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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

August 31 2004

An Officer In Court - By Uri Avnery
I had listened for hours to proceedings on a number of applications concerning the separation wall. I was especially interested in the part of the wall that is threatening to ruin the lives of the residents of a-Ram. The strip along the middle of the road will be displaced by an 8-meter high concrete wall that will cut off most of the town's inhabitants from their work places, schools, hospitals and even cemetery.

17 Female Internee's Health Drastically Deteriorated
The statement said that the Ramlah prison administration refused to provide and kind of treatment or medication. The physician of the prison informed striker prisoners that he could only provide medical help if they ended their strike.

High Court rejects petition on behalf of striking prisoners
The High Court of Justice rejected a petition Tuesday calling on prison authorities to refrain from confiscating salt from Palestinian inmates conducting a hunger strike. The reasons for the ruling will be given separately.

Palestinian Prisoners--Why are they on a Hunger Strike?
The treatment of Palestinian prisoners in Israel violates both international and Israeli laws, as well as rules governing the administration of Israeli prisons. Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch said the prisoners "suffer from Deplorable conditions".

BADIL Calls for Implementing the Geneva Convention on Palestinian Prisoners in Israel
In a press release issued, on Tuesday, BADIL said that 7,000 Palestinians in Israeli jails at the moment including 370 children under 18 and 113 women, looking for treating in accordance to the 4th Geneva Convention.

"I Wait With You."
Fadwa Barghouti, wife of imprisoned Marwan Barghouti , spoke to the people of Sawya and the surrounding district in the prisoners hunger strike solidarity tent. ISM activists present had the opportunity to interview Mrs Barghouti. She told them that her husband was sentenced to 5 life terms plus 40 years.

Israeli Soldiers Kill Two Palestinian Citizens, Including Child
14-year-old child, Mazin al-Agha, was killed Tuesday by Israeli soldiers while he was at home. The child was killed at home and the ambulances could not reach him. Israeli soldiers prevented ambulances from evacuating his body, PRCS added. Witnesses said that at more than ten tanks and armoured vehicles

Israeli Troops Target Ambulance, Wounding Two
Medics' sources and eyewitnesses said that the Israeli troops started shooting heavily towards an ambulance close to one the Israeli military checkpoints, south of Gaza Strip wounding two of the medical crew.

Israeli army forces storm northern W. Bank
The Israeli soldiers called for a reinforcement of soldiers and vehicles, covered by Apache helicopters hovering over the town, andthey immediately imposed a curfew preventing residents from leaving their homes.

Islamic Jihad attacks Jewish settlement in Gaza: leaflet
The group vowed that it will continue its attacks against the Israeli army and the Jewish settlements "until they pullout from the Palestinian territories and release all prisoners in Israeli jails."

16 dead in twin suicide attacks on Be'er Sheva buses
Sixteen people, including a 3-year-old boy, were killed and about 100 others were wounded Tuesday afternoon in near-simultaneous suicide attacks on two buses in the southern city of Be'er Sheva.

Annan condemns Palestinian attack in Israel, calls for end to 'heinous crimes'
The United Nations today strongly condemned the double deadly terrorist attack in the Israeli city of Beersheba, with Secretary-General Kofi Annan calling on the Palestinian Authority to do everything possible to bring the perpetrators to justice and "put an end to such heinous crimes."

Shalom: Be'er Sheva attack shows importance of fence
"Palestinian terrorists continue to take every measure possible to strike at Israeli civilians at every opportunity. No one should have the illusion that they've relinquished the terror option. It's just the opposite: Palestinian terror attempts continue unabated."

Palestinian Authority condemns blasts in Israel
“The Palestinian government reiterates that our higher national interests are not served by such actions and they should be stopped immediately,” Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qurie›s office said in a statement faxed to Reuters.

47 th Month of the Intifada; 50 Killed, 579 Wounded
the assassination attempts concentrated on Gaza Strip during the 47th of the Intifada. 62% of the killed people were gunned down by live bullets, 21.6% killed by a cannonball in addition to 56% killed due to being hit with multiple wounds. 32% of the killed were fatally hit in the upper extremes.

Ramle Jews oppose opening of new Arab school
The Jewish residents, mostly immigrants from the former Soviet Union and veterans from the Bukharan community, are demanding that Mayor Yoel Lavi prevent the school's opening Wednesday.

Hamas, Jihad urge for release of French hostages in Iraq
Mohammed al Hindi, a senior Jihad leader, said in an interview with the official website of the kidnappers that their demands that France end a ban on Muslim headscarves in schools "can't be treated in such a way."

Israel puts new conditions on Palestinians' travel across Rafah
By preventing Palestinians aged from 15 to 35 from traveling abroad for several months, Israel has blocked hundreds of Palestinian young men, business men and students whose foreign interests were damaged.

Palestinian groups issue death threats against FM Sha'ath
The militants cited Shaath's meeting with Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom in the Italian resort of Rimini last week as the main reason for the threat. At the time, hundreds of Palestinian prisoners were on a hunger strike...

PM: Cabinet to vote on disengagement law by October 24
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon on Tuesday presented the Knesset faction of his Likud party with a timetable for the approval of his plan for disengagement from the Palestinians, and warned party rebels that the plan "will be implemented, period."

Palestinians ready to assume responsibilities in Gaza: Erakat
"The Palestinian Authority is ready to assume its responsibilities in any territories that Israel retreats from in the West Bank or in the Gaza Strip,"... Erakat was speaking after Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon unveiled an accelerated timetable for his so-called disengagement plan...
http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story &cid=1514&ncid=1312&e=4 &u=/afp/20040831/wl_mideast_afp/mideast_israel_gaza_palestinian_040831115101

Palestinian PM meets French, German FMs
Visiting Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei on Tuesday held separate talks with German and French foreign ministers Joschka Fischer and Michel Barnier, Egypt's official MENA news agency reported.

Egypt says more needed from Palestinians, Israel
Presidential spokesman Maged Abdel Fattah was speaking to reporters after Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia had talks in the Egyptian city of Alexandria with President Hosni Mubarak, who has offered to help prepare the Palestinians for an Israeli withdrawal from Gaza.

Joint Palestinian-Israeli project to be initiated amid the turmoil
In spite of the continued acts of violence and the ongoing animosity between Israelis and Palestinians, it appears there is still some hope: In the near future, a joint project of the city of Tulkarem and the Emek Hefer Municipality will be commenced in which Tulkarem would transfer treated waste water in return for electricity.

The Way Out: Only By Starting to talk
"Gush Shalom" (the Israeli Peace Bloc) calls upon the Government of Israel to cease its efforts to impose by force unilateral solutions, and start immediate negotiations for a comprehensive cease-fire with the Palestinians and cessation of all belligerent acts between Israel and the Palestinians.

A non-violent Intifada
They want to return to what Palestinians refer to as the popular uprising, the struggle of the late 1980s and early 90s that was characterised by mass protests without the use of firearms or bombs, and that ultimately produced the - now defunct – Oslo peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.

What Is Hamas?
Where most Westerners see enraged fighters willing to die for the cause rather than compromise, many Palestinians view Hamas as a disciplined group that provides education, housing, medical facilities and most importantly, a sense of pride and defiance in the face of decades of humiliation and defeat.

Palestinians take back the night in Ramallah
In recent months new eateries have opened and the city's offerings have expanded despite Israel checkpoints and military raids. For Khalaf, opening Darna was simultaneously the fulfillment of a life's dream and an act of political defiance. "I had an obligation to my hometown," Khalaf says.

Even if it leads to bloodshed
That same day, I happened to see the following headline splashed across the front pages of the newspaper: "Police fear political assassinations during disengagement: Temple Mount attack, hits on ministers and top officials, nationwide unrest." In other words, a few Jewish settlers are planning to use force to keep the government from carrying out its decision.

Israel's court defeats film ban
Despite rejecting the ban, the court described Jenin, Jenin as a "propagandistic lie" which falsely accused Israeli soldiers of intentionally killing children, women, the disabled and the mentally ill.

Protest when Bush is coronated Thursday, September 2 in NYC
At the moment George Bush is receiving his well-scripted coronation on Thursday evening, September 2, the streets around Madison Square Garden will be filled by people who stand together against the Iraq war, the colonial occupations of Haiti and Palestine, and the U.S. strategy of endless war and intervention.

Arabs Largely Criticize Captors' Motive
Al-Jazeera, the Arab television station, broadcast a stream of criticism from voices including Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit and Lebanon's most senior Shiite Muslim cleric, Grand Ayatollah Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah.

New York Plays the Arab Card
Ironic that Siraj, a 21-year-old Pakistani immigrant who works longer hours than President Bush, in addition to attending night school, came to America for freedom and opportunity. His crime, as spelled out clearly in the complaint filed against him last weekend, was his “hatred of America.”

Monday, August 30, 2004

August 30 2004

Gandhi's 'march home' cry
Arun Gandhi proposed to the Palestinian parliament a peaceful march of 50,000 refugees across the Jordan river, and said lawmakers should lead the way. "Maybe the Israeli army would shoot and kill several. They may kill 100. They may kill 200 men, women and children. And that would shock the world," he said in the West Bank city of Ramallah.

Palestinian woman dies after 12 days' hunger strike
Doctors had advised the old woman not to continue fasting, but she refused to listen and insisted on keeping solidarity with her son. The woman's son al-Zeben is sentenced to a 27-life imprisonment on accusations of being a member of Izel Dein Qassam brigades...

Israeli Colonizer Runs Woman Over, Killing Her in Qalqilya
Palestinian woman was wantonly killed early Monday when an Israeli colonizer ran her over in Qalqilya city, witnesses said. The criminal colonizer managed to flee leaving Abu Farda a dead body.

Occupation Forces Close Two Gates in Jenin
Occupation Forces have closed the second of two Wall gates in Jenin district. Occupation Forces closed the Tura gate on August 16 and now they have also closed the Barta'a gate. Occupation Forces opened a new gate near Zibda village which has now become the only entrance or exit for the people living in this area;

Attacks against World Court by Bush, Kerry and Congress Reveal Growing Bipartisan Hostility to International Law
The Bush administration quickly challenged the World Court's authority by questioning whether international law should even be applied to Israeli-occupied territories. White House spokesman Scott McClellan stated, “We do not believe that it is the appropriate forum to resolve what is a political issue.” Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry concurred...

Palestinians say 800 prisoners resume hunger strike
Around 800 Palestinian prisoners who suspended a hunger strike after winning some concessions from their Israeli jail resumed fasting on Monday saying nothing had changed, their spokesman said.

Supreme Court: Attorney General's Office to Respond Immediately to Adalah's Petition re Supplying Salt to Hunger-Striking Prisoners
When the prisoners initially embarked upon their hunger strike, they stated that the strike would involve refusing food, not fluids and salt. However, from the beginning of the strike, prison guards confiscated various materials from the cells of the striking prisoners, including salt.

Adalah in Petition to Supreme Court: Allow Children of "Security" Prisoners Physical Contact with their Fathers during Visits
Consequently, visits are the only means by which the children of “security” prisoners can see and hear their incarcerated parents. Furthermore, visits by families from the Occupied Territories are extremely limited, and do not take place on any regular basis due to restrictions on their entry into Israel introduced by the Israeli military.

Palestinian killed by Israeli troops in southern Gaza
Palestinian residents and witnesses said the Israeli soldiers stationed around the Jewish settlement of Morag, south of the town of Khan Younis in southern Gaza, suddenly opened intensive gunfire at the residential area, especially the area closed to the settlement.

Palestinian child hurt in Israeli strike
A nine-year old Palestinian girl has been injured after an Israeli helicopter fired missiles at a vehicle carrying four Palestinian activists. A missile missed the vehicle and hit a nearby home instead, wounding the child on Monday.

Israeli lightly hurt by sniper fire in Gaza
In Gaza, an Israeli man was lightly wounded Monday morning by shots fired at an IDF position close to the town of Khan Yunis. Earlier, a mortar shell hit a house on a settlement in Gush Katif. There were no injuries, and the building was lightly damaged.

High Court allows screening of 'Jenin Jenin'
Mazza attempted to bring the sides to agreement on omitting certain scenes from the film, but to no avail. "I pinpointed five segments that I would describe as especially troublesome," Mazza wrote in his decision. "One of them talks about IDF soldiers intentionally killing children, elderly women, the disabled, the mentally ill, and detainees," he wrote.

Settlers verbally fighting evacuation, others negotiating compensation
The “secret” issue here is the secrete negotiations conducted between the settlers and the Israeli government in order to receive compensation while they appear on TV's and in front of the public as the “biggest fighters against disengagement” and “recruit” the public opinion in Israel against it.

Hamas to send monitors for voter registration in PA elections
Bahaa al-Bakri, public relations director at the Palestinian Central Election Committee said Hamas registered with the committee but did not declare whether it would nominate candidates. "We are not going to participate in any elections linked to 'Oslo'," Abu Zohri. "If that changes, we will study the issue once again."

Palestine to set up 3-party reform committee
Palestinian government will set up a three-party committee to effectively implement its reform plan. Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei announced the decision on Sunday. the committee would focus on maintaining peace in Palestine-controlled area, restoring local law and order, and stabilizing the political situation.

PLO rebel expresses commitment to Arafat's calls for reforms
"I don't want disputes with Arafat. My political message is clear, that we live in a tragic situation and I'm completely committed to what Arafat expressed," Dahlan said, referring to the Palestinian leader's speech before the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) on August 18.

Palestinian PM To Travel To Russia, Turkey
Qorei is scheduled to meet with Turkish officials in Ankara on September 6 and 7 while he will be in Moscow on the following two days. Russia, one of the four backers of the troubled roadmap peace plan for the Middle East, has traditionally had close ties with the Palestinians but has warmed towards Israeli under the presidency of Vladimir Putin.

Mofaz proposes evacuating from Gaza all at once
Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz proposed to the security cabinet Monday that Israel evacuate all Gaza Strip settlements at one time instead of in four stages, as the government had earlier decided. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon attacked opponents of the plan, charging a minister who spoke out against it with exhibiting "false patriotism."

Israel offers World Bank to leave one Gaza settlement intact
According to political officials, Israel hopes to sell the Erez factories to the World Bank in order to continue its function as a place of employment for Palestinians, thereby preventing the continued economic deterioration in the Gaza Strip. Israel also suggested establishing a railway from Erez to the ports, with help from the World Bank.

Turkish delegation heads to Israel to mend strained ties
Three close confidants of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan flew to Israel on Monday to mend strained ties after the Turkish leader accused Israel of engaging in state terrorism against the Palestinians.

Likud group's visit to South Africa signals new era
Ayanda Ntsaluba, who was on a visit to Israel last week, said the invitation to the Likud delegation is aimed at opening up "lines of communication with the current [Israeli] government." Until now, he adds, "Israel has misunderstood our engagement. Any support for the Palestinians they perceive as anti-Israel."

U.S. Administration Plays down Pentagon Mole Affair
an official U.S. source said Sunday that the FBI will likely refrain from charging suspected Pentagon mole Larry Franklin with espionage, but with mishandling a classified document. The official source described Franklin as a likely idiot, not a spy.

Analyst at center of spy flap called naive, ardently pro-Israel
Franklin's resume describes his current position, which he has held since 2001, as: "Office of the Secretary of Defense, Policy, Near East/South Asia, Iran desk analyst, Office of Special Plans Iraq. Focus Projects: Hizbollah, Islam, Saudi Arabia."

Jew held for torching Jewish centre
A man who has been arrested in connection with an arson attack on a Jewish social centre in France is Jewish and worked there, French police say. The 22 August attack, which gutted the centre, was at first believed to be the work of an anti-Semitic group.

Nonviolent protest offers little hope for Palestinians
Despite the current lull in attacks on Israelis, Palestinian deaths continue daily. . Palestinians also now understand that violence is the surest way to get their struggle noticed. Bombing buses is immoral, but it makes the front pages, reminding the world that there is a conflict. When Palestinians alone are the victims, the world switches off.

The beginning of the start of the end - By Gideon Levy
Those anxious for the future of Israel must hope the world will move from vehement words to no less vehement action. The apartheid regime was finally brought to an end through sanctions and by excommunication from the family of nations. That, regrettably, is apparently the only way to ending the Israeli occupation.

Slim chances of disengagement
One reason for doubt was the timetable proposed for the withdrawal - almost two years from announcement to completion. Why is so much time required? Why so many procedures and so much negotiation - a referendum, voting, committees and an administration?

Settlement Growth: Bad for America, Worse for Israel
This is where US and Israeli policy rationales diverge.  Sharon may want out of Gaza, in part, so he can keep the West Bank.  The United States wants Israel out of Gaza as a means of  kick-starting some form of negotiations and ultimately the Roadmap.

Judges authorise Israeli Druze visit to Syria
Israel's supreme court authorised members of the country's Druze community for the first time to make a pilgrimage to Syria, which is officially at war with the Jewish state, judicial sources said. The judges ruled that the group would be allowed to remain on Syrian soil for a maximum of 72 hours.
http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story &cid=1515&ncid=1515&e=6 &u=/afp/20040830/wl_mideast_afp/mideast_israel_syria_040830164242

Family of Turk Killed in Iraq to Open Case against U.S.
"I wish my son had been killed while serving for Turkish soldiers or by the Iraqis. Perhaps, we would be less upset then. But the claim that Americans killed him while he carried cargo for them makes me really upset."

Sadr orders all followers to stop fighting
"Due to the situation in Najaf and the provinces ... we call on all members of the Mehdi Army to cease fire unless in self-defense, and to be patient until the political program which Sadr's followers are planning is revealed," said Sheikh Ali Smeisim, a key Sadr aide.

Arab League chief urges release of French hostages
"I urge everyone to resolve this matter as soon as possible to avoid any consequence of the matter," Moussa told reporters after a meeting with visiting French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier.

France races against clock in hostage crisis
The militant group, which last week said it had killed Italian journalist Enzo Baldoni, on Saturday gave the French government 48 hours to rescind the headscarf ban, without saying what would happen to the two Frenchmen if it failed to comply.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

August 29 2004

An Officer in Court - By Uri Avnery
Up to now, the building of this wall has been held up by the Supreme Court's temporary injunction. This has now been lifted, and next week the cranes will start erecting the concrete slabs that have been lying on the ground along the road. They will shut out the world beyond.

Israeli FM cautions EU not to back new UN vote on barrier
"We were very surprised, we thought they would abstain," Shalom admitted. Afterwards, Shalom said Europe could be frozen out of the Middle East peace process as a result of what he called its failure to understand Israel's security needs.

Gandhi's grandson urges Palestinians to march home
Arun Gandhi, whose pacifist grandfather helped end British control over the Indian subcontinent, proposed to the Palestinian parliament a peaceful march of 50,000 refugees across the Jordan River and said lawmakers should lead the way. "What would happen? Maybe the Israeli army would shoot and kill several. They may kill 100. They may kill 200 men, women and children.

PPS: Ashkelon 's Internees to Return to Hunger Strike on Monday
The sources said that the decision of the internees came after they were informed by the Israeli Prison Service that the scheduled meeting on Tuesday has been pushed off to next Thursday. Contacted by the PPS, the internees said that they felt betrayed by the Israeli prison services.

Imprisoned PLC member says hunger strike still goes on
Imprisoned member of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) Marwan Barghouti said Sunday that he is still continuing the hunger strike with thousands of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails. "I will be the last prisoner to end my hunger strike after allour prisoners achieve their legal demands,"

Daily Diaries of the Hunger Strike
Prisoners were reported to be doing their prayers while seated because of the serious deterioration in their health. Prisoners experienced an average weight loss of 1 3 kilograms.

Quraya: World 'indifferent' to Palestinians
"The blindness and silence that the world has been showing towards the Palestinian prisoners' hunger strikes which have been taking place for the last 15 days can only put question marks against the whole peace process," Quraya told reporters after a meeting of his cabinet here.

Report from Hadarim Prison
For the first time since the start of the hunger strike on August 15, the prison allowed Sunday the Prisoners Club Lawyer Hanan Khatib to visit Hadarim prison and meet with few prisoners. After the visit, Khatib summarized the conditions in the prison as follows:

IDF troops kill "gunman" at Gaza fence near Negev kibbutz
One man, who was carrying an AK-47 assault rifle and wearing a combat vest, was killed, while the other two fled, the sources said. The IDF reported Sunday afternoon than an explosive vest was found on the Palestinian's body.

Israel Troops Arrest Four Wound Six in Hebron, Run Amok In Nablus
The Israeli occupying troops arrested toady four civilians during a house – house searching in several neighborhoods of Hebron as the general strike overwhelmed all the semblance of life in solidarity with the on- strike Palestinian inmates inside the Israeli jails.

Child Critically Wounded in Rafah, 4 Arrested in Hebron
Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) critically wounded early Sunday a child after they opened their heavy machineguns against houses in Rafah city refugee camp, southern Gaza Strip, Palestinian medics said.

Lawyer: Palestinian man detained for four years says government tried to secretly deport him
Salim Yassir, 28, was caught in 2000 trying to enter the United States aboard a ship from England. Since then, he has been imprisoned while officials try to deport him to a country willing to accept him.

Sha'ath slandered at pro-prisoners gathering
When the PA minister tried to hold a pres conference at the scene, some of the mothers started shouting at him, accusing him of exploiting their sons' predicament for political and personal interests. One of the mothers shouted at Sha'ath: "Why did you come here only 14 days after the hunger strike began? We don't want you here."

Qurei urges for firm EU stance against Israeli settlements
Expressing Palestinians' appreciation towards the EU position on the barrier, Qurei added that "Israel defies all laws, which necessitates a mechanism to force Israel to abide by international law like other countries."

Germany says Gaza plan could be breakthrough
"We have come to the conclusion that the unilateral withdrawal and the complete dismantling of settlements in Gaza, if it's done in a proper way and part of the roadmap, it could be a real breakthrough to the peace process," Fischer told reporters in Amman...

Jihad to participate in future PNA govt with conditions
Mohamed al Hindi told reporters that the group had no objection to participation in a new Palestinian government, under conditions that preparations be made for the Palestinian interior affairs according to new laws, which were not related to the Oslo accords.

Security cabinet to meet Monday to discuss disengagement
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon will return from his summer holiday on Monday and will immediately convene his security cabinet to discuss reinforcing the southern Israeli city of Sderot against Qassam rocket fire from the Gaza Strip.

Egypt cools on Gaza pullout role
The next high-level meeting between Israeli and Egyptian defense officials to discuss Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's disengagement plan has been postponed for several weeks and will take place in early October.

Jordan to check for possible radiation from Dimona
The Jordanian newspaper Al-Rai reported Sunday that the Foreign Ministry has asked the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to send experts and equipment to "determine whether there is a correlation between radiation from Dimona and the appearance of unusual diseases in the area."

PALESTINE: Pappe: `Israel must be treated as South Africa was'
Dr Ilan Pappe is one of Israel's most prominent “new historians”. In May 2002, Pappe was threatened with expulsion from his university, the University of Haifa, for supporting a Jewish graduate student whose dissertation documented an massacre of Palestinians by Israeli soldiers. The expulsion proceedings were suspended due to a protest by international academics.

Israeli in charge of removing settlers faces 'treachery' anger
Despite media reports that the authority had yet to open its doors, Bassi said more than 10 staff members were already beginning to collect data to establish criteria for compensation. Government officials have been quoted as saying families could receive some £166,000 each in compensation.

Intel CTO: Israel is key to our R&D
Gelsinger said Intel's Israeli development center is its most important after the U.S. in the Radio Free vision, which has become Intel corporate strategy. Regarding Intel's future plans in Israel, Gelsinger states, "There is no threat on the horizon to Israel's importance as a central development center for Intel...

FBI probes 'spy suspect deep inside' the Pentagon
Officials are believed to be preparing for an arrest as soon as this week. They fear a Pentagon analyst passed sensitive details of White House policy to the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee, an influential pro-Israeli lobby group.

Military Intelligence chief denies Pentagon spy charges
The U.S. investigation centers on whether a Pentagon analyst passed classified material about Iran to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the influential main Israeli lobbying organization in Washington, and whether that group in turn passed them on to Israel.

Israel admits it spied on US (12 May, 1998)
Israel has officially acknowledged for the first time that an American Jew, Jonathan Pollard, who was arrested in the United States 13 years ago, was one of its spies.

Hunger for justice
The hunger strike initiated by thousands of Palestinian prisoners on August 17 is a powerful nonviolent act. No one expects Israel to welcome this act of protest, but the utterances of officials about wishing that the Palestinians prisoners starve to death or saying they will refrain from providing hospitalization to prisoners whose health is deteriorating is sickening.

The beginning of the start of the end
The apartheid regime was finally brought to an end through sanctions and by excommunication from the family of nations. That, regrettably, is apparently the only way to ending the Israeli occupation. After long years of ignoring international criticism, apparently the fear of the world taking action...

Focus: The 'dual loyalty' slur returns to haunt U.S. Jews
As depicted Friday evening on the CBS television network, the story managed to touch all the most sensitive aspects of the status of Jews in America and Israel's role in the machinery of American foreign policy considerations.

Oil pipeline sabotaged in southern Iraq
The attack came one day after insurgents blew up another pipeline in west Qurna oil fields, some 150 kilometers north of Basra. Also on Saturday, a domestic oil pipeline in Nahrawan, a desert region some 30 km east of Baghdad, caught fire, though oil officials could not confirm if the fire was the result of sabotage.

Allawi lets US forces stay in Najaf until Iraqis take control
United States forces will remain in Najaf until the interim Iraqi Prime Minister, Iyad Allawi, judges that control of the city can safely be handed over in its entirety to the country's own police and security forces, senior American officials said yesterday.

Demonstrators Protest Bush Policies in NYC
Tens of thousands of Bush administration opponents poured into Manhattan's streets Sunday on the eve of the Republican National Convention, angrily denouncing the war in Iraq and demanding the United States withdraw its forces.

Standoff bolstered Sadr's support
"This is the beginning of the end for the Americans," says Khalasi, speaking from his home in Baghdad's upper-class Shiite district of Kadhimiya. "What will happen now is that all the political parties will unite to kick the Americans out of Iraq. You have seen even the Sunni people starting to support Moqtada. All this will encourage people to be united."

Saturday, August 28, 2004

August 28 2004

Beit Iqsa is only one example
he proposed that the route of the fence near Beit Iqsa be changed and the village be left outside the fence, bringing the fence some 700 meters closer to the main Jerusalem highway. From the security point of view, this was a revolution. Sharon was more concerned about the demographic aspect - fewer Palestinians inside Israel...

Gandhi tries to spread his belief in region
According to Gandhi, “They say the fence is meant for security, but that is not true. What we are seeing is an attempt to suffocate the people. We must exit the cycle of violence, since violence only stirs more violence”. On Sunday, Gandhi will meet with the initiators of the Geneva Accords...

Shikma jail security prisoners end water-only fast
The representatives denied reports, however, that the strike had come to a complete end. The 350 Palestinian prisoners agreed to drink milk and fruit juice after the jail authorities said that their representatives would be allowed Sunday to make telephone calls to fasting prisoners at other jails.

Israel begins talks with hunger striking prisoners
The Israeli Prisons' Authorities on Saturday began talks with representatives of thousands of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, who started an open-end hunger strike since Aug. 15, official following the prisoners' affairs said.

Details of the temporary agreement reached in Asqalan prison
The Palestinian Prisoners Society said that it received the text of the temporary agreement reached between the detainees committee and the administration of Asqalan detention concerning suspending the Hunger strike until Monday. The society published the following agreement which have been reached between the prisoners and the head of prison...

?Scores of Palestinians participate in sit-down in front of Hidarem prison
Arab member of the Israeli Knesset Dr. Azmi Beshara and representatives of þþPalestinian institutions and human right organizations have participated in þþthe sit-down, carrying signboards that support the prisoners and call for þþfulfilling their just humanitarian demands.

Palestinians want an end to their solitary confinement
The 2,269 prisoners who began the strike were asking for humane conditions, such as the cessation of public strip searches, the ability to use the telephone, to be able to see their families, and an end to arbitrary and indiscriminate beatings. These are not privileges or favours. The prisoners want the authorities to respect internationally recognised rules governing imprisonment.

Israeli helicopters shell northern Gaza Strip
Meanwhile, Israeli troops invaded Abu Safeya area in eastern Jabalia refugee camp in the north of Gaza, backed by several tanks and bulldozers... the army had invaded the area and razed nearly 40 donoms (3.7572 hectares) of cultivated lands before its withdrawal from the area.

Israeli Military Aggression Continues, Scores Detained at Checkpoint
a civilian was killed and another was critically wounded when a land mine exploded in al-Sha'af area, eastern Gaza city... Fady Abu E'wemer 32, was killed due to the explosion and Ramy Abu Skhela 30, was critically wounded in the leg.

Two Palestinians wounded by Israeli troops in southern Gaza
Two Palestinians waiting at an Israeli army roadblock south of the central Gaza town of Deir el Ballah were shot and wounded by Israeli troops on Saturday... an aged Palestinian resident of the southern Gaza town of Rafah died of his wounds sustained on Thursday...

Gunmen kill 'collaborator'
Such an execution - in front of a mosque and in full public view - is a common sign that someone is suspected of collaborating with Israel in its occupation of the Palestinian territories.

Damian Clarke: Update From Palestine
He was told that his family would also be detained if he didn't sign the confession. The interrogator told him that he could see from his eyes and face that he was guilty. Walid replied that this should be written on the confession. He was then hit in the face.

Soldiers arrested for murder
The Israeli military has arrested two soldiers on suspicion of murdering an unarmed Palestinian and arrested two officers from their platoon for allegedly trying to cover up the killing. The latest case, however, is the first since the September 2000 outbreak of Palestinian-Israeli fighting where the charge is murder, Yediot said.

Weekly Report: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories
6 Palestinian civilians, including 1 child and 1 old man were killed by IOF; 60 donums[1] of agricultural land were razed in Wadi al Salka and 45 donums in al Moraq; 17 houses were completely or partially demolished in the Gaza Strip.

IDF lifts blockade on main Gaza Strip highway
The roadblocks had been introduced Thursday night, and placed close to the central Gaza Strip settlement of Netzarim and close to the Gush Katif bloc of settlements in the south. A statement by the military said that following "security assessments," it was decided to reopen the road.

Israeli army continues closing main roads in Gaza Strip
Meanwhile, witnesses said thousands of Palestinian residents and employees are standing in lines at Al Matahen and Abu Holycheck points south of Deir al Ballah in central Gaza Strip, adding that they wait until the Israeli soldiers allow them to go.

Lawyer: Gov't Tried to Deport Detainee
Salim Yassir, 28, was caught in 2000 trying to enter the United States aboard a ship from England. Since then, he has been imprisoned while officials try to deport him to a country willing to accept him."Instead of releasing him, they try to take him in the middle of the night and put him on a ship,"...

PNA exerts efforts to secure release of prisoners
"those prisoners are held in the Israeli jails because they had been struggling for this nation's freedom." He also asserted that the PNA will seek to liberate the prisoners and struggle to liberate the nation, adding "liberating the land and liberating the human can't be separated."

Spain urges Europe to play role in Mideast peace process
"The European Union, from the Spanish point of view, cannot be left aside," Moratinos said at a news conference with Palestinian peace negotiator Saeb Erekat at the Foreign Ministry in Madrid."It's time for the European Union to assume its responsibilities," Moratinos said.

Press report: British bank cancels account of pro-Palestine campaign in response to Zionist pressures
However, the daily quoted Hilary Wise, editor-in-chief of London-based “Palestinian News” magazine, issued by the same campaign, as saying the bank's stance stressed the importance of casting light on the difficulties facing the activities in support of the Palestinian people in Britain.

Israel spy found at Pentagon
CBS News yesterday quoted US Federal Bureau of Investigation officials as saying they believe they have solid evidence that the suspected mole supplied Israel with classified materials relating to US policy on Iran.

Saint Mary's yeshiva
Can the state transfer to a Jewish yeshiva an archaeological site where, in the very distant past, there once were a church and a guest house for Christian pilgrims? Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is replying to this question - perhaps surprisingly - in the negative, in a document submitted on his behalf to the High Court of Justice.

From the outside, in
Over the next several weeks, perhaps even months, the Sharon-Shinui government will apparently have the status of a quasi-transitional government - no one will be happy with it, but everyone is stuck with it. The rift between the Likud Central Committee and the Labor Party bureau has made Shinui much more essential to the coalition.

An Israeli Spy in the Pentagon?
Why does Israel need a spy to steal secret information when it has several key people there already who hold top positions and can share instead of steal sensitive data? Paul Wolfowitz? Richard Pearle? Paul Bremer? Didn't we invade Iraq in part to satisfy the Israeli lobby that pressured the weakling administration of President Bush?

A surrender to Sharon
President Bush probably encouraged Sharon's willingness to build more housing on the West Bank with his statement on April 14 that "new realities on the ground" made it "unrealistic" for Israel to give up settlements it had established in or near big cities in the West Bank.
http://www.boston.com/news/globe/editorial_opinion/editorials /articles/2004/08/28/a_surrender_to_sharon/

RKU:Palestine Solidarity Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden
The conference was supposed to take place in Gaza in the summer of 2003 but was cancelled due to the Israeli army's closure of Gaza. The Israelis can never stop the youth to meet and discuss their common interests, so now the conference is being held in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Media Declares War on Anti-War Protests
"The antiwar movement has been so thoroughly discredited," says Franklin. "One would never be able to guess from public discourse that for every American veteran of combat in Vietnam, there must be twenty veterans of the antiwar movement."

Khatami: Iran ready to provide nuclear 'guarantees'
"We are ready to do everything necessary to give guarantees that we won't seek nuclear weapons," President Mohammad Khatami said at a wide-ranging press conference in Tehran, the capital. Khatami also warned the United States it needs Iranian help with Iraq and Afghanistan, both of which share borders with Iran.

5 killed, 32 wounded in US airstrikes on Fallujah
Five people were killed and 32 wounded in overnight US air strikes on Iraq's flash point city of Fallujah, west of Baghdad, medical sources told Xinhua by telephone on Saturday. The victims, including women and children...

Iraq Shia leaders reject violence
The four senior Shia Muslim clerics in Iraq have said that armed resistance is not the way to protest against the continued presence of US-led forces. However, one of them, Sheikh Ali Najafi, said that if foreign troops stayed too long, then the time for peaceful solutions would be over.

Iraq militants seize two French journalists, give 48-hour ultimatum: report
The group is demanding that "France rescinds within 48 hours the law banning" Islamic headscarves in schools, describing the law as "an injustice and an attack on the Islamic religion and individual freedoms," Al-Jazeera said.
http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=1515 &ncid=1515&e=1 &u=/afp/20040828/wl_mideast_afp/iraq_france_hostages_040828201406

Oil Pipeline Burns East of Iraqi Capital
"Repairing operations are still underway, and it will take more than one week to finish because a bridge has fallen on the pipelines," Jassim said. All the fires sparked by that attack in Berjasiya, 20 miles southwest of Basra, have now been put out, he said.

Friday, August 27, 2004

August 27 2004

Gandhi's grandson condemns Israel for apartheid
What Israel is doing is similar to or maybe worse than the radical discrimination procedures that were once in South Africa, Gandhi said at a news press held at the Ambassador Hotel in east Jerusalem.

Palestinians push peaceful protest message at West Bank barrier rally
Mordechai Vanunu, the ex-nuclear technician who was jailed for blowing the whistle on the country's nuclear programme, was among the hundreds of Israeli activists who joined Palestinian residents. Many carried banners with slogans such as: "The Wall -- No. Dialogue -- Yes" and "The Wall Must Fall".

U.S. team to supervise settlement boundaries
The American administration said the team, which consists of technical experts, will help Kurtzer in his talks with the defense minister's adviser Baruch Spiegel on demarcating the settlements' boundaries.

Palestinian delegate to UN lashes at US standing of Israeli settling
He said in a letter to the UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan and to the head þþof the UN Security Council; the Russian delegate Andrey Denisov that it was þhypocritical for a Quartet Committee member to neglect the Israeli settling þþactivities and claim support for the roadmap to peace plan.

Leading Israeli organizations call for an immediate change in policy towards the Palestinian political prisoners
Human Rights Lawyer Lea Tsemel reported that on a visit to Beer Sheva prison yesterday she learned that the only medical treatment given to fasting prisoners is eating. "The sick prisoners are locked in a room, tempted with food for five hours and, if they refuse to eat, returned to their cells without treatment.

Prisoners Hunger Strike Enters 13th day
A one day hunger strike has also been organized in Nazareth near St. Mary's church in the town. Additionally, around 17 Syrians in the occupied Golan Heights declared a hunger strike in the town of Majdal Shams on Thursday.

ISM Joins Hunger Strike
Monday, August 30, national and international organizations and groups will be declaring a one-day hunger strike as the Palestinian hunger strike enters it's third week. There will be demonstrations in front of Israeli Embassies, Government Buildings and other locations around the world.

Israel: UN concerned for Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike
More than a dozen United Nations institutions operating in the occupied Palestinian territories today voiced concern at a reported hunger strike by over 2,900 Palestinian prisoners held by Israel and reminded the country's authorities to comply with their obligations under international humanitarian law.

Leaders call for a peaceful intifada
They hope to push Israel into allowing elections, to lead mass protests against the separation barrier and the maltreatment of prisoners, and to challenge Israel in the international courts. Palestinian militant groups have yet to reach an agreement on stopping violence...

Yahoo! Sports makes Palestine's Olympians disappear
Although "Palestine" is listed in the menu of competing countries, selecting it to search for the names of its athletes produces "No Results." Picking any other country returns a list of athletes from that country. Searching for the Palestinian athletes by last name also yields "No Results."

Israeli Soldiers Held for Alleged Murder
A soldier is currently on trial for manslaughter over the April 2003 killing of pro-Palestinian British activist Tom Hurndall and, in a separate case, an officer has been convicted of causing Palestinian deaths by negligence.

Violence in Nablus Detained Activist Tells His Story
We had to empty our bags, the mobile phones and passports were confiscated. Our hands were cuffed behind the back with plastic cuffs. We were not allowed to talk. The soldiers were very aggressive. ("If you don't shut up, we will bash your face until it's flat.")...

Soldiers rescue Israelis from Palestinian attack in Ramallah
The three were travelling in two trucks from Qalandiyah to Jerusalem when they got lost and found themselves in Ramallah. They were set upon by Palestinian stone-throwers who had pulled them from their vehicles and begun to beat them when the soldiers arrived.

Mortar shell hits Gush Katif house; no injuries
Palestinians fired a mortar shell before dawn Friday at the Gaza Strip settlement bloc of Gush Katif, where it landed on a house. There were no injuries, although the house was damaged.

IFJ Opens New West Bank Safety Centre To Support a “Culture of Safety” in Palestine Media
The International Federation of Journalists today announced the opening of a safety centre in Ramallah, to defend and support Palestinian journalists and media staff against the risks faced by media working in the region.

Likud voters want Sharon to pursue coalition--poll
But his wished-for partner, the dovish centre-left Labour opposition, effectively cancelled the talks by calling for early elections after Sharon's setback, wary of aligning itself with a leader lacking control over his party.

Chirac hits out at international community's inaction in Middle East
"For how long will the world accept this tragedy that is crushing lives and peoples, that does damage to the development and stability of a region that is essential for the security of all, that is creating a gulf of resentment and lack of understanding between cultures, civilizations, religions?

Egyptian students devote summer to put some color in Palestinian lives
Although political, economic and social pressures are suffocating the entirety of the Palestinian camps in Lebanon, the children of the camps are, as always, the hardest hit, often deprived of the simplest joys of their age.

Gandhi heir urges Palestinians to adopt non-violence tactic
"I know your day of freedom is very near," he told thousands of flag-waving Palestinians in the West Bank city of Ramallah... "We can only achieve peace through non-violence," Mr Gandhi told The Independent . "When we respond to the oppressor the way the oppressor has done - with the use of violence - then we lose our moral strength."

Justice Minister: "Okay With Me If They All Die"
Israel is in violation of just about all of its provisions ranging from collective punishment to transfer of populations (colonization activities) to land confiscation. With regard to prisoners, the fourth Geneva convention is clear: prisoners should not be held outside of the occupied areas and they should be treated humanely.

Palestine a loser in U.S. election
It was an act of omission as much as commission. But the effect was the same. By failing to condemn, and indeed discreetly letting it be known that it supported, Ariel Sharon's plans to expand key settlements in the occupied West Bank, the United States effectively killed off a plan that was contingent on Israel stopping all new settlement activity.

An Unwavering Commitment To Reforming the Middle East - By John Kerry
We are not secure while Iraq is at risk of becoming a haven for terrorists. And we are not secure while Israel, the one true democracy in the region, remains the victim of an unrelenting campaign of terror. If we continue without a more effective strategy, we are not supporting our ally as best we can.

Advocacy and Realism - By Noam Chomsky
If the only alternative open is a “one-state settlement” without preliminary stages, we can have little doubt that Israeli and US hawks would rejoice, and would proceed, with overwhelming public support to impose their own brutal arrangements on the occupied territories.

Respect for basic human rights
The prisoners' hunger strike is their last option, which follows previous failed attempts by the prisoners to improve their difficult prison conditions and to receive their rights as defined in international law and conventions.

No End In Sight to 56-Year War
In what the Bush Administration described as "natural growth" following its original "freeze on all settlements," the expansion of Israeli colonies outside Jerusalem -- another 1,634 largely subsidized new homes now authorized in Palestinian territory -- cuts off Arab East Jerusalem from any contiguous Palestinian territory.

Tearing up the road map
A cynical interpretation of the administration's waffling response to expanding the settlements is that it helps both Sharon and Bush politically -- Bush with pro-Israeli voters here and Sharon with a governing coalition fragmented over his plans to pull out of Gaza. It certainly doesn't help the cause of peace.

Corridors of Power / Rocky start
There is nothing wrong with creating a spin around preparations for disengagement. It may even be desirable, in order to show that the idea of withdrawal is not just wishful thinking, but a real prescription for action, meaning that this initiative really has an organizational foundation and those in charge have the political clout to make it happen.

Israelis defend missile failure
The Arrow-2 anti-ballistic missile failed to intercept a target missile designed to simulate attack by weapons of the type held by Iran and Syria. The tests took place off the coast of Californian on Thursday.

Shias flock to Najaf shrine after peace deal
Thousands of Iraqi Shias entered a sacred shrine in Najaf on Friday after Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, the highest-ranking Shia cleric, on Thursday night brokered an agreement with Moqtada al-Sadr to end the three-week siege of the city after US forces suspended operations against the rebel cleric.

Many bodies found at Sadr's religious court: al-Arabiya
At least 25 bodies of policemen, national guardsmen and ordinary civilians were carried up to the courtyard by the police from the basement of Sadr's religious court, where they were first found, confirmed the police.

U.S. Warplane Drops Bombs on Fallujah
The plane dropped at least two bombs in the eastern neighborhood of al-Askari, the witnesses said. The U.S. military had no immediate comment. On Wednesday, U.S. warplanes and tanks bombed Fallujah for more than two hours, killing at least four people...

US-backed Iraqi police take over Chalabi's Baghdad office
US-backed Iraqi police forces raided the Baghdad office of the Iraqi National Congress of disgraced Pentagon favorite Ahmed Chalabi and expelled party members, an INC official said."All elements (party members) were driven out. In other words, the place was occupied and seized," he said.