their new home this week
Five days after Prime Minister Ariel Sharon called on French Jewry to immigrate to Israel, 200 French Jews are slated to arrive in the country this week under the framework of the “Communal Aliyah” project.

Poll: Arab view of U.S. worsens since 2002
Ratings of the United States dropped from 38 percent favorable to 11 percent favorable in Morocco from 2002 to 2004, the poll found; the drop in Saudi Arabia was from 12 percent to 4 percent; in Jordan, from 34 percent to 15 percent; in Lebanon, from 26 percent to 20 percent and in Egypt, from 15 percent to 2 percent.

A Stranger in My Own Land: An excursion to Tel Aviv (6 of 6)
Very few of Yafa's Arab inhabitants received those permits, meaning that Arab houses, mosques, churches, and other public buildings were simply left to rot and decay. Arabs venturing to build without a permit, even to fix a leak in the roof or add a room to house their children, risked their whole house being bulldozed by the Israeli authorities.

Palestinian internal crisis deepens but is not new
For most Palestinians the demands of reform are not only connected to the PA's financial corruption and nepotism. It also reflects the gap between younger generations and the "Oslo gang" — those from the inside and "those from Tunis". It also reflects anger at political corruption, the mistake made with the Oslo agreements.

What became of Zion?
The "disenchantment" of the Guardian is largely due to the limits of its liberal philo-semitism once Jews could no longer be loved primarily for their victimhood. When it became clear, after 1967, that the creation of Israel had given rise to another set of victims, the Palestinians, Jews could no longer be unequivocally embraced.

Palestinians Peek Past Arafat at the Future
"It could be the beginning of the end for him — there's no doubt he'll come out of this conflict weaker than going in," said Palestinian journalist Daoud Kuttab. "But he's clever enough not to allow any particular thing to be the issue that breaks him. I wouldn't count him down or out."
http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=2026&ncid=2026&e=6& u=/latimests/20040724/ts_latimes/palestinianspeekpastarafatatthefuture

A democratic, not demographic, threat
A democratic state cannot exist if paranoid fears about the demographic threat lurk perpetually around the corner, and are fanned now and then by demagogic politicians. Demographic fears lead to racist policies.

An Occupation by Any Other Name
In other words, the U.S. occupation of Iraq has officially gone underground. The Bush administration is indeed putting an "Iraqi face" on the occupation by keeping its operations outside the media spotlight. Since the White House can't come up with a strategy to actually get out of Iraq, it is now hoping that voters will simply forget we're over there.

Iraqi Kurds demonstrate for independent Kurdistan
Around 500 intellectuals and students marched through the city of Suleimaniya on Saturday to demand an independent Kurdistan, incorporating Iraq's main northern oil centre of Kirkuk. Holding aloft banners saying "Independence for Kurdistan," and "Kirkuk: Kurdish City,"

Russian Foreign Ministry: Russia has no plans to send its peacekeepers to Iraq
Kosachev pointed out, however, that "in his opinion, it is premature for Russia to get itself involved into the current mess there and correct others' mistakes at the expense of Russian peacekeepers' lives or health."

Iraqi general assassinated by unknown gunmen
Maj. Gen. Salim Majeed Blaish, 58, who had been a top commander in the Iraqi army, was travelling with one of his neighbors when they were assassinated by the gunmen in a drive-by shooting.

Gunman Kidnap Boss of Iraq-Owned Firm
Police Col. Adnan Abdel-Rahman said unidentified armed men riding in two cars snatched Ra'ad Adnan, the general director of Al-Mansour Contracting Co... Abdel-Rahman told The Associated Press that the kidnappers blocked Adnan's vehicle with their cars. His company carries out construction contracts for Iraqi government ministries.

Friday, July 23, 2004

July 23 2004

March to Holy Sites in Jeruslaem
The plan was to meet hundreds of Palestinians from Jenin, Tulkarem and Nablus at the Qalundia checkpoint and march toward Jerusalem in order to demand freedom of worship and access to the holy sites in Jerusalem. They were held up at various checkpoints within the West Bank. After nearly two hours of negotiating, about ten buses returned to Tulkarem and Nablus.

Palestinians at UN push for sanctions against Israel
Although there is no chance that the United States and others in the U.N. Security Council would approve binding sanctions, some Arab envoys hope that recommendations by the General Assembly might spark boycotts by attrition, similar to those against South Africa in the past over apartheid.

Peres to Solana: EU must sever all ties with PA unless changes made
"The United Nations and international institutions such as the International Court of Justice are in our view important components in the campaign to attain peace and security around the world," Solana said. "A majority of 150 states supported the court's decision. We know what you think about the UN, but you can't stop us from honoring the decisions of the ICJ...

PCHR Welcomes UN General Assembly Resolution That Orders Halt the Annexation Wall
While it welcomes this resolution, PCHR would like to draw the attention that UN bodies are responsible to take all necessary steps to ensure Israel's commitment to international law and legitimacy.

Jewish Settlements Expanding Ahead of Israeli Gaza Pullout
Israeli settlements in Gaza and parts of the West Bank are still expanding, despite plans to evacuate them by the end of next year. The expansion is documented in a new report by the Peace Now group. Peace Now, an Israeli organization, says it has documented growth in Jewish settlements in Gaza and the West Bank, including those slated for evacuation.

Conflicting reports concerning the death of a child in Beit Hanoun
A Palestinian Security source in Beit Hanoun said that Hasan Jamil Al-Zaaneen, 15 years old, died in Sultan Adbul-Hamid Street in Al-Sikka neighborhood after sustained gunshot injuries fired by a Tank in the area.

Israeli Forces Perpetrate More Crimes in the OPTs
Human rights violations perpetrated by Israeli occupying forces included willful and extra-judicial killings, incursions into Palestinian areas, indiscriminate shelling and house demolitions. This week, 6 Palestinians, including 3 civilians, one of whom is a child, were killed and a number of other civilians were injured by Israeli troops.

American activist loses court appeal to enter Israel
Judge Sara Dotan ruled that activists of the Solidarity Movement should be denied entry because their actions disrupt military operations and put soldiers at risk, Lasky said. The ruling did not relate to her Jewish origins.

Israel/Palestine: UNICEF Supports Child-Friendly Summer Camps
Between now and the mid-August, a total of 100 summer camps will provide young people in the Palestinian Territory the opportunity to improve their education, build self-esteem and have fun at a time when the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is depriving them of part of their childhood.

Gaza Fishermen Say Israel Exit Won't End Occupation
For Palestinian fishermen like Haitham Habib, Israel's planned withdrawal from Gaza next year will not end the occupation that confines them to a meager catch. The evacuation is not expected to include a pullout of Israeli naval patrol boats that fire over the fishermen's heads and block access to deep, rich Mediterranean waters offshore.

Mideast peace process impossible without EU: Erakat
Palestinian negotiation affairs minister Saeb Erakat said the EU's role in promoting the Israeli-Palestinian peace process was essential after Israel said the opposite during a visit by EU envoy Javier Solana.

Powell to embark on Middle East tour to push for peace
US Secretary of State Colin Powell will visit Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait next week for discussions on the situation in Iraq and the Middle East peace process, the State Department announced. "In the Middle East, Secretary Powell will discuss with our close friends there...

Kerry: I can do better than Bush on fighting terrorism
Putative Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry told Haaretz that he believes it is up to Israel to negotiate peace, and that at this point there is no partner on the Palestinian side with whom to negotiate.

Palestinian refugees stage new rally to back Arafat
More than 2,000 Palestinians demonstrated at a refugee camp in southern Lebanon to demand an end to international pressure on Palestinian Authority president Yasser Arafat. The protesters accusing Colonel Mohammad Dahlan, the former head of preventive security in the Gaza Strip, of working for the CIA.

Palestinian Territories Sliding Into Chaos, Minister Admits
"What's happening is a dangerous drift toward chaos," Erakat told reporters after visiting former Palestinian information minister Nabil Amr, who is recovering in a hospital in the Jordanian capital after being shot. "Some are presenting it as a power struggle, but that's false," he said.

Concern at statements by Palestine Journalists Syndicate
It said that rather than "trying to promote the national interest by helping to curb press freedom, which it is supposed to defend, the PJS should lobby the Palestinian authorities to seriously investigate numerous unresolved cases of physical attacks by Palestinians on journalists."

Lies and assumptions betrayed - By Azmi Bishara
Not given the media, sensationalism and the mysterious way things become news. If the woman had reported that she had been attacked, without mentioning Muslims, Arabs and Jews, her story would not have sent such tremors through a society that was shaken not so much by the brutality of the alleged attack, but by who did it and why.

Arms in a sea of troubles
A group of Palestinian Authority security personnel, most of them armed, were guarding the place and looked suspiciously at anyone who approached. Israel Defense Forces units enter Nablus every day and do not allow Palestinian security personnel to go around in uniform, never mind with their weapons.

Palestinian turmoil over Gaza
The shooting of Mr. Amr - a prominent former Palestinian cabinet minister trying to form his own political party - is a brutal indication, say analysts, that divisions over who will control the Palestinian Territories are turning more violent. Amr has questioned Mr. Arafat's judgment by urging cooperation with Israel's disengagement plan.

A Stranger in My Own Land: Changing the Map (5 of 6)
The hurdles Israel imposes upon simple necessities for daily life are obviously meant to make people leave, and not come back. Ethnic cleansing for lack of a better word. Yet even as most Palestinians stay there, they are not to be seen. The West Bank has been transformed into a major Israeli playground, with little traces of Arab life within sight.

The deterrent power of Israeli refuseniks: interview with Peretz Kidron
Now campaigning to spread the messages of Israeli military personnel who refuse to serve in the Occupied Territories, Kidron was one of the founders of Yesh Gvul ("There is a limit"), the movement of soldiers that sprang up in 1982 to oppose Israel's invasion of Lebanon.

Arafat faces gravest inter-Palestinian crisis since back from exile
Yasser Arafat faces the most serious domestic crisis since he came back from exile 10 years ago, threatening his Palestinian Authority with collapse and his mainstream Fatah movement with breaking apart, fellow party members warned.

Arafat's Last Stand - Again?
Indeed the call, by thirteen factions, for the immediate formation of a collective leadership, or national coalition government, strongly suggests a serious attempt to prevent the polarization within the security establishment extending to Palestinian society.

Report: New Zealand national assisted Israelis in passport affair
If Reznik was indeed involved in the affair, he may have served in a role that the Mossad has been known to offer to Jews living outside Israel, and which usually does not put the person providing the assistance at high risk.

Nine Iraqis killed, 10 injured when van hits US tank
The van was carrying at least 19 people, according to the spokesman, who said the accident took place at about 10:00 p.m.(1800 GMT) near Taji, some 30 km north of Baghdad. The spokesman said investigation into the cause of the accident was underway, without elaborating.

Egyptian diplomat taken hostage in Iraq; US planes bomb Fallujah
The Egyptian embassy confirmed that one of its diplomats had been seized, the latest abduction in a wave of foreign hostage-taking to provide another headache for the interim Iraqi administration.

Iraq PM wants solid relations with Syria
"We must begin a new fraternal and sincere era of cooperation and coordination after the fall of the dictatorial regime in Iraq and the transfer of sovereignty to the Iraqi people," said Allawi. Syria is the third leg of Allawi's maiden Mideast tour with an aim to open a "new chapter" in Iraq's relations with countries in the region.

Iraq brushes off UN on forum to build consensus
Transition arrangements mediated by Mr Brahimi envisage that the 1,000-strong conference, comprising delegates from around the country, will select a 100-member National Council to advise Iraq's government until elections are held. That council will have the power to question legislation and approve the budget.

US highlights Libya as model to solve N.Korea, Iran nuclear crisis
"I think the point of the Libyan model is that Colonel Moamer Kadhafi, who is the central decision maker in Libya as Kim Jong-Il is the central decision maker in North Korea, took a very calculated look at the status of Libya in the world," Bolton said Friday.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

July 22 2004

Solana: fence should be built within Israeli territory
He said he knows the fence has saved lives, but it could also have saved lives if it had been constructed within Israel. He dismissed the contention that Europe is anti-Israel, saying "no single European country is against Israel."

On This Day 1987: Cartoonist shot in London street
Naji Salim al-Ali was gunned down outside his office on Ives Street, Chelsea at 1700 BST. The most famous cartoonist in the Middle East, Mr al-Ali's work satirises Arabic politics and is especially critical of Iran leader Ayatollah Khomeini.

Naji al-Ali: The timeless conscience of Palestine
"When I left the camp, everyone held dearly to the idea of liberating the whole of Palestine, but on my return, I found that people were content with liberating less than half of it," al-Ali was once quoted. He thought that the pursuit of money was responsible for the change in principles.

Israel hiding extent of W.Bank outposts - report
Israeli peace activists on Thursday accused the Israeli government of drastically understating the number of unauthorised settler outposts in the West Bank in documents submitted to the United States. Peace Now said 51 outposts had been built in the West Bank since Prime Minister Ariel Sharon came to power in 2001, but only 23 were listed by Israel.

70 caravans moved to W. Bank outposts, IDF top brass told
According to the report, during the first half of 2004, the Civil Administration approved the transfer of 220 caravans to West Bank settlements. Sources in the Civil Administration said that the settlers lied to administration officials; Yesha Council officials denied the allegation.

Palestinians: IDF evacuating 20 families from their Gaza homes
Palestinian sources reported this afternoon that IDF forces are evacuating 20 families from their homes in the northern Gaza Strip town of Beit Hanoun. According to the sources, the army intends to raze the structures.

Video Footage of the Commericial Demolitions in Barta'a Sharqiya
This video shows the razing of several small shops, and the flattening of a larger commercial building. There is also a longer video available for download that shows the full extent of the destruction wrought on the people of Barta'a Sharqiya.

Two Palestinians have been killed in a missile attack in Gaza City. One of the dead included a leader of the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad, the radical movement said.

Child Wounded, 3 Houses Demolished in Rafah
Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) early Thursday wounded a child and demolished three houses in the Gaza Strip city of Rafah, WAFA and witnesses said. Elsewhere, Israeli soldiers arrested three citizens in Kahnyounes, south of Gaza Strip.

Battered Beit Hanoon Continue Under Attack for 23 Days
The Israeli occupying force (IOF) rampage on Beit Hanoon entered the 23rd day, tightening the clutch over the town, demolishing further houses and facilities, shoveling arable land, occupying overlooking residential buildings and setting up watch and sniping spots.

IOF Arrests Woman in Jenin
tanks and armoured vehicles stormed Jenin city and its refugee camp and opened heavy machine gunfire at civilians' houses... soldiers launched a house-to-house search campaign into civilians' houses and arrested a Palestinian woman...

Colonizers Desecrate “Nabi Yousef’s Shrine”
Witnesses revealed that Israeli colonizers (illegal settlers) of “Brakha” and “yetshar” colonies, backed by Israeli soldiers, broke into the shrine of “Nabi Yousef”, Prophet Joseph, desecrating it.

Jerusalem Action Day: Palestinians Demand Access to Jerusalem Holy Sites
On Friday July 23, 2004, Palestinians from the West Bank, supported by international and Israeli peace activists, will travel to the military check points surrounding the holy city of Jerusalem. They will demand freedom of access to the holy sites.

Hamas leader, Arafat discuss situation in Gaza
Mash'al was quoted as saying that "Israelis should not be given a chance to use the current situation as a way out of their political impasse, particularly in light of Israel's deteriorating relations with international community in the wake of the International Court of Justice (ICJ)'s ruling against the separation wall."

Arafat agrees to give up authority over security forces
Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat, under growing pressure, has agreed to grant his prime minister full authority over the security forces, a Palestinian lawmaker said Thursday after meeting with Arafat.

Gaza militants warn Arafat of fresh protests
Speaking from a meeting place of the group, about 100 metres from Israeli positions, he said: "Promises were made to the victims of the intifada; those that lost homes, lives and limbs. But they were given nothing unless they had good connections. It is our duty to look after the victims regardless of their connections."

No EU peace role without attitude change-Sharon
Sharon told the EU's top diplomat at talks in Jerusalem that a World Court ruling that the barrier was illegal and should be torn down -- which prompted the U.N. General Assembly vote -- "could be understood that Jewish blood is worthless".

Solana defends vote on Israel's barrier
"The fence goes through occupied territories and from the very beginning we have been against that, it's no surprise," said Mr Solana in Tel Aviv as part of a Middle East trip that included Egypt and Jordan.

Palestinians Must Ensure Security For Peace To Work: Blair
"We have the chance to make progress if we have a proper security plan and if Israel then proceeds with the disengagement proposals, which it must do in my view, in their entirety," Blair argued.

Israel sets talks to pay settlers for Gaza pullout
Israel will begin talks with Jewish settlers next week on how they will be compensated for evacuation from Gaza and parts of the West Bank, a key step toward launching the pullout plan, a senior official said.

Presbyterians divest themselves from Israel
The Presbyterian Church has three million American members and is one of the strongest denominations in the country. This time it did more than issue declarations condemning Israel's occupation of the territories. In a precedent setting decision, it took practical steps to halt investments in Israel

Israel, Egypt, U.S. planning Mideast peace conference
Israel, Egypt and the United States are working to organize a Mideast peace conference in October to coordinate an Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, officials said Thursday.

A unified Palestinian leadership is urgently needed - By Mustafa Barghouthi
It is a mistake for some to base their calculations on Israel's alleged intentions to withdraw from Gaza, because in reality what is taking place in Gaza is not a withdrawal, not even a preliminary one. It is a gradual reoccupation, similar to what Israel has done in the West Bank...

Obeying the law
Once again Israel has vowed to flout a United Nations resolution and once again America will let it. In voting against the general assembly's resolution demanding that Israel obey a World Court ruling to dismantle the wall it is building through the West Bank, the deputy US ambassador James Cunningham said the move was missing the point.

Living beside the checkpoints
The activists from Machsom Watch reported that last Wednesday thousands of people - elderly, children, pregnant women - were delayed in the heavy heat for long hours. A tank stood between the Palestinians and the soldiers, with its cannon trained on the civilians.

Analysis / An ominous bellwether
The UN resolution will not lead to the dismantling of the fence in the near future. There is also no intention - in the foreseeable future - of threatening Israel with economic or diplomatic sanctions. But the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem can chalk up a painful diplomatic failure. "The advisory opinion was turned into an obligatory resolution," they said yesterday.

The Good Boy Scout - By URI AVNERY
In Israeli ears it was an unimportant, routine statement. Israeli leaders miss no opportunity to call on every occasion upon Jewish communities to drop everything and come to Israel. If there is a sign of anti-Semitism anywhere, this is an automatic response.

Israel to Distribute Anti-Radiation Pills
Soldiers will begin distributing radiation sickness pills in cities near Israel's two nuclear reactors next month, the Defense Ministry said Thursday. Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz informed the Cabinet of the project at a session on Sunday, the ministry said.

Israel deploys new weapon
Mounted on the pole are an assault rifle and a video camera. The report said soldiers inside the vehicle can inspect an area beyond their normal range of vision with the camera, then use it to aim the rifle and open fire on Palestinians without exposing the soldiers to return fire.

Third Israeli in New Zealand spy saga was a diplomat: report
Barkan had worked in the Israeli Embassy in Austria and that this had been confirmed to them by the Austrian Foreign Ministry. It said he has also worked for the Israeli foreign service in Belgium and was still in the foreign service.

Iraq accuses US forces of withholding art works
The Iraqi Culture Ministry has accused the US forces of withholding 59 Iraqi art works stolen from the Iraqi museums, Al Mashriq newspaper reported Wednesday. "The ministry received 11 rare art works of them," said the ministry sources, adding that the others were not returned yet.

Iraq wants Arab states to send troops to protect UN
Iraq has refused to accept troops from neighbouring countries on its soil, fearing their presence might exacerbate ethnic tensions, but has said that forces from other Arab and Islamic states could serve as peacekeepers protecting UN personnel.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

July 21 2004

Palestinians demand access to Jerusalem Holy Sites
Friday July 23, Palestinians from the West Bank, supported by international and Israeli peace activists, will travel to the military check points surrounding the holy city of Jerusalem. They will demand freedom of access to the holy sites.

UN Assembly votes overwhelmingly to demand Israel comply with ICJ ruling
the Assembly also called on all UN Member States to comply with its obligations as contained in the finding by International Court of Justice (ICJ), which include a duty "not to recognize the illegal situation resulting from the construction of the wall in the occupied Palestinian territory, including in and around East Jerusalem" and "not to render aid or assistance in maintaining the situation created by such construction."

Occupation Forces Demolish the Commercial Heart of Barta'a Sharqiya
demolishing factories and shops in the village's commercial area, destroying within only a few hours a sewing factory where 30 women work, three houses, an olive mill, three furniture stores, and four workshops. By the end of the day some 26 buildings had been demolished, and destroying the livelihoods of hundreds of Palestinians.

EU unanimous in condemnation of Israeli barrier
The resolution backs a recent verdict from the International Court of Justice which said the barriers could not be justified for military reasons. Tough negotiations within the EU and with Palestinain representatives eventually resulted in a draft that could bridge the EU’s differing viewpoints.

Israel summons EU envoys over support for anti-fence ruling
"Israel is particularly disappointed with the European position, the willingness of the European Union to toe the same line as the Palestinians... even at the price of compromising on the basic principles of justice and morality," a Foreign Ministry statement said.

Australia votes with US to keep Israel's barrier
Besides Israel and Australia, the nations that voted against the resolution were Israel's strongest ally, the United States, and three smaller countries: Marshall Islands, Micronesia and Palau.

PNA Appreciates UN Resolution on Apartheid Wall
Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Ereikat described the UN General Assembly resolution that called on Israel to stop building the Apartheid Wall in the West Bank as "a historic decision" issued by the UN since 1947.

White House Dismisses UN Resolution On Israeli Barrier
"We don`t believe that the UN resolution is the appropriate way to go. The appropriate solution is to follow the roadmap to get to the political solution," White House spokesman Scott McClellan told reporters.

70 caravans moved to illegal W. Bank outposts, IDF top brass hears
According to the report, during the first half of 2004, the Civil Administration approved the transfer of 220 caravans to West Bank settlements. Towards the middle of the year, the Civil Administration checked the whereabouts of the caravans, and discovered that 70 had not arrived at their intended destination...

28 Citizens Wounded in WB
Eyewitnesses reported that Israeli soldiers backed by tanks and armoured vehicles stormed the old city of Nablus and opened heavy machine gunfire at civilians and their houses, causing a state of panic among them, mostly children and women.

2 Civilians Arrested in Bethlehem, 10 Houses Seized in Hebron
Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) arrested two brothers in the West Bank city of Bethlehem and took over several houses in Hebron, witnesses said.

Soldier hurt in knife attack in north; Qassam hits Negev home
Police arrested the 17-year-old assailant, a resident of the village of Kafr Kana. The youth told officers that he had carried out the attack to avenge the death of his brother, who was killed by police.

7300 Palestinian Prisoners Including 474 Children Inside Israeli Prisons
The report affirmed that more than 2500 children were arrested sine the outbreak of the Intifada and that 474 of them are still in Israeli jails. “ 27 children are administratively detained, while 301 others are in custody until their trial and 146 were sentenced to several cruel sentences”...

UNICEF: Palestinian Children Suffer from Psychological Diseases
United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) in Germany announced that the children and youths of Palestine are suffering psychological diseases, especially in those areas which witness severe violence.

U.S. activist allowed into country after 1 month in lockup
According to the Wednesday court ruling, Robinson-Petter obligated not to enter the territories, approach the West Bank separation fence or take part in demonstrations. She also signed a statement promising not to participate in events where there is the possibility of violence and was required to pay a NIS 50,000 deposit.

Palestinian MPs demand Arafat move on reform
The Palestinian parliament has urged President Yasser Arafat to accept his prime minister's resignation and appoint a government empowered to carry out reforms and halt a descent into anarchy. Lawmakers at a crisis session on Wednesday voted 43-4 for a resolution calling on Arafat to accept Qurie's resignation...

Palestinian PM condemns lawmaker shooting
Gunmen shot and wounded lawmaker Nabil Amr, a leading voice for anti-corruption reforms, in the living room of his West Bank home on Tuesday evening. He had just returned from a television interview in which he criticised Arafat's performance.

Palestinian militants kidnap, release senior Nablus official
Fadel Alshouli, head of tribal affairs department at the Nablus government, was seized by militants and taken to the Balata Refugee Camp outside Nablus, said the aide, Anan Ateeri. He was released unharmed Wednesday evening.

German Politicians Call for Freezing Palestinian Aid
Amidst corruption allegations and a leadership crisis, a growing chorus of German politicians are calling for measures to be taken against the government of Yasser Arafat, including a freezing of European Union aid.

"Restrictions on the freedom of movement; differential residency status and travel permits, military check points and the construction of the wall, separate families and fragment identities; undermine traditional support systems; constrain access to health services and education; and destroy sources of water and livelihoods.

Gaza reporters told not to cover internal strife
Amid the worst turmoil since Palestinians gained a measure of self-rule a decade ago, the union said journalists should instead film and photograph activities that support "national unity and the protection of the internal front."

Report: Bush losing interest in Middle East
"There is now a medium to high probability that there will be a lack of effective international engagement on the Middle East peace process due to other international priorities in 2004." "The EU, by contrast remains focused, but has limited influence,"

Labor presents no confidence motion, despite coalition talks
The head of the Labor faction in the Knesset, MK Dalia Itzik, explained that the motion of no confidence had been presented because "the government has no changed since it began negotiations with Labor.

Hanging the bell on Israel's neck
So while Israel whines and cries that it is the eternal "victim" of a biased world, it, in fact, commits massive crimes against millions of Palestinians every day, and occupies and colonises the land of its neighbours, facing, in exchange, nothing but paper condemnations.

A Stranger in My Own Land: Checkpoints and Walls (3 of 6)
In the past, we used to be able to drive our own cars to Jerusalem. Now cars can rarely go through. Instead, we have to take a taxi to the first checkpoint, dismount and stand in line, then, once through, take another taxi to checkpoint #2, walk through again, then take a third taxi to Jerusalem.

Film festival in a war zone
The drive from the airport was harrowing. I was almost in tears by the time we got to Ramallah, as was everybody else in the car, seeing the people who can't get into their towns and villages because the roads have been blocked off. What was once a 10-minute car ride is now a three-hour walk over the mountains - at the risk of incurring the wrath of patrolling soldiers.

Poverty fuels anger in Gaza amid battle for power
"If you want a job you pay. If you want to breathe you pay. We feel so out of the circle. We are just forced to watch. I am so angry about it but if I expressed my anger, it would do no good and I might land in jail," he said.

" Disengagement, the Palestinian Economy and the Settlements"
In order for the disengagement plan to deliver the much needed long-term economic benefits, Israel must significantly ease the internal closures and checkpoints throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip, open the external borders for Palestinian trade and maintain a reasonable flow of Palestinian labor into Israel.

French FM: No answer yet from Israel over protest
French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier, while making clear he was waiting for a reply, pointed out that Paris considered Israel to be a "friendly" nation and reiterated that he would go to the Jewish state later this year. "As I speak, we have received no reply to our request for an explanation,"...

Israel warns Iran will have nuclear weapons capacity in 2007
Iran has announced it would resume the assembly of centrifuges -- used to enrich uranium in the most sensitive part of the fuel cycle -- but said it was committed to an accord to allow tougher IAEA inspections, make a full declaration of its activities and suspend enrichment itself.

900th US soldier killed in Iraq
the most recent soldier killed was on patrol in a Bradley fighting vehicle in Duluiyah, 45 miles north of Baghdad, when the bomb detonated shortly after midnight. Two US Marines and two US soldiers were killed in action yesterday in Anbar Province, a Sunni-dominated area west of Baghdad.

Egypt, Iraq pledge to advance cooperation
During the talks, the two prime ministers probed projects to be set up by Egyptian companies to rehabilitate public utilities in Iraq as well as the delivery of necessary equipment for hospitals,schools and youth and training centers.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

July 20 2004

EU, Arabs talk as UN vote nears on Israeli barrier
 A vote initially had been set for last Friday but was postponed until Monday, and then to Tuesday at 4 p.m. EDT 2000 GMT, to give Arab and EU diplomats more time to try to reach a deal on changes sought by the EU to win its support.
 Children, Artists Paint Mural on Apartheid Wall at Mas'ha
 "The Aamer children have been so traumatized by their imprisonment and the constant military presence in their home. I wanted to help them reclaim and transform their space. "When you come here to paint with the children like this, you make them feel that they can live,"
 IOF Destroys Marketplace in Barta
 He told furthermore that one of the 21 houses was a sowing factory, employing about 120 people. In the rest ot the shops about 40 people were working. As he told us all this, the army suddenly decided that they would clear the area by throwing large amounts of sound bombs and threatening the crowd to shoot with live ammunition.
 High Court orders halt to demolition in Wadi Ara village
 The High Court of Justice issued a temporary injunction Tuesday afternoon blocking the Israel Defense Forces from demolishing a two-story sewing factory in the village of Bartaa, close to the Green Line.
 Amnesty slams Caterpillar over Israel
 Amnesty International criticized U.S. heavy equipment manufacturer Caterpillar for supplying Israel with bulldozers used in demolishing Palestinian houses. It said according to U.N. rules, international companies should make sure they do not to participate in any war crimes, crimes against humanity or violations of international human rights laws.
 Unarmed, Fourteen Year-Old Shot Dead in the Balata Refugee Camp during the Israeli Military’s Nightly Incursion
 At approximately 8:15 PM this evening(19-07-04), 14 year-old Hussam Abu Zaytuna was shot and killed in the cemetery of the Balata refugee camp in Nablus. International and Palestinian medical volunteers reached Hussam’s body five minutes after the shooting, but he was already dead at this time.
 More Palestinians made homeless
 At least 13 Palestinian protesters were injured in the clashes, including a man who suffered bullet wounds, according to Adel Kabah, an eyewitness. One Israeli soldier was lightly injured when hit by a stone. Kabah said the occupation army is planning to demolish as many as 70 more homes, adding that the act would be "catastrophic" for the small village.
 Israeli missile strike on Gaza leader
 Missiles targeted the home of Abd al-Karim al-Quqa, the head of the Popular Resistance Committees - an umbrella organisation of Palestinian resistance groups - in the early hours of Tuesday... Al-Quqa was not at home when the Israelis struck.
 HAMAS attacks Israeli patrols in Beit Hanoun - statement
 after the first attack, launched an R.P.G. shell towards a group of Israeli soldiers on top of a troop carrier in the village, directly hitting the target. The HAMAS fighters successfully pulled back, the statement said, noting that "vediotapes of the two operations would be broadcast in the appropriate time".
 IOF Arrests 13 Civilians, Including University Students in Nablus
 Witnesses told WAFA that nine university students were arrested in the village of Asira al-Shamalia, while four others arrested in Howara village and Askar Refugee Camp.
 Hearing of US Peace Activist, Detained 28 Days, Postponed Until July 21
 Petter has been in detention for 28 days. The hearing for detained US peace activist Jamie Spector will take place on Wednesday July 21 at 10 am. On Thursday, detained Dutch peace activist Christine Grefer will have a hearing at 12:00 pm.
 Successful Non violent Action in Balatta Camp
 activists stood in front of the jeep, the soldiers stepped out of the jeep and assaulted the activists in an attempt to disperse them. The jeep drove in the direction of the activists, who stood their ground. When they refused to move, the jeep slowly drove into one of the American activists identified as Peter. Peter suffered an injury...
 June 21 Tulkarem Region Roadblock Removals
 On Wednesday July 21, two communities in the region of Tulkarem, with the support of international activists, will remove roadblocks created by the Israeli army that are strangling their villages.
 Occupation "War Games" Continue in Jayyus Lands
 Occupation forces in conjunction with Settlers continue to hold "War Games" at the main gate in the Apartheid Wall used by the farmers of Jayyus to reach their isolated lands.
 Palestinian groups urge Arafat to form unified leadership
 It also called to form a united leadership that involves all powers and movements in the Palestinian decision-making body as well as holding elections to pave the way for the implementation of tangible democratic reforms.
 Qurei agrees to withdraw resignation
 Mr Qurei told his Cabinet that he accepted Mr Arafat's rejection of his resignation, which he submitted on Saturday following days of upheaval in the Gaza Strip, said Azzam Ahmed, the communications minister.
 Annan: Arafat must listen to his prime minister
 United Nation's Secretary General Kofi Annan on Monday evening urged Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat to listen to his prime minister and other governmental colleagues and implement security reforms.
 U.S. official: Arafat blocks probe of U.S. Gaza deaths
 "There has been no satisfactory resolution of this case. We can only conclude that there has been a political decision taken by the chairman [Arafat] to block further progress in this investigation," Deputy Assistant Secretary of State David Satterfield told lawmakers.
 Report: NZ has evidence jailed Israelis are Mossad agents
 According to Tuesday's newspaper report, New Zealand intelligence services obtained concrete evidence that Cara and Kelman are Mossad agents by bugging their phones.
 Mofaz: Allowing Arafat to remain was a 'historic mistake'
 He said the main factor contributing to the events in Gaza had to do with who would control the area after Israel's withdrawal. Therefore, he said, the events can be seen as part of the struggle between Arafat loyalists and Mohammed Dahlan.
 Israeli extremists wish Sharon dead-security chief
 Dozens of Jewish extremists opposed to Ariel Sharon's Gaza pullout plan want to see the prime minister dead and "someone could pull the trigger" on him at any time, an Israeli security chief said on Tuesday.
 UNICEF supports summer camps in West Bank and Gaza Strip
 Between now and the mid-August, a total of 100 summer camps will provide young people in the Palestinian territory the opportunity to improve their education, build self-esteem and have fun at a time when the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is depriving them of part of their childhood, the agency said.
 Ruling on Israel's wall: A veto on the U.S. veto
 Yet the council is often prevented from taking action by its permanent members, who can veto any council resolution. The result is that the United Nations is often impotent in the face of international crises. The court's opinion, however, has the potential to restore the United Nations to a position of authority and could transform international diplomacy.
 Deep reform needed, not resignation
 These events took place because there is conflict between those in power now and those who want more power in the Authority in general and in security agencies in particular. It is not an issue of security reforms but of who is in power... The resignation of the government now will not support reforms but will cause difficulties for all Palestinian goals.
 Economic problems and crippled security
 The mainstream of the Palestinian leadership is cautious vis-a-vis this project and wants to avoid neutralizing the Gaza Strip and disengaging it from the West Bank. Others seem to feel differently and for that reason may be trying to create instability in order to weaken the leadership and Authority.
 Barak: Move 70 settlements as fence construction continues
 the fence should include 7 or 8 percent of the West Bank, thus encompassing 70 percent to 80 percent of the settler population. On the issue of Jerusalem, he said that no Israeli prime minister - himself included - would ever sign a peace deal that handed sovereignty over the Temple Mount to the Palestinians.
 An alliance of failures in Israel
 In effect key Labor leaders, like Benjamin Ben-Eliezer, who served as Sharon's defense minister, and ex-Prime Minister Ehud Barak, openly espoused the Likud worldview that the intifada had to be crushed militarily and that there were no Palestinians with whom to negotiate.
 A Stranger in My Own Land: An Invisible Occupation (2 of 6)
 From that checkpoint at the edge of the West Bank where the Israeli airport taxi dropped us off, the way to Ramallah winded through dark valleys on the western slopes of the West Bank, through many new Israeli colonies (the so-called "settlements").
 EU's Solana says Sharon call to French Jews "offensive"
 EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana said Tuesday that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's call to French Jews to quit their country and emigrate to France was "offensive."
 Our lies led us into war
 All journalists make mistakes. When deadlines are short and subjects are complicated, we are bound to get some things wrong. But the falsehoods reproduced by the media before the invasion of Iraq were massive and consequential: it is hard to see how Britain could have gone to war if the press had done its job.

Monday, July 19, 2004

July 19 2004

Occupation Forces Construct Miltary Camp on Jayyus Lands
Large numbers of Occupation Forces and settlers recently invaded the lands isolated behind the Apartheid Wall in Jayyus, and on a hill which is located on Jayyus lands close to the Wall on the western side, have now established a military "camp."

UN vote on fence likely to be delayed until Tuesday
The United Nations General Assembly vote on the separation fence that was scheduled for Monday will likely be postponed until Tuesday due to the Arab representatives' difficulty in securing European support.

Israel seeks EU help in UN barrier battle
"Shalom asked Solana to use his influence to ensure that the EU oppose the Palestinian efforts," the statement said. "Their conversation was part of a wider campaign by the foreign ministry to prevent the UN General Assembly from approving a draft Palestinian resolution...

Children, Artists Paint Mural on Apartheid Wall at Mas'ha
The family of Hani Aamer lives surrounded by the Segregation Wall in Mas'ha, Salfit District, West Bank, Palestine. Their house sits between the two main gates into the village, and they let themselves and others in and out through a gate which sends an alarm to the Israeli army every time it is opened.

Population booms at settlements slated for evacuation
growth in the Gaza Strip settlements was about 1.5 percent. In the West Bank settlement of Sa-Nur, growth was 36 percent. Rabbis opposed to Sharon's plan are working to enlist new settlers ahead of the planned evacuation in September 2005, said Avner Shimoni, the mayor of Gaza's settlements.

New plan for fence route nearing completion
The cost of constructing a tunnel between the northern West Bank towns of Qalqilyah and Habla, cut off from each other by the fence, is also included in this budget. In Jerusalem, construction of the fence along municipal boundaries will continue, security sources believe, without the High Court intervening.

Samar Fuju, age 4, murdered by Israeli occupiers in Gaza
A four-year-old Palestinian girl who was shot in the head by Israeli troops in the southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah earlier this month has died in hospital, medical sources said Monday.

Palestinian militant killed in Tulkarem
Israeli officer was shot and severely wounded during the Saida-village arm clashes and that he was admitted to hospital. Palestinian sources said that Israeli incurring troops arrested 13 Palestinians and handed them to the Shaback apparatus, Israeli Intelligence, for interrogating them.

2 Citizens Including Child Killed in Rafah
Meanwhile, security sources told Wafa that a Palestinian civilian was killed when Israeli soldiers, positioned in Salah al-Deen Gate, opened heavy machine gunfire at civilians. They added that the identity of the civilian has unknown yet.

Judge assassinated in Ramat Hasharon drive-by shooting
The motive for the killing was unclear. Azar did not try criminal cases, and his main job was to assign cases to other judges. Lapid rejected a claim of responsibility by the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, which is affiliated with Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat's Fatah movement.

Israeli Soldiers Destroy Several Houses in Beit Hanoun
Israeli heavy bulldozers completely demolished a house belongs to Nahid Abu O'da and partially demolished three other houses, leaving their inhabitants homeless. Meanwhile, Israeli forces installed a new military post north of the town.

3 Popular Resistance Cmte. men hurt in Gaza strike
Three Popular Resistance Committee militants were wounded in an Israel Air Force helicopter fired missiles at a safe house at in the Shati refugee camp near Gaza City on Monday, the militant group said.

18 Fatah militants wounded during Rafah riots
Local witnesses affirmed that scores of al-Aqsa Brigades memberswent into gun fight with supporters of Musa Arafat, the new head ofPalestinian General Security, and 18 of the Fatah clashers were wounded.

IOF Wounds Child in Khanyounis
Local witnesses told WAFA reporter that the 4-year-old Warda Abdeen was shot with a live bullet in the neck when Israeli soldiers of “Kaded” colony opened random fire at the neighbouring civilians’ houses.

Settlers Militia Terrorize Hebron
The armed Israeli settler militia in the illegitimate Israeli settlement of "Kiryat Arba'a" in the city of Hebron resumed their attacks and racist persecution of the Palestinian population of the city.

Palestinian P.M. stands by resignation
Speaking after a meeting of his Cabinet, Qureia said the dispute with Arafat over his resignation remained unresolved. "I have not received a written response," Qureia said, indicating that he did not accept Arafat's verbal rejection of his resignation.

Arafat backs down in Palestinian crisis
Backing down in the face of widespread protests, Yasser Arafat asked the ousted Palestinian chief of security to return to his job Monday, placing him in command of Mr. Arafat's controversial cousin, Palestinian officials said.

Annan says Gaza chaos has proven his envoy right
UN Secretary General Kofi Annan said the situation in the Gaza Strip had borne out his Mideast envoy's criticism of the Palestinian leadership, which drew an angry reaction from the Palestinians.

EU's Solana urges Palestinian calm as heads for Mideast
EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana called Monday for calm to be restored in the Palestinian territories, as he prepared for a trip to the Mideast region clouded by the upsurge of unrest there.

"We are trapped here... the Wall from the East and the Green Line from the West"
The Occupation Forces want us to leave our houses; some of their officers come and try to persuade us to leave, they come from time to time and offer us money to leave the houses. Until now they are using diplomatic methods, but we really think that it will not be much before they start using other methods to force us to leave.

A Stranger in My Own Land: Into the Dark of Night
You see everything in Israel is color-coded and segregated: different colored-Ids; different-colored license plates; "Arab rooms" in the airport where we get the 4-hour interrogation/strip-search special while Jewish travelers walk through security in minutes; and special foreigner border points across the Jordan river so tourists will not see the day-long torture sessions...

Palestinian economy among world's poorest
A senior World Bank official has painted a bleak picture of the Palestinian economy, describing it as "one of the worst in modern history," and said promised Israeli unilateral disengagement from the Gaza Strip, as planned, will have "no positive impact on the Palestinian economy at all."

Justice in Palestine Coalition Against the Apartheid Wall
In response to the international consensus in opposition to the Israeli Apartheid wall, and the International Court of Justice's recent decision determining that the Israeli Apartheid wall violates the rights of the Palestinian people, the U.S. administration and the majority of Congress joined Israel by defying the world and supporting this racist and colonial Apartheid wall.

For the first time, the pressure is from within
Occasionally Mr Arafat gave ground, but then often subverted the change. He rid himself of one troublesome Palestinian prime minister, blocked reform of the security forces and undercut attempts by his finance minister, much vaunted in the west, to ensure that the Palestinian Authority's billions were accounted for.

Utter chaos and its aftermath
In 1995, for example, the Palestinian-American intellectual Edward Said wrote: "Arafat is building in the territories a government that is a combination of Lebanon's chaos and Saddam Hussein's tyranny in Iraq." Said was opposed to the Oslo Accords

Peres has done his job
However, what remains of him looks like a household pet. Once, Yitzhak Rabin called MK Yossi Beilin a poodle. Now Peres is Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's poodle. The citizens of Israel owe their nuclear deterrence to Peres.

Ties between Turkey, Israel grow strained
But in recent weeks Erdogan has been sharply critical of Israel's tactics against the Palestinians. He condemned the Sharon government's policies as "inhumane" and accused Israel of "state-sponsored terrorism."

France sees Mideast agenda in Sharon emigration plea
After the foreign ministry in Paris issued a statement describing Sharon's remarks as "unacceptable," senior figures from the main parties took up the charge with Jean-Louis Debre of the ruling Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) saying the prime minister had "missed a good opportunity to shut his mouth."

Hezbollah vows to "cut Israel's hand" after militant's killing
The attack was carried out "either by Israeli hands that infiltrated into Lebanon with European, American or other foreign passports, or at the hands of local Lebanese agents," Nasrallah said during a funeral ceremony for Awwali. After the bombing, Israeli warplanes violated Lebanese airspace and flew over Beirut, Lebanese state television said.

Report: Israel's 'first strike' plan against Iran ready
the source was quoted as saying, "we are very confident we'll be able to demolish the ayatollahs' nuclear aspirations in one go." The source noted that the strike could be accompanied by an attack on other targets, including a facility at Natanz, where the Iranians have attempted to enrich uranium, and a plant at Arak, which produces heavy water.

While their publication resulted in Vanunu being locked away for an 18-year prison sentence, his photographs of Israel's nuclear weapons factory - a bold statement against nuclear secrecy and for the abolition of nuclear weapons - are here for all to see.

Bomb targetting Baghdad police kills nine, Philippine troops quit Iraq
A truck bomb exploded near a Baghdad police station, killing nine people, as the Philippines became the fifth country to withdraw its troops from the US-led forces in Iraq earlier than schedule.