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Saturday, January 29, 2005

January 29, 2005

|  Today in Palestine! 29 - Jan - 2005  |
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My daily media compilation will not to be available for the next four days, that is till 3rd of February 2005. I advise accessing
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3 Citizens Wounded in Peaceful Rally against Apartheid Wall in Salfeet
Israeli soldiers opened heavy machineguns against the rally and hurled several canisters, wounding three citizens. Hundred of citizens and foreigners activists participated in the rally, protesting the construction of the Wall built by Israel over the citizens' land in the city.

Protest against the Wall south of Hebron
The residents arrived to the fields where the military bulldozers were uprooting the trees and plants, and conducted Friday prayers in the lands; army withdrew for a distance of 400 meters and monitored the area for a distance.

In the West Bank, many Israelis balk at uprooting
Thousands of Jews slogged through the late-winter mud of the occupied territories this week to plant seedlings in observance of Tu Bishvat, an arbor day observed in Judaism for more than 2,000 years.

20 hurt as Fatah, Hamas activists clash in Gaza
A political rally by the militant Palestinian group Hamas turned violent Saturday, as supporters of the rival Fatah faction opened fire, sparking a melee that left more than 20 people wounded, a Palestinian official said. The incident in the M'ghazi refugee camp in central Gaza was the first instance of violence between rival Palestinian factions

Mentally handicapped man killed in Gaza; third handicapped victim this week
Witnesses said al-Shawas was near the Israeli border fence constructed between the town and the illegal Israeli settlement of Gush Katif when shots rang out from the Israeli settlement, and al-Shawas fell to the ground with a bullet in his head.

Palestinian farmer killed by Israeli gunfire in southern Gaza
The sources said Ibrahim al-Shawaf was killed in his farm in the Khozaa area east of Khan Yunis when Israeli troops stationed at the border between eastern Khan Yunis and Israel opened intensive fire at houses of local residents.

Citizen Dies of Wounds, 6 Arrested
Palestinian medics reported early Saturday that a citizen died of wounds he sustained earlier by Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) in Khanyounis city neighbourhood of al-Amal.

UN: Israel will remain "the occupying power"
In his annual report to the UN Commission on Human Rights, Durard also condemned Israel's merciless incursions into the Palestinian territories and the demolitions of civilians' house, saying that Israel this amounted to war crimes.

Gaza pullout could worsen health crisis
Israel's current position is that it is not responsible for the fate of patients in Gaza, and is willing, at best, "to take into account humanitarian considerations" and "exceptional cases", without explaining what these may constitute, says the medical rights group.

One land two systems announces winners architecture competition
On 6th February, 2005, One Land Two Systems is presenting the results of its international architecture competition for an alternative to the Israeli government masterplan devised for the ‘unrecognised' Palestinian village of Ein Hud in Israel.

'Palestinian corpse used for IDF anatomy lesson'
The Breaking the Silence organization has collected new testimony from Israel Defense Forces soldiers on harsh actions carried out during the course of the fighting in the territories. Two of the testimonies pertain to a military doctor who gave medics lessons in anatomy using the bodies of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces.

Israeli, Palestinians meet to discuss region's future
After several years of avoiding public discussions, members of Israel's government and the Palestinian Authority agreed to hold a joint public debate on the future of the relations between the two people.

Abbas-Sharon summit to be held on Feb. 8
The sources said after the summit, Abbas will head to the Gaza Strip for talks with militant groups on finalizing a formal ceasefire if Israel agrees on demands by the Palestinian side that Israel stop targeted killings and incursions and release Palestinian prisoners.

Shaath: Israel must formally accept cease-fire
"I think we are very close to a national agreement," he said. However, Israel must formally accept the cease-fire, withdrawal its troops from West Bank cities and release Palestinian prisoners for the Palestinian groups to move forward with the accord, he added.

‘Israel is ready to make significant concessions to Palestinians'
Israeli security officials are ready to make significant concessions to the new Palestinian leadership to promote efforts to end more than four years of fighting, a top Defense Ministry official said Saturday.

PA's Abed Rabbo: We can't be Israel's sub-contractors
"We cannot be sub-contractors for unilateral Israeli moves," said senior Palestinian official Yasser Abed Rabbo, addressing a special session of the World Economic Forum in Davos... "We need a comprehensive solution that will close all the gaps," said Abed Rabbo.

New Palestinian cabinet to be presented before parliament in two weeks
Palestinian Cabinet Secretary Hassan Abu Lebda told reporters that discussions on the new cabinet between Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei are likely to end soon.

Egyptian Training for Palestinian Police to Start
Some 40 Palestinian police officers will come to Egypt for training next week as part of Egypt's contribution to the new security arrangements in Gaza, Palestinian Foreign Minister Nabil Shaath said on Saturday.

Hamas wins Gaza Strip council vote
The Islamist party Hamas has won control of seven out of 10 councils in the Gaza Strip, dealing a crushing blow to the Fatah party of the Palestinian leader, Mahmoud Abbas. Voters rejected Fatah's corrupt image and endorsed Hamas for its opposition to Israel and for providing welfare, schools and nurseries to the impoverished residents of the territory.

Peres urges EU to build Palestinian economy
“It will be very wise if the EU ... helps build industrial centres in the West Bank and Gaza,” Peres told reporters at the World Economic Forum. If each of the 25 EU states sponsored one of its companies to build a factory or set up a business in the Palestinian territories, it would change the face of the region and give hope to Palestinians he said were on the verge of starvation.

Egypt Court Dismisses Warcrimes Case Against Sharon
An Egyptian court on Saturday dismissed a case demanding compensation from Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon over accusations Israeli forces tortured and killed Egyptian prisoners of war during the Middle East war of 1967.

Israel works to get Hezbollah on EU's list of terror groups
the election of Mahmoud Abbas as chairman of the Palestinian Authority, has led Israel to alter its line of argument. Instead of complaining about Hezbollah activities along the northern border, and about the rockets threatening the Galilee, Israeli representatives are highlighting the threat Hezbollah poses to the fledgling Palestinian leader.

Hezbollah threatens to kidnap IDF troops
Hezbollah Secretary General Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah said Saturday that his group will do all it takes to win the release of Lebanese prisoners held in Israeli jails, including kidnapping Israel Defense Forces soldiers.

UN rebukes Lebanon over Har Dov
The United Nations Security Council on Friday rebuked Beirut by declaring that the disputed Har Div or Shaba Farms area was not part of Lebanon in a resolution that also extended the mandate of UN peacekeepers for six months. The document, drafted by France and co-sponsored by the United States, Britain, Denmark and Greece

Baghdad Feels Like a City Preparing for War
In the hours before tomorrow's election, Baghdad feels like a city preparing for war. American helicopters roar noisily overhead just above the roof- tops, setting off car alarms. Iraqi police nervously finger their assault rifles. Most people are taking no risks and stay at home, so streets are eerily empty.

US embassy hit by deadly strike on eve of Iraq election
A rocket attack hit the US embassy, hours before the start of Iraq's historic election, killing two Americans with a dramatic breach of the draconian security intended to persuade the population to vote. A US embassy statement identified the dead as a member of the US military and a civilian. Five Americans were wounded.

Helicopter crash in western Baghdad kills 2 US soldiers
Two US soldiers were killed as their helicopter went down in western Baghdad on Friday night, theUS military said in a statement on Saturday. The pilot and the copilot of the OH-58 Kiowa helicopter were confirmed dead

Friday, January 28, 2005

January 28, 2005

|  Today in Palestine! 28 - Jan - 2005  |
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Peres, Fayad agree on need to upgrade fence crossings
Between three and five large and modernized terminals will be built along the fence, equipped with new technologies for inspecting persons and goods, allowing a larger volume of goods to pass through and a speedier processing time than at present. ( Palestinian Authority OK with presence of Apartheid Wall? )

JNF, treasury seek formula for continued Jews-only land sales
The Jewish National Fund and the Finance Ministry are currently trying to draft a new agreement that would separate the JNF from the state, thereby allowing it to continue selling land to Jews only.

Israeli Sources: Settlers bought land in Gaza Strip
Apparently a Palestinian mediator bought the land from its original owners and in turn sold it to the settler, who paid the money from a fund used earlier to buy around 20 thousand Dunams of land, (5000 Acres) land in the West Bank. The families, the original owners of the land, did not know that they are eventually selling their land to the settlers.

Israel's Continued Land Confiscation in Jerusalem: The Application of Israel's Absentee Property Law
The enforcement of the Absentee Property Law is also in clear breach of the Road Map which states that the Government of Israel will not confiscate the property and houses of Palestinians.

A property theft that must not be allowed
The government's decision from July 2004 to confiscate lands and infrastructures in East Jerusalem that belong to Palestinians who live in the West Bank is odd, to say the least. The owners of the assets that have been confiscated are living, for various reasons, not far from East Jerusalem, in the West Bank, and not in Arab countries.

'Palestinian corpse used for IDF anatomy lesson'
The soldier said that the Palestinian's body had been riddled with bullets and that some of his internal organs had spilled out. The doctor pronounced the man dead and then "took out a knife and began to cut off parts of the body," the soldier said.

Weekly Report: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories
During the period covered by this report, 20 Palestinians, 14 of whom were civilians, including 5 children and one woman, were killed by IOF. Two of the children were killed on the first day of the Eid .  Human rights violations perpetrated by IOF included incursions into Palestinian areas, willful and extra-judicial killing, indiscriminate shelling, land leveling...

Sharon to meet Abbas in days: Peres
Israeli Vice Prime Minister Shimon Peres said Thursday he expected Prime Minister Ariel Sharon would renew talks with Palestinian National Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas in "days, not weeks," Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported.

Abbas stresses need for swift ceasefire
Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, has appealed to Israel to agree swiftly to a joint ceasefire that would halt more than four years of bloodshed, warning that delay could undermine its chances of success.

Palestinians deploy police in southern Gaza with orders to end attacks
The troops took up their position at bases and checkpoints from the town of Deir el-Balah in the centre of the territory down to the flashpoint Rafah border crossing into Egypt, officials said. "We have finished our deployment which took place without incident,"

PA leaders call for resumption of negotiations
"We cannot be sub-contractors for unilateral Israeli moves," senior Palestinian official Yasser Abed Rabbo, addressing a special session of the World Economic Forum on the political process between Israel and the Palestinians.

Daniel Barenboim at Columbia University New York
Having come full circle on Wagner, he returned to Said and his legacy. "You cannot have equality without freedom and you cannot have freedom without brotherhood. And this is what Edward and I tried to do, in a completely non-violent way," he said. "There is a great deal left to be done."

Hamas Wins Local Palestinian Elections in Gaza
Hamas has won an overwhelming victory in Palestinian local elections held Thursday in the Gaza Strip, winning nearly two-thirds of the local council seats in 10 districts. The results reflect the widespread support Hamas has in Gaza, and are also seen as a potential turning point for the Islamic group.

Special Rapporteur: Israel will remain occupier after disengagement
In his report (E/CN.4/2005/29) to the Commission, Dugard said that Israel does not plan to relinquish its grasp on the Gaza Strip. "It plans to retain ultimate control over Gaza by controlling its borders, territorial sea and airspace. Consequently, it will in law remain an Occupying Power still subject to obligations under the Fourth Geneva Convention.

Abbas to visit Egypt on Mideast peace process
Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas is due to arrive here Friday as part of a foreign tour to seek international help to restart the long-stalled Mideast peace process, a Palestinian official said Thursday.

Sharon says Israel to implement roadmap if attacks stop
"If the Palestinians act forcefully to disband terror groups andput an end to violence and incitement, we could move forward in our contacts to implement the roadmap." Sharon told a convention of the Contractors' Association in Tel Aviv.

You can't condemn the victims of Occupation for employing terrorism while, by opposing divestment, thereby sheltering the Occupying Power that employs State Terror. You can't end the isolation and suffering of people living under Occupation while permitting the Occupying Power to carry on its life among the nations unencumbered and normally, by withholding a boycott of its economic and cultural products.

An assembly for the world's Jews
The content of the Zionist Congresses and the Zionists Organization of America directorate is of no interest to the Jewish community around the world and, for the most part, the work remains in the hands of "professional Zionists," for whom such forums are a kind of old people's club, which has provided an income or employment for them for decades.

Israel frees Al-Aqsa member at request of Palestinians: report
Jihad Massimi, a senior Nablus-based member of the armed offshoot of the mainstream Fatah organisation, was arrested by Israeli troops at the start of the week, the report added.

Palestinian official: Israel agrees to release 900 prisoners
The security official said that Israel agreed to stop its targeted killing and pursuing militants, but said militants should be careful, "because we should wait for an official Israeli announcement."

Egyptians, police clash over Taba bomb detentions
Egyptian police clashed with some 750 protesters who demonstrated on Friday against the detention of their relatives over bombings in the Sinai Peninsula late last year, witnesses said. Witnesses said at least three demonstrators and one police officer were wounded in the clashes on Friday.

Arab world, Iran show little interest in Mossad Web site
Internet-users in Arab countries and Iran have shown little interest in the official Web site of the Mossad, according to statistics made public by the Government Press Office, which administers the site.

Five American Soldiers Killed in Baghdad
Five American soldiers were killed Friday by roadside bombs and a shooting attack in Baghdad, the U.S. military said. Three soldiers were killed when a roadside bomb hit their patrol at about 4:30 p.m. in western Baghdad. Another soldier was slightly wounded in the attack, the military said.

U.S. Army Helicopter Crashes in Baghdad
An Army helicopter crashed in southwest Baghdad on Friday night, and the fate of the crew was not immediately known, a U.S. military official said. U.S. military officials do not believe the helicopter was hit by hostile fire, Lt. Col. James Hutton said.

Turkey warns Kurds over Kirkuk
Erdogan was speaking before departing for Davos, Switzerland, to attend the World Economic Forum. Ankara strongly opposes Kurdish control of Kirkuk, the oil city which many Kurds want to incorporate into their enclave in northern Iraq.

Examiner pulls offensive ad, apologizes
"It has been brought to our attention that a recent advertisement published in Media Week promoting The Examiner has caused concern and offence to readers. On behalf of Clarity Media Group and The Examiner in Washington and San Francisco, we sincerely apologise.

Watchdog blasts al-Jazeera bans
The Reporters Without Borders group has criticised the US, Canada and five other countries for their "harassment" of Arabic station al-Jazeera. "We regret some governments have no hesitation in censoring al-Jazeera... to protect their political and diplomatic interests," the group said.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

January 27, 2005

|  Today in Palestine! 27 - Jan - 2005  |
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Rightist MK: Fire AG for letting non-Jews buy JNF land
National Union MK Aryeh Eldad called Thursday for the dismissal of Menachem Mazuz after the attorney general decided that all land managed by the Israel Lands Administration, including land owned by the Jewish National Fund, must be marketed without discrimination or limits

Palestinian official says Israel agrees to release 900 prisoners
The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that during a meeting held in Jerusalem on Wednesday, Israel accepted most of Palestinian demands, including operating Gaza Airport and constructing a sea port in Gaza.

Villagers of Huwwara Complain of Continuous Settlers Attacks
Palestine News Network (PNN) reported on Thursday that dozens of villagers from Huwwara, south of Nablus , complain of the continuous settlers attacks against them and their family farmlands.

The landgrab continues
When I toured Green Line villages to observe the Palestinian presidential election on Jan. 9, I saw Israeli cranes and bulldozers poised to carry on with construction on other sections of the wall in the Ariel neighbourhood. It was clear that Israel is determined to go ahead with this project.

Prisoner Burns to Death in Israeli Prison
They added that they got up in panic as they smell of the burning tent. Prisoners had to extinguish the fire with hands, using cooking pots and gallons, for Israeli prison guard did not respond to the burning of the tent.

Municipal elections kicks off in Gaza
Sources at the Palestinian Central Elections Committee (CEC) said that 90,000 Palestinians aged above 18 in Gaza have the right to vote. A total of 414 candidates, among them 68 women, are vying for 118 municipal council seats.

Child dies of wounds sustained earlier in Ramallah
The source stated that Marwan Ghaleb Abu Alawi, 13, died of his wounds, while Saleh Daoud Abu Alawi, 11, who was also injured in the blast, remained in critical condition suffering of deep burns and serious injuries.

Israel can't leave anyone to die in the sick bed
In the meantime, what will happen to the cancer patient from Gaza who needs his daily radiation treatment at Hadassah University Hospital in Jerusalem? He will stand all day in line at the Philadelphi crossing point on his way to the nearest hospital. In Cairo.

UN envoy: Israel will still be occupier after pullout
Israel's planned pullout from the Gaza Strip will not change its status as an occupying power in the territory, according to the Geneva convention, the UN special human rights envoy for the occupied territories said in a report publicized Thursday.

IDF troops kill Palestinian in Gaza
They said that a 14-year-old boy who stood nearby was also wounded by the gunfire. An Israel Defense Forces source confirmed the raid and said troops shot a militant who fled in a vehicle to avoid arrest. (This will have no influence in future failure of cease-fire!)

Israeli army continue attacks on Palestinians
Israeli army troops continued to attack and arrest Palestinians despite a de facto ceasefire by the Palestinian militant group to allow the negotiation of a truce dealwith Israel.

Hamas vows anti-corruption drive as Gaza tastes local democracy
The radical Islamist movement Hamas will make its first major foray into the Palestinian political process today when it takes part in local elections in its Gaza stronghold on an anti-corruption ticket.

Sharon, Abbas Summit in Two Weeks
Sharon's aides said that the prime minister has reservations about declarations over a mutual cease-fire, preferring practical agreements instead. Israeli sources said that Palestinian delegates made no demands such as freeing Marwan Barghouti or halting construction of the separation fence (Apartheid Wall)

Palestinians ban citizens from carrying weapons in new step to rein in violence
In the next step to impose order, the Palestinian security forces were preparing to move into the volatile southern Gaza Strip to prevent rocket and other attacks into Israel, extending their control from the northern part of Gaza, where they deployed earlier.

PA begins southern Gaza deployment
According to the report, hundreds of armed security personnel began deploying between the central Gaza refugee camps and the southern Gaza districts of Khan Yunis, Rafah and the Philadelphi route.

Sharon 'pleased' with moves by Palestinian leader to end violence
"There's no doubt that Abu Mazen (Abbas) has begun to work," he told the Yediot Aharonot daily. "I am very pleased with what I hear about what is going on the Palestinian side, and I very much want to work with him to make progress."

US encouraged by steps taken by Abbas: envoy
US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs William Burns said here on Thursday the United States is encouraged by the steps taken by newly-elected Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas. ( Both "Occupier & VETOer" sattisfied?!? )

Rice expected to visit Mideast in early February
"The new secretary of state, Dr. Rice, whom the president has just announced will be traveling to the region (at) the beginning of February, is committed to doing what she can" to promote Middle East peace, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State David Satterfield told a conference.

Security officials: PA police deploying in south Gaza
The Palestinian Authority began deploying its forces on Thursday afternoon in Khan Yunis, in the southern Gaza Strip. The deployment was set for Thursday morning but was delayed for technical reasons. An additional deployment is planned to take place across from Rafah.

Israel Agrees 'In Principle' to W.Bank Pullback -Dahlan
Dahlan said there was no final deal made on the Israeli pullback from Palestinian cities in the territory captured in the 1967 Middle East war, but that the details would likely be decided in a meeting next week.

Abbas: 'The ball is in Israel's court'
"On our side we have decided to calm down things, and we informed the Israelis of our decision in order to have a reciprocal move, but if Israel continues its practices against Palestinians the lull will not last long," Abbas told Beirut's daily newspaper An-Nahar in an interview published Thursday.

"Zionism today is the real enemy of the Jews"
On the eve of the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the former Nazi concentration and extermination camp, Auschwitz-Birkenau, 355 people cast a majority vote in favour of a motion that "Zionism today is the real enemy of the Jews" at a debate that took place on Tuesday 25 January at the Royal Geographical Society in London

It is time to make the most of 'a promising moment' for peace
It is "a very promising moment" in the history of the Middle East peace process. These are the words of the U.S. assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern affairs, William Burns, who met with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak on Tuesday and with top Israeli and Palestinian officials on Wednesday.

Israel refuses to rule out attack on Iran
At a meeting with journalists in London, Shaul Mofaz did little to dispel the sense of unease caused by comments last week by the US Vice-President, Dick Cheney, who suggested Israel might "decide to act first" to end Iran's nuclear threat.

UN report survives US objections
The nature of the dispute centred on differences between the US view that the Arab world's problems are mainly internal and the Arab consensus that external factors such as US foreign policy and Israel's treatment of the Palestinians have contributed significantly to oppression and poor governance in the region.

Iraq war planner Feith to leave Pentagon job
Douglas Feith, the U.S. Defense Department's top policy officer and an architect of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, announced on Wednesday he would leave his job this summer for personal and family reasons. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld praised the outgoing undersecretary of defense for policy as having contributed to U.S. security and said he would be missed.

Insurgents destroy two voting centers near Fallujah
"US troops opened two voting centers in Ameriyat al-Fallujah, some 7 km southwest of Fallujah. The two centers were nothing but two shops which were detonated 12 hours after being opened," the witnesses told Xinhua.

Soldier: Britons Made Fun of Detainees
British troops laughed and joked as they made two Iraqi men simulate sex acts after detaining them for looting, a soldier testified Thursday at the court-martial of three comrades accused of mistreating civilians.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

January 26, 2005

|  Today in Palestine! 26 - Jan - 2005  |
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Rachel Corrie Rebuilding Campaign in Gaza nominated in GlobalGiving.com competition
The Rachel Corrie Rebuilding Campaign in Gaza has been nominated for a GlobalGiving.com competition. Through January 27th, at www.globalgiving.com/cb/gpf/pr/1000/proj929a.html , people throughout the world can vote online and rate the entries they deem best.

IDF asks AG to okay wider Philadelphi route
The Israel Defense Forces have asked Attorney General Menachem Mazuz for permission to clear completely a 300-meter-wide strip along the Gazan-Egyptian border. This would require the demolition of hundreds of Palestinian houses in Rafah.

Israel plans to raze more Gaza homes
The demolitions could leave between 3000 and 10,000 Palestinians homeless and exacerbate the environmental disaster already wrought by more than four years of Israeli bulldozing and demolition. The Israeli army says the demolitions are necessary to protect soldiers patrolling the Gaza-Egypt border.

Israeli troops kill Palestinian girl
Israeli occupation soldiers have shot and killed a three-year-old girl inside her home in central Gaza, eyewitnesses and medical sources said. Rahma Ibrahim Abu Shamas was reportedly inside her home in Dair al-Balah in central Gaza on Wednesday when a bullet struck her in the head, killing her instantly.

Hamas man killed in W. Bank; Al-Aqsa threatens to end truce
Following the raid, the Al-Aqsa Brigades threatened to scrap the de facto cease-fire if the Israeli military did not halt raids against their members within 24 hours. The incident came hours after Israeli officials hinted at a change in assassination policy

Settlers attack Palestinian officials
Jewish settlers attacked a car carrying a Palestinian security delegation which had just met with their Israeli counterparts at the Tufah crossing on Wednesday. Palestinian officials were forced to return from the talks in military vehicles and others returned on foot as their vehicle had been damaged during the meeting.

Israel to curb movement of Jerusalem Palestinians

Israel plans to restrict the movement of Palestinians living in Jerusalem, a move it says is for their own safety but that Palestinians say could strengthen Israel's hold on the holy city and hinder peacemaking.

Israeli psychological warfare unit set up
The Israeli army is set to activate a special psychological warfare unit (PWU) whose main role is to "disseminate disinformation" and "carefully manipulated information" about Iran and other countries in the Middle East deemed to be "hostile".

Israel to hand security control to PA in four major WB cities in two weeks
The Palestinian cabinet Minister Sa'eb Ereikat met with the chief of the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's bureau Dov Weisglass met on Wednesday in Jerusalem to discuss the transfer of control to the PA.

Researchers find rare exchange of letters from 5th century Gaza Strip
Swiss researchers have uncovered a rare exchange of letters written in ancient Greek during the fifth century in what is now the Gaza Strip, the University of Fribourg said on Monday."They have helped us to learn about people that we knew nothing about until now,"

Examiner ad demonizes Palestinian children
The Electronic Intifada calls on its readers to protest an advertisement for the San Francisco Examiner and Washington Examiner newspapers demonizing Palestinian children. The advertisment appeared in the 24 January 2005 of Media Week , a trade publication.

PA, Hamas Agree to Reform PLO
All Palestinian factions including Hamas and Islamic Jihad, who are not represented in the PLO, will be represented in the newly proposed leadership council. PA sources also reported that Hamas has agreed to run candidates in the PA's parliamentary elections in July

Israel and Palestinians Near Peace Summit Deal
Israel agreed to suspend targeted killings of Palestinian militants yet, in the West Bank, Israeli troops shot and killed a militant and seriously wounded two others in an arrest raid in the town of Qalqiliya.

Israel to restart contact with Abbas "quickly"
Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has decided to resume political contact "very quickly" with the Palestinian leadership, Israel's Public Radio reported Wednesday.

PNA slams UN decision not to renew relief chief's term
In a communique, the PNA demanded UN Secretary General Kofi Annan to retreat his decision that came under pressures of the United States and Israel.

Albright: Palestinians can't expect more than in 2000
Former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, a key figure in talks that came close to an Israeli-Palestinian peace settlement, on Wednesday said Palestinians could not expect more from a deal than was offered in 2000.

Sharon boosts Abbas ceasefire bid by moving on militants' key demands
But the factions have said they will not announce a halt to their campaign of attacks until Israel reciprocates by ending its military operations in the occupied territories, halting targeted killings of militants and starting to release the 8,000 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

The rise of Israel's pious
Inside a stone citadel atop a panoramic hilltop, prospective Israeli soldiers at the Beit Yatir religious military prep school consult the Talmud on whether they should follow orders to evacuate settlements in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

PA: Sharon-Abbas summit to be held within two weeks
Breaking a freeze in diplomatic contacts, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's senior advisor Dov Weisglass met Wednesday with Palestinian Authority Cabinet Minister Saeb Erekat to discuss the transfer of four West Bank cities to Palestinian security control.

U.S. wants Syria to back Palestinian-Israeli moves
Burns said he and U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage had encouraged Syria during a visit there this month to support what Burns said was the most promising opportunity for progress in the Palestinian and Israeli peace process for years.

US will do all to exploit 'most promising' Mideast peace chance: envoy
"The US is determined to do everthing we can to contribute to the opportunity of progress between the Palestinians and Israel," William Burns said following talks with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. "We agreed that we have the most promising opportunity for progress for several years," he added.

Promoting an alternative image of the Arab world
Last December, the renowned poet Darwish was given the Principal Prince Claus Award worth 100,000 euros in the Netherlands for his powerful and world-famous poetry that depicts his life as an exile and his desire for his native country.

An Iron Wall of Colonization
Israel has made it clear that the first thing it expects of the new Palestinian leader is for him to bring the Palestinian population under control: a mission that, in order to demonstrate his good behavior, he has already zealously taken up by deploying his security forces in order to protect Israel from attack by Palestinians (rather than the other way around).

Israel ready to expel BBC reporter
The government says no new visa will be issued until Wilson agrees to sign a letter acknowledging that he deliberately defied Israeli law, apologising and promising that it will not happen again. BBC sources say that the corporation is unwilling to agree to such a move, in which case Wilson will be barred from Israel indefinitely.

EU looks to boost its image in Israel
The European Union's new ambassador to Israel, Ramiro Cibrian-Uzal, said he plans to make a concerted effort to improve the EU's image here. An Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement is a "strategic priority" for the EU right now, he continued, but the union believes that its desire for peace complements its friendship with Israel.

Ticking intelligence bomb
Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu: I, for example, brought three children into the world, out of a strategic decision reached together with my wife, according to which the struggle with people like you has to be based on quality, not quantity.

Russia writes off $9.8 billion of Syrian debt
In a sign Moscow was ready to take its relations with Syria to a new level, Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin said Russia had agreed to write off 73 percent - $9.8 billion - of Syria's net debts to Moscow. It was unclear what Moscow, whose influence waned in the Middle East after the collapse of the Soviet Union, would get in return

Settlers Compensation payments to add One Billion to State Deficit
Demands by Israel Knesset members to add NIS 500 million NIS in compensation for Gush Kativ settlers and settlers of the four small northern West Bank outposts and businesses to be evacuated in the unilateral disengagement plan will add around NIS 1 billion to the 2005 budget deficit.

U.S. Helicopter Crash in Iraq Kills 31 in Deadliest Day of War
A helicopter crash in Iraq killed 31 Marines, the top U.S. commander in the Middle East said in Washington, in the single deadliest incident suffered by the U.S. military since the March 2003 invasion. Five other members of the American military were killed in separate attacks today north and west of the capital Baghdad.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

January 25, 2005

|  Today in Palestine! 25 - Jan - 2005  |
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Israel resumes work on illegal wall
Israeli bulldozers have resumed work on one of the most controversial sections of the illegal separation wall deep in the northern West Bank. The work began on Monday after an eight-month pause when the construction was halted by a court order. Palestinian security sources in Salfit town, which lies just to the south of the Jewish settlement of Ariel, said three bulldozers began work in the late morning, clearing land belonging to Salfit and to the neighbouring village of Iskaka.

The Writing on the Wall: Maha Abu Dayyeh
My office is close to my house—I just walk across the street. Now, the Wall ends just before the intersection of where I cross. When its construction is completed, I will have to drive all the way through Qalandia checkpoint, turn right around, and cross the check point again and go to Dahiet Al-Barid, before I can get to my office.

East Jerusalemites will need permits to visit Ramallah
By then, the separation wall in the area, a series of tall cement plates that he calls a "barrier," will be completed. The Qalandiya checkpoint will be moved off the Jerusalem-Ramallah road and upgraded into a terminal.

Resumption of barrier sparks first row with Israel since Abbas election
As hundreds of demonstrators protested against building work on the section near the settlement of Ariel, Qorei said Israel had sent a clear message with such a provocative move at a time when Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas is trying to put an end to four years of violence.

Israel considers Gaza-W.Bank train for Palestinians
They said Vice Premier Shimon Peres plans to ask the World Bank to help raise funding for the project if it is approved, seeing a train link as a way to counter charges that Israel will effectively maroon Gaza Palestinians when it quits the occupied strip later this year.

Israel kills Palestinian as Abbas acts
The body of a Palestinian teenager, shot dead by Israeli troops, has been recovered, while Mahmud Abbas sends bulldozers into Gaza to demolish illegal buildings in a crackdown on the resistance. The victim, whose identity was not immediately known, had been shot on Monday evening in a closed military zone around the settlement of Netzarim

Citizen killed in GS, another in WB
In the West Bank city of Hebron, Yasser al-Jabareen 30, died Tuesday of wounds he sustained a month ago. Al-Jabareen was shot with live bullet in the head and was clinically dead until he passed away today morning, according to medics.

Brigadier Jaber: “P.A security is ready to carry out its responsibilities in the West Bank”
Brigadier Ismail Jaber, head of the Palestinian National Security said during a visit to Jenin and its refugee camp, north of the West Bank , that the P.A security is ready and receive it full responsibilities if the Israeli army withdraws.

Hamas says dialogue with Abbas achieves substantial progress
"The negotiations with Abu Mazen (Abbas) have produced real results that will soon be released," he said, stressing that whether a truce could be reached depends on Israel's reactions.

IDF, Palestinian officials meet over south Gaza deployment
Israeli and Palestinian military officials met Tuesday evening to discuss deployment of Palestinian police in southern Gaza, Army Radio reported. The possible broader deployment comes just days after PA police took up positions in northern Gaza to prevent militants from firing rockets at Israel.

US envoy to meet Abbas for truce talks on ceasefire
The US envoy to the Middle East, William Burns, is expected to arrive in Jerusalem tomorrow to discuss an appeal by the new Palestinian leadership for American support in securing Israeli respect for a ceasefire. Mr Burns is due to meet the Palestinian Authority president, Mahmoud Abbas, on Thursday.

PNA hopes US envoy's visit can reactivate quartet's role
Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said on Tuesday that the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) hopes US Assistant Secretary of State for the Middle East William Burns' visit could reactivate the role of the quartet committee.

Palestinian forces demolish Gaza homes
A policeman in command of the operation said he was acting in accord with an order from new Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, to remove structures built illegally on government land.

Abbas looks to build up diplomatic pressure on Israel on first foreign trip
Mahmud Abbas is to embark this week on the first foreign trip by a Palestinian leader for over three years, heading to Egypt, Jordan, Turkey and Russia, in a bid to build up international pressure on Israel. While his predecessor Yasser Arafat was effectively confined to his West Bank headquarters for the last three years of his life

Hamas leader says his group is ready for conditional truce with Israel
Hamas is prepared to accept a temporary truce with Israel, but on condition that the Israelis halt their targeted killings and release all Palestinian prisoners, the leader of the Palestinian resistance group said on Tuesday.

Assad: Russian missiles would not pose threat to Israel
"This is a defensive, air defense, weapon," Assad told students during a visit to the Moscow State Institute for International Relations, the Interfax news agency reported. "If Israel is against us buying it, it means it wants to invade our airspace. The Israeli stance is illogical."

IDF reviving psychological warfare unit
The psychological warfare unit was dramatically reduced five years ago, but during the war with the Palestinians, the army grew frustrated with the difficulty of influencing Palestinian opinion in the territories - indeed, of even finding a way of communicating with the population.

PM vows Knesset rulings will be fully implemented
He went on to say that "unfortunately, the last year has seen an increase in calls threatening Israel's democracy, [calls] that publicly reveal various bodies' refusal to accept democratic decisions made by the Knesset."

Ya'alon awaits two reports on Rafah house demolitions
A committee headed by Major General Udi Shani examined the effectiveness of destroying houses as a deterrent, but its work expanded to include an examination of military conduct in this area during major operations such as May's Operation Rainbow in Rafah.

UK Muslims to boycott Holocaust day
Britain's main Islamic group said it should be called Genocide Memorial Day and commemorate all mass killings, including in Bosnia, Rwanda and Palestine. "Israel has also committed mass killings," said Inayat Bunglawala, spokesman for the Muslim Council of Britain.

Arab leaders to meet in Algiers March 22-23
Moussa, the Arab League's secretary general, met with Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika to discuss the agenda of the summit, then announced the exact date. It has been known the summit would be held in March but the date of the gathering was not official.

Israeli trench bid: security vs. homes
Digging the 2.5 mile-long trench ( see map ) promises to hit the Palestinian population hard. Israeli officials have given various estimates of the number of Palestinian homes that would be demolished for the project, ranging from a few dozen to as many as 3,000.

Don't call him a collaborator
Abu Mazen is known for his clear and decisive position not only against the Qassams but against any use of violence in the struggle against Israel. His position on the matter has been known since the start of the intifada, and he did not hesitate to express it in public.

Calder awarded for Mid-East service
IT'S a far cry from Mackay in central Queensland to the edge of a refugee camp in the war-torn Gaza Strip. Dr Calder today received Australia's highest civil award with her appointment as a Companion of the Order of Australia (AC) for her humanitarian services in the Middle East.

Iraqi forces torturing detainees: Human Rights Watch
"Unlawful arrest, long-term incommunicado detention, torture and other ill-treatment of detainees (including children) by Iraqi authorities have become routine and commonplace," the group said in a 94-page report entitled, "The New Iraq? Torture and Ill-treatment of Detainees in Iraqi Custody," released Monday ( http://hrw.org/reports/2005/iraq0105/ ).

U.S. Hostage Pleads for His Life in Iraq
In the video, hostage Roy Hallums spoke slowly, rubbing his hands as he sat with the barrel of the rifle inches from his head. He said he had been arrested by a "resistance group" because "I have worked with American forces." He appealed to Arab leaders, including Libya's Moammar Gadhafi, to save his life.

More GIs to Accompany Iraqis Under Plan
U.S. commanders are devising a plan for as many as 10,000 soldiers and Marines to accompany Iraqi units as advisers and trainers, a substantial increase from the few thousand doing such work now, defense officials say.

Bush Wants $80B More for Iraq, Afghan Wars
Three senior administration officials said the White House would request $80 billion for the wars, or a bit more, soon after Bush submits his budget for fiscal 2006 to lawmakers on Feb. 7. The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the program has not yet been announced, said $75 billion of it would be for U.S. military costs

Monday, January 24, 2005

January 24, 2005

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'Land grab' fears for Jerusalem
Israeli lawyers acting for owners described the policy as a "land grab". Thousands of Palestinians who possess land in East Jerusalem could lose ownership of their property. Some in Bethlehem and Beit Jalla lost rights to their land in August after it was cut off by the West Bank barrier.


"Palestinians Under the New Israeli 'Disengagement Plan'"
It highlights the ways in which four main construction projects—the building of new settlements and the expansion of existing settlements; the construction of more settlers-only "by-pass" road; the building of a system of bridges (for settlers) and tunnels (for Palestinians); and the setting up of industrial zones that will be sites for exploiting impoverished Palestinian labor—combine today with the Apartheid Wall into a plan for the full Bantustanization of the Palestinian people.

You Pick the Houses, I'll Send the Bulldozers'
Israeli media sources quoted two army officers, who took part in Khan Younis operation, as expressing serious worries over the unrestrained use of force, with authority to demolish homes residing in the hands of low-ranking officers. Human rights organization B'Tselem counts 2,400 demolished homes in the Gaza Strip, saying it was clear that the destruction is part of planned policy.

Barghouthi: “Seize fire should include a complete halt of Israeli military aggression”
Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi, Secretary General of the Palestinian National Initiative, said that any seize fire agreement reached with Israeli should include halting the construction of the annexation wall, removing the erected sections of the Wall, and removing the military checkpoint and closures over the Palestinian areas.

Israel may seize "absentee" Arab land in Jerusalem
Under the 1950 law, West Bank Palestinians with property in East Jerusalem could be labelled absentee landowners, allowing the state to confiscate their property without compensation. "There is an intention to do that. It hasn't been approved yet. That's all. There are discussions about this law," a senior Israeli official told Reuters, declining further comment. ( if US shows no Red Light, then it's green )

Settlement slated for evacuation said to have doubled size
Settlers told the radio that they have received donations to refurbish caravans at the site, because government budgets to Sa Nur have been frozen, and the Defense Ministry has barred entry to new caravans.

Ya'alon awaits two reports on house demolitions
Two major generals are soon to submit conclusions to Chief of Staff Moshe Ya'alon on an issue called "explosive" by military sources: the demolition of Palestinian homes in the territories, primarily the massive razing of dwellings in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli Arab birthrate drops, first time in years
According to the Finance Ministry, the drop in birthrate is a clear result of the cutbacks in child support allocations over the past two years, although the cutbacks were driven by economic, not demographic reasons. A senior Finance Ministry official said Israel is subject to an internal demographic threat, and that now "we are reversing the graph, to defend the Jewish majority in the country."

Three handicapped residents targeted by military fire in Qalqilia
In less than a month, Israeli soldiers shot three handicapped residents in the northern West Bank city of Qalqilia and the surrounding villages killing one and injuring two others. On Saturday, Israeli soldiers killed Taqi Ad-Deen Al-Khouli, 17, in the village of Azzoun, near Qalqilia, after claiming that he was in an area near the annexation Wall;

IOF Arrests 3 Citizens Including Policeman in WB
In Ramallah, Israeli troops rolled into Aaboud village, located northern the city and arrested two citizens after storming their houses, locals said. Nine Israeli military vehicles broke into the village, besieged the house of Waleed Awad 17, and Abdullah al-Barghouty 20...

General Assembly marks 60th anniversary of liberation of Nazi death camps
Before the day-long session, Mr. Annan and his wife, Nane, hosted a coffee reception for death camp survivors and other distinguished guests, including Nobel Peace Prize laureate and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel. ( Elie Wiesel, calling Palestinian acts "Crimes Against Humanity"! Supporting Sharon & his policies )

Annan drops UNRWA head after US, Israeli campaign
Secretary-General Kofi Annan has decided not to reappoint the head of the UN relief agency for Palestinians because of a long campaign against him by Israel and the United States, UN officials said on Wednesday.

Israel and the UN: Promising beginnings
Israel's relations with the UN, since it recognized the state's existence in 1948, have gone up and down. Israel still draws fire in every forum of the UN, where its adversaries enjoy a majority.

Palestinians agree on cool-off period
"Firstly, to give the Palestinian Authority an opportunity to negotiate for Palestinian safety and security. "Secondly, to ease the confrontation with Israel as an introduction to reach a long-term truce if Israel offers a positive commitment to cease its aggression by withdrawing from Palestinian land, releasing all political detainees and removing checkpoints."

No need for Israel to respond to any Palestinian truce: Netanyahu
"I don't see why Israel must give something," Netanyahu told army radio. "They must give something." "They are the side that transgressed. They are the side that tried to use terror to press for the terrible results that they sought." ( They are the creators of Zionism/Occupation/Settlements/WMD/Aparthied...? )

Israeli military open to truce with Palestinians
The announcement, by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his defence minister, Shaul Mofaz, came as Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas said he was closing in on a truce deal with Islamic militants and called on Israel to respond positively to a truce.

Weisglass to Washington next week
The Israeli radio reported that Sharon’s advisor, Dove Weisglass is heading to Washington next week to prepare for Sharons’ visit scheduled to late March or early April. Weisglass will meet Condoleezza Rice, which will be officially assigned to her position next week.

Knesset panel to urge boosting settler compensation
A subcommittee of the Knesset Finance committee will recommend that the government increase by millions of shekels funds allocated toward compensating settlers evacuated from their homes under the disengagement plan, Israel Radio said. ( compensating Illegal Settlers! )

PA police ordered to prevent Qassams at any cost
Our orders are to prevent fire at any cost, even if we have to shoot, but we have to receive approval for that from the battalion commander or one of the senior officers. If a cell of militants who are ready to fire is observed, police have orders to move in quickly, seize weapons and prevent the firing. Only if met with resistance may they ask permission to shoot.

Likud MK demands to force extremist group out of the party
The petition is follows a manifesto, written by the movements' members and distributed in thousands of copies, saying that nonviolent civil disobedience and refusal is the only way to respond to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's disengagement plan.

From enemy to partner
We've already been down this road before. The prime minister, with or without a cautionary note from Washington, decides to demonstrate restraint in the event of a terrorist bombing/Qassam, the Israel Defense Forces withdraws its troops from an urban settlement (Bethlehem - remember?) and hands responsibility for the act of terror back to the Palestinian Authority.

US media silent over massive East Jerusalem land grab
The reader is not reminded about how Ariel Sharon used to insist on seven days of quiet before he returned to the so-called "negotiating table", and that when he got two whole months of quiet in the summer of 2003, thanks to Mahmoud Abbas's efforts, Mr. Sharon went out of his way to sabotage the unilateral cease-fire with spectacular assassinations.

Israeli Arab cleared of failing to prevent bus bombing
"It has been a very difficult two and a half years," she said following her acquittal on Monday. "But I trusted that this is how it would end. I will not celebrate today, because of the bereaved families. I have a friend who was killed...

The `demographic scarecrow'
The Arab population in Israel numbers 1.36 million, about 20 percent of the general population. Last week the Central Bureau of Statistics published data on Israel's Muslim community, which constitutes 82 percent of the Arab population. The data expressly prove that demographics is not a scarecrow.

A fragile and flimsy chance
Hamas is demanding a change in the electoral system (from the regional system used currently in the PA, to elections according to the system used in Israel, which allows small political parties to succeed). Al-Zahar's remarks confirm what has been known for some time - that Hamas is setting out to become a political party that wants to gain control.

Tali Fahima released to house arrest
Fahima was arrested nearly six months ago. Her defense attorney, Samadar Ben-Natan argues that the state has reversed itself. When Fahima was arrested, Ben-Natan states, investigative bodies said there was not enough evidence for a standard indictment. Fahima was thus placed under administrative detention.

Dagan: Egypt, Syria have nuclear programs, as well as Iran
The head of the Mossad intelligence service, Meir Dagan, warned Monday that there are signs that several Middle East states other than Iran - including Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Syria - are at varying stages of development of nuclear programs.

Iraqi insurgents saving up for major attack-US general
"We think it's a calm before the storm, that they're unable to sustain the level of attacks that they've had, but they're saving up for something more spectacular in the days proceeding elections and on election day," Lessel said.

US plans 'robot troops' for Iraq
The US military is planning to deploy robots armed with machine-guns to wage war against insurgents in Iraq. Eighteen of the 1m-high robots, equipped with cameras and operated by remote control, are going to Iraq this spring, the Associated Press reports.