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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

February 16, 2005

|  Today in Palestine!  16 - Feb - 2005  |
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Court allows IDF to level Palestinian grove near Mofaz's home
The High Court Wednesday rejected a petition by Palestinian woman Zuheria Murshad, 72, to bar the IDF from uprooting 60 citrus trees in her grove, adjacent to Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz's home in Kochav Ya'ir. The decision paves the way for the military to clear an 80-meter radius for "security reasons." ( Destory Legal, for sake of Illegal! Talk about Peace! )

Barrier 'harms West Bank health'
Israel's West Bank barrier is blocking 10,000 chronically ill Palestinians from access to essential treatment, say three leading medical organisations. The organisations also said that over 100,000 pregnant women could suffer from the lack of access to healthcare.

Jerusalem Resident Delivers Baby Boy at Kalandia Israeli Checkpoint
Israeli soldiers at Qalandia checkpoint,near Jerusalem, denied access to a pregnant womanon her route to one of the Palestinian hospitals in Jerusalem. A medical crew belongs to Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) could assist the woman in her delivery after 15 minutes a baby boy.

ILA admits using banned chemicals to spray Bedouin crops
The petition, filed in May 2004 by attorney Marwan Dalal of Adalah, the Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel, claims that "the spraying of crops endangers the life and health of human beings and animals, as well as their environment." Along with the petition, Adalah submitted an expert opinion that stated that crop spraying increases the chances of birth defects and statistical likelihood of developing cancer.

Gaza Strip evacuees able to move to West Bank
"I cannot prevent an individual who wants to use his compensation to buy a house in Gush Etzion [a southern West Bank settlement bloc] from doing so," Labour's Isaac Herzog, housing minister in Mr Sharon's coalition, said. "This would be totally within his rights." ( Who expects rights in Illegal State to be Legal? )

Palestinian women experience major poverty induced by loss of spouses, UN says
Palestinian women are suffering massively from malnutrition, especially when they are pregnant and nursing, and have high rates of poverty as widowed heads of household, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan says in a new report to a UN women's rights panel.

Gazan students unable to study in West Bank
Bashar Abu Shahala was studying in his room. The other three - Muhanna, Bashar Abu Salim and Mohammad Matar - chatted and watched television. Suddenly, they realized that soldiers were surrounding the house. The soldiers burst into the apartment shortly thereafter. "They treated us like criminals," Abu Shahala said. "They ordered us to gather our belongings and blindfolded us, handcuffed us.

Israel provokes Palestinian resistance groups in Nablus, kills two
Since the announcement of the hudna ("cease-fire"), Nablus hasn't seen anything like a hudna. In what seems to have been a gun battle between the two resistance fighters and the Israeli troops (who were supported by a helicopter), both of them were shot and were left bleeding to death.

IDF kills two armed Palestinians near West Bank settlement
Al Aqsa members said the two armed men were guarding an abandoned Palestinian house near the settlement and were killed by Israeli troops without provocation. Al Aqsa members indicated they would retaliate.

Motion against targeted killings put on hold due to truce
Deputy state prosecutor, Shay Nitzan, quoted in the court session Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's announcement at the Sharm el-Sheikh summit last week, that parallel with the ceasing of violence on the part of Palestinians, 'Israel shall stop its military actions against Palestinians anywhere'.

Israel publishes list of 500 Palestinian prisoners to be released
The Israeli prison service published a list Wednesday of 500 Palestinians who have been approved for release in the coming days as part of a package of goodwill gestures. The names are being published in order to allow Israelis to file appeals against any of those slated for release.

Hebron Settlers Attack and badly injure two OD members in At-Tuwani
Shortly thereafter CPTer Sally Hunsburger, and 2 OD members appeared over the crest of the hill from herding in the direction of Tuba. Settlers reappeared, noticed the video camera and attacked the 2 OD team members.

Jordanian ambassador to Israel to return Sunday
Jordan said Wednesday that it is returning its ambassador to Israel on post Sunday, setting the stage for a normalizing of diplomatic relations between Amman and Tel Aviv after a four-year break.

Sharon firm on West Bank sites
He told a press conference that Jewish "population blocks" had been there for many years and that, in agreement with President George Bush, they "will be part of the Jewish state in the future". ( Peace = Zionists' illegal becomes legal, Palestinians give up legal rights!?? )

PA officials approve new cabinet
The makeup of the government was agreed to on Wednesday at a meeting of Abbas' Fatah movement. "I will present my Cabinet to the legislative council for approval on Tuesday," Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia said - referring to the Palestinia legislature - after the meeting.

ECHO Allocates €34 million for Aid to Palestinian People
The European Commission is one of the largest donors of humanitarian aid to the Palestinian population. Since the start of the Intifada in the Occupied Palestinian Territories in 2000, the EC's humanitarian aid department (ECHO) has provided €155 million in assistance to Palestinian people throughout the region.

Israeli MPs approve billion-dollar compensation package for Gaza settlers
Israel's planned pullout from the Gaza Strip took a major step forward when MPs approved a billion-dollar compensation package for the 8,000 Jewish settlers who are to be uprooted from their homes. A total of 59 members of the 120-seat Knesset voted for the evacuation-compensation bill in the third and final reading, while 40 voted against

Abbas authorizes death sentences for 'collaborators'
Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has authorized death sentences passed against three Palestinians who were found guilty of "collaboration" with Israel. It's not clear when the three men, whose identities were not revealed, would be executed by firing squad.

Fugitives to join PA security forces
This is the first time that members of Hamas and Islamic Jihad would serve in the PA security forces. "The fugitives who will join the security forces belong to all the Palestinian groups and factions," Naja said. "The move is designed to protect them against Israeli assassination attempts."

Jailed Palestinian leader sees continued bloodshed
Barghouthi, a grassroots figure in the four-year-old revolt, made his remarks to an Israeli newspaper on Wednesday as Israel's parliament met for a crucial vote on Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's plan to evacuate settlers from Gaza and parts of the West Bank.

Blanket scorn for Mofaz decision to halt Ya'alon term
Senior IDF Staff officers said Wednesday that someone must have lost his sense of national responsiblity when reaching the decision to replace both IDF Chief of Staff Moshe Ya'alon and Shin Bet security service director Avi Dichter prior to the implementation of the disengagement plan.

Herzog's Greater Jerusalem
Jerusalem's new neighborhoods, the ones that effectively separate the Arab eastern parts of the city and the West Bank, were built by Labor people and especially by former Jerusalem mayor, Teddy Kollek. It was also during Kollek's tenure that plans were made for the new neighborhood of Har Homa, an attempt to separate eastern Jerusalem and Bethlehem...

The demographic key
But in effect there is nothing in the disengagement plan that has anything to do with demography. On the other hand, there is a direct connection between the demographic issue and the territorial exchange plan. According to all those plans the route of the geodemographic border was drawn according to the principle of territorial contiguity.

Israeli absence good for UK Mideast talks - Shalom
"It was agreed with Prime Minister (Tony) Blair and Prime Minister (Ariel) Sharon that Israel will not participate in this convention while they are talking only about how to help the Palestinians," the Israeli minister told reporters.

Getting tight with the Bible Belt
In Elon's view, it is a productive relationship; Evangelical churches in the United States, with a combined membership of more than 50 million, are the closest thing to the Yesha Council of settlements on the other side of the Atlantic. Church leaders believe the Land of Israel belongs to Jews, and that only after the Jews settle the land will Jesus be able to return.

Protest Israeli president’s visit!
In March, Israeli president Moshe Katsav will tour Australia. We are calling upon all concerned with the systematic injustices of the Israeli state to take this chance to protest. We hope that this will be the first moment of new movements in this country opposed to apartheid Israel, as many opposed apartheid South Africa in the past...

More Americans — 29 percent — have a positive view of the Palestinian Authority than in any previous poll, although 62 percent still have a negative view of it. Also, 69 percent of the U.S. public, the highest level in nearly six years, regard Israel positively, according to the Gallup Poll.

Sources: Israel satisfied by U.S. decision to recall Syria envoy
Political sources in Jerusalem expressed satisfaction Tuesday at the decision by the United States to recall its envoy from Syria following the assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri in Beirut.

US ambassador meets Syrian FM
The agency said Mr Shara had "given Mrs Scobey a reply to the message that she, in turn, will transmit to the American secretary of state". SANA quoted Mrs Scobey as "expressing the hope of returning as quickly as possible to her post in Damascus".

Kidnapped Italian journalist appeals for end of occupation
"I beg you, put an end to the occupation. Press on the Italian government to end the occupation," Sgrena said in the video tape, aired by the Dubai-based al-Arabiya TV channel. "I came to Iraq at the end of January, to witness the situation of this people ... Hundreds of civilians were killed, among them children and old people.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

February 15, 2005

|  Today in Palestine!  15 - Feb - 2005  |
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Israel wall prevents healthcare
illegal West Bank seperation barrier is blocking some 10,000 chronically ill Palestinians from access to essential healthcare, three leading health organizations have charged. Medecins du Monde, the Palestinian Red Crescent Society and Physicians for Human Rights-Israel also said more than 100,000 pregnant women could face difficulties in child birth and 130,000 children will no longer be immunized once the 650-kilometer barrier is completed later this year.

Israel Seizes Palestinian Groundwater
Deputy Chairman of Palestinian Water Authority (PWA), Fadel Kawash, said that Israel controlled 900 million cubic meters of the Jordanian basin and it is now seizing groundwater of the western Palestinian basin. ( Who'll be blamed for the failure of Peace Process? )

Israel plans barrier checkpoints
But even if checkpoints deep inside the West Bank were dismantled, Palestinians said, replacements along the barrier would turn it into a permanent political border with Israel, gobbling up land they want for a viable state. "It will kill Palestinian hopes and aspirations for independence," Palestinian cabinet minister Saeb Erekat said.

Israel plans new W.Bank settlement
Israel has plans to build a new settlement in the West Bank that could take in settlers uprooted from Gaza, officials say, drawing protest from Palestinians who fear losing land for a state they seek.But President George W. Bush said in 2004 that Israel could expect to keep some of the West Bank land under an accord.

A Unilateral Exchange, Not a Disengagement
In practice, Israeli is running a unilateral exchange of Palestinian territories, not disengagement. The land Palestinians so far lost to the separation wall is much larger than areas Israel intends to evacuate under the disengagement plan. The Israeli Knesset is expected to approve the disengagement law on Wednesday.

PALESTINE: Risks on Al Aqsa Mosque by Jewish Extremists Boom
"Israeli high level security sources warning of the Chances of an attack on the al Aqsa mosque by Jewish right-wing extremists are far great, that the Arab and Islamic world must join hands in reining in such a risk asserting that the Islamic and Arab silent will encourage the Jewish organizations to go ahead in their plots destroying the Al Aqsa mosque."

Palestinian teenager shot dead
A 15-year-old Palestinian boy was shot dead late today by Israeli troops in the West Bank town of Beitunia near Ramallah, Palestinian medical and security sources said. Medical sources named the victim as Hani Khalil, and said a second boy, aged 14, was seriously injured in the incident near the vast separation barrier which Israel is building in the West Bank.

After 3 Years of his House seizure, Citizen Has Hopes to Get it Back
Sabir Aref 33, still has hopes to retrieve his house, located in Shufa village, south of Tulkarem, which Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) took over since three years and turned it into a military post.

Israeli Forces Attack Peaceful Congregation in Hebron
Israeli occupation forces attacked a peaceful congregation of civilians and international peace activists, who were protesting the construction of a new colonial road in Hebron City. Israeli troops used heavy clubs and rifle butts to attack the peaceful demonstration, which included civilians, farmers and international peace activists.

Wael, Born inside Israeli Prison, Released with his Mother
Wael happened to be the youngest Palestinian prisoner. He was destined to suffer a prison authority which deprived him from all the toys and gifts the international institutions offered him. Wael was deprived from all his needs the way his mother was deprived from all her needs as a pregnant.

Kofi Annan bends to Israeli pressure, doesn't renew Hansen's contract
The Palestinian Network of NGOs issued a press release in response to UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan's, decision to not renew UNRWA head Peter Hansen's contract after nine years. Hansen was a regular target of the Israeli government who tried to have him removed from his position several times.

2 Border Policemen found guilty of abusing Palestinians
The Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court on Tuesday convicted two former Border Policemen of assault and abuse of 16 bound Palestinian detainees in an incident three years ago. The Palestinians were handcuffed, led to a bus and continously beaten by the two. ( Only the two?! )

PA making big plans for evacuated Gaza property
Palestinian ministries are busy preparing for the post-disengagement era in Gush Katif and the northwest corner of Gaza, planning among other things for the construction of thousands of apartments in the areas evacuated in Gush Katif, to resettle refugees now living in camps in Gaza.

Prisoners release postponed until Monday
Monday at night, an Israeli source reported that the Israeli High Court will review appeals submitted by Israelis against the release of Palestinian detainees; Israeli army announced that it postponed the release of the 500 detainees until next Monday.

Prisoners released without consultation: Palestine
"It is not what we want," Palestinian Cabinet minister Saeb Erekat said. "It is not what our people want." He said the prisoners included those who had already completed their sentence or near of completion. Palestinians want Israel to release prisoners who have spent more than 20 years in jail.

Sharon : “ Israel will coordinate pullout with the P.A”
In a statement which was described as a “clearest”, Sharon said that disengagement from Gaza will be coordinated with the P.A, the statements of Sharon came during a press conference with the Foreign Press Association in Jerusalem.

new Palestinian cabinet to be announced in 24 hours: Abbas
Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas said on Tuesday that a new Palestinian cabinet will be announced in 24 hours. Nasser el-Qedwa, representative of the Palestinian National Authority in the United Nations, will hold the post of foreign minister to replace Nabil Shaath. Nabil Amro will hold the post of information minister.

IDF chief opposes transfer of Jericho village to Palestinians
Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Moshe Ya'alon said Tuesday that the military is opposed to transferring the West Bank village of Uja, on the northern outskirts of Jericho, to the Palestinian Authority, thus negating Palestinian claims that an agreement had been reached on the handover of Jericho and its environs.

Pullout from Jericho must include surrounding areas: Dahlan
Former Palestinian Interior Minister Mohammed Dahlan said on Tuesday that a Palestinian delegation will not accept security handover of the West Bank city of Jericho without surrounding areas.

U.S. reevaluating Israel travel warning
"We are now evaluating the travel warning [to Israel] because of the new political and security context," a U.S. official said, adding the United States was not yet considering lifting the travel warning to the West Bank and Gaza Strip. ( Wonder why Gaza & West Bank are unsafe? )

Russia may ship military vehicles to Palestine
A high-ranking Russian official on Tuesday offered to ship military vehicles to the Palestinian territories to reinforce their security, but only with Israel's prior consent, Interfax news agency reported.

Sharon forges ahead with Gaza pullout plan despite opposition
A vote on the bill is not expected until Wednesday with around 100 deputies of the 120-seat Knesset likely to speak at the debate. Some ultra-nationalist opponents of the pullout have said that they intend to read the names of each Gaza settler during their speeches and add the title "Jew, designated for expulsion" to each one.

Israel fears Jewish terror
The minister, Gideon Ezra, said he was prepared to invoke emergency detention laws normally used against Palestinians because of concern that rising incitement was creating a climate similar to that which led to the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin a decade ago.

Sharon's brinkmanship with the right
While Mahmoud Abbas spoke about the road map, Sharon concentrated on the short term. He proposed a deal to Abbas. The Palestinian Authority will keep the quiet during the evacuation and get the keys to the settlements. Sharon's stick will be "a reaction unprecedented in its intensity" if the evacuation takes place under Palestinian fire.

The late Palestinian leader, Yasser Arafat, always refused to accept any deal that left Israel with 100% of Jerusalem and large swathes of the West Bank. He insisted on some limited right of return for Palestinian refugees and creation of a viable, independent state on the West Bank and Gaza. Abbas has remained mute about these vital questions.

Abu Mazen: Palestine's last best hope
After the declarations at Sharm al-Sheikh this month, it seems Abu Mazen might pull off his gamble: a ceasefire with Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, all integrated within the Palestinian security forces. But will Israel keep its promises? And will the United States and the international community give him the support he needs?

Future of Hamas is Future of Palestine
With the dynamism it has shown in the armed struggle and its public services performances, Hamas has become a group that will leave its mark on the future of Palestine, because any decision made by this organization has more effect than any pledge made by the Palestinian president.

U.S. orders its envoy to Syria home after Hariri's death
Before departing, U.S. Ambassador Margaret Scobey delivered a stern note, called a demarche in diplomatic parlance, to the Syrian government, a U.S. official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Tuesday.

US accused of plan to muzzle al-Jazeera through privatisation
Washington has been particularly irritated by the station's coverage of civilian casualties and destruction caused by US troops in Iraq, and by its airing of messages from Osama bin Laden, the al-Qa'ida leader. In Iraq and some other Arab countries, al-Jazeera offices have been shut down.

Iraqi Shiite coalition names Jafari as PM candidate
Iraq's Shiite coalition that won the country's Jan. 30 elections on Tuesday named interim Vice President and leader of Dawa party Ibrahim al-Jafari as candidate for prime minister, the Dubai-based al-Arabiya TV channel reported.

Monday, February 14, 2005

February 14, 2005

|  Today in Palestine!  14 - Feb - 2005  |
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Who Broke the Ceasefire (First)?
However, these media are either marginalizing or not reporting at all some very relevant facts, in particular that Israeli troops killed two unarmed Palestinians in separate incidents prior to the attacks, and that the rocket and mortar attacks were carried out explicitly as a response to the killings. On at least three counts, Israel should therefore be held responsible for endangering the calm in the region.

Gush Shalom: “Hands of Israeli leaders are also bloody”
Also, Gush Shalom said that Israeli should start releasing the sick and aged detainees, especially the detainees who were arrested before the Oslo agreement. The Israeli Peace Bloc also slammed Sharon and his policy of annexing Palestinian lands and the annexation wall erected in the West Bank.

IOF Kills Child in Hebron
Witnesses revealed that a 16-year-old child was shot dead with several bullets by an Israeli soldier who was driving a bulldozer in the old city of Hebron.They affirmed that the unidentified child was walking with his friends when the Israeli soldier unjustifiably targeted him with several bullets.

Child killed in Hebron
A local source in Hebron told IMEMC correspond ant that soldiers shot dead a 15-year-old child in the southern West Bank city of Hebron. IMEMC correspond ant stated that residents in the area said that the child did not attempt to attack the soldiers, and the he was shot one bullet to his leg, followed by four other bullets.

AMW 3-month analysis of BBC Radio 4 Today programme
The effect of the barrier was mainly discussed from an Israeli perspective, on two separate occasions during this period. Once was relating to the ICJ judgement that was due when an Israeli lawyer strayed from the subject of the ruling to the reason for the barrier and was not admonished. The other occasion was an item on the positive effects of the barrier from an Israeli perspective.

Protesters throw stones at police as thousands rally against pullout
Ten police officers were lightly hurt Monday evening in clashes with right-wing activists Monday as thousands of people demonstrated against the disengagement plan across the country, Israel Radio reported. ( ZERO injured, opposite to Anti-Apartheid demonstations! )

Israel is failing the moral test
According to Israeli authorities, one reason for my arrest two weeks ago in Biddu and my denial of entry into Israel in 2003 is that I "organized and participated in illegal demonstrations." Israeli authorities frequently use the term "illegal demonstrations" to describe peaceful protests against Israeli government violations of international law.

Come to Palestine, come stay with friends
The brochure promises prospective participants a trip "designed to develop relationships, break down stereotypes, foster philanthropic efforts and forge strategic partnerships to strengthen communities in the region," through living and studying in the Bethlehem area.

Abbas Declares War With Israel Effectively Over
Mr. Sharon's commitment to withdraw from Gaza and dismantle all Israeli settlements there and four in the West Bank, despite "how much pressure is on him from the Israeli Likud rightists," Mr. Abbas said, "is a good sign to start with" on the road to real peace. "And now he has a partner," Mr. Abbas said. ( Abbas blamming Arafat? )

PM Qorei to lead Palestinian delegation at London conference
Blair announced the conference on a visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories in December. Ironically Qorei had criticised the idea of a conference at the time, taking umbrage at any suggestion that Palestinians needed "grooming" for independence.

PM: Evacuation from Gaza, northern W. Bank to take 12 weeks
Sharon also told a meeting of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee in Jerusalem that he would seek cabinet approval on Monday for the evacuation of Gaza and four settlements in the northern West Bank.

Why do suicide bombers do it? new feature film asks
"For me it's very clear the occupation is the cause to force these people to do it," he said, speaking in English. "This is a mythical story: to kill yourself (along) with the enemy ... I am re-writing the myth from the human point of view, the Palestinian point of view, from the real point of view."

PLO Reiterates Significance of Heading toward Final Solution
Executive Committee (EC) of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) reiterated Sunday the significance of heading toward a peaceful and comprehensive solution for all the final status issues.

Sharon cracks down on extremist settlers
Dalia Rabin, whose father, Yitzhak, was assassinated by a far-right fanatic in 1995, warned: "If we don't do enough now to stop the deterioration, we will again see the terrible spectacle of a prime minister assassinated." The Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper quoted a police source as saying 84 senior officials were under protection because of concern for their lives.

Palestinians want help, advice at London meet
Palestinians will call for international help in reforming their institutions and vocal backing for their policies at a meeting in London next month, their envoy to Britain told Reuters on Monday.

Palestinians set to take control in Jericho on Tuesday
Israeli soldiers rarely operate in the sleepy Jordan valley town so the transfer is mainly of symbolic value although it will also serve as a trial run for similar transfers in four other areas, including Ramallah which serves as the political capital of the Palestinian Authority.

PCBS: Consumer Price Index Increased by 1.21% during January 2005
In a press release issued today, PCBS said that" the consumer price index numbers in the Palestinian Territories for the base year (1996=100), reached 147.02 for January 2005, recording a 1.21% increases compared with December 2004".

Militant settlers issue fresh threats to Sharon
The twin developments on Sunday showed that just as Israeli-Palestinian fighting winds down in the wake of a truce declared at a summit meeting last Tuesday, internal Israeli tensions are escalating into warnings of political assassinations. Israeli security services on Sunday announced increased protection of public officials, reports Reuters.

Intelligence or diplomacy?
The return to Israel of the Egyptian and Jordanian ambassadors - a first appointment has already been announced, under American pressure, but Cairo does not appear to be in any hurry - will be more symbolic than substantive when it occurs.

Palestinian militants hold fire
Hamas's position is seen as ensuring in the short term that there is no Palestinian infighting, and as a boost to Abbas's ability to make good on a commitment he made - reciprocated by Israel - at last week's summit in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, to halt violence, Palestinian analysts say.

Message to a rebel
Even though you are a minority, you are trying to prevent the disengagement and to that end, are holding the state budget for 2005 hostage. Last week you were not even embarrassed to send the prime minister an ultimatum: Agree to a referendum and get a budget; don't agree, and you won't get a budget. A referendum is nothing less than a transparent excuse meant to hide your true goals: to remain in Gaza.

Chirac rejects FM's request to add Hezbollah to EU terror list
During a meeting with Shalom on Monday afternoon, Chirac said France's efforts in the coming weeks will be focused primarily on the democratic process in Lebanon and the upcoming elections to be held in two months.

Head of Christian party abducted in Iraq: Arabiya TV
Kidnappers have abducted the head ofa Christian party in Iraq, demanding the withdrawal of US troops, Al Arabiya television reported Monday. The television gave no further details.

Polls will stiffen Kurdish resolve to achieve maximum autonomy under new constitution
Kurdish aspirations for a semi-autonomous Kurdistan within Iraq were given a strong fillip by yesterday's official election results, which gave the main Kurdish parties more than a quarter of the overall vote.

Bush congratulates Iraqi candidates in final election results
The Bush administration said Monday it looks forward to working with Iraq's new leaders and said the United States is confident that Baghdad is committed to an ''inclusive and representative'' government.

Oil pipeline attacked in northern Iraq
Unidentified attackers blew up an oil pipeline near the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk and set it on fire, police said on Monday. The attack took place at the al-Dibbis oil field north of Kirkuk on Sunday evening, they said.

Shia victory is blow to US line on Iran's N-arms
Sciri and Daawa members insist they are not beholden to Iran, but nonetheless feel kinship with the former exile home. One key Alliance politician warned that the US could not count on their support against Iran if Washington or its allies struck Iran's nuclear facilities, something the US has not ruled out.

EU executive hails 'step forward' in Iraq
"I congratulate those who will now have the task of building a governing coalition," Ferrero-Waldner said. But she added: "I trust they will ensure full representation of Iraq's diverse society in the political process, and in particular in the drafting of the constitution."

Shiites reach out to Sunnis after Iraq vote triumph
Iraq's long-oppressed Shiites were basking in their electoral triumph but pledged to reach out to rival Sunnis whose political isolation could further threaten the country's stability. The Sunnis, out of power for the first time in modern Iraq, will be left with scraps in the next executive.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

February 13, 2005

|  Today in Palestine!  13 - Feb - 2005  |
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Outpost Survey in the Occupied Territories – 2004
Two outpost dismantled; One outpost dismantled and rebuilt; Three new outposts erected; 12 outposts were expanded significantly; Permanent construction is being carried out in 15 outposts; Up to today there are 99 outposts in the West Bank...

PA: Prisoners' release' list, disappointing
According to the ministry media department, the list includes the names of 193 administrative detainees- Palestinians detained over secret evidences, without proper court procedures- 77 of the prisoners listed would end their prison term in less than a month, and excludes prisoners who spent long prison terms, female and child prisoners.

MPA: 321 Child Prisoners in Israeli Prisons
Ministry of Prisoners Affairs (MPA) said that since the outbreak of "Al-Aqsa" Intifada in September 2000, about 3,000 Palestinian children have been arrested, 321 of them are still in jail including 11 girls. Also, the Palestinian child prisoners are denied the right to education.

PCHR Organizes a Workshop on the Draft Amended Law of Judicial Authority
On Sunday morning, 13 February 2005, PCHR organized a workshop in its offices in Gaza City on the draft amended law of judicial authority, in the context of its efforts to ensure the independence and fairness of the Palestinian judiciary.

Palestinian fighters' bodies to be returned
Medics from Magen David Adom emergency medical service said that in coordination with the Israeli army and the health ministries of both sides, Israel would hand over the bodies of the 15 Palestinians at the Erez border crossing in Gaza on Monday.

Settlers clash with police at WB outpost
Following a clash with Israeli soldiers on Friday over the placed caravan, settlers promised to remove it by the beginning of the current week. A violent confrontation broke out as Border Police tried to prevent the settlers from hooking up the caravan. ( IOF deals much faster with Anti-Apartheid Israelis !! )

Seven settlers indicted after violent Gaza protest
According to Israel Defense Forces sources, the settlers threw stones at Palestinians and tried to pull Palestinian drivers out of their vehicles in attempts to commandeer them. The settlers resisted police efforts to remove the Gaza residents' blockade. Seven people in their 20s were detained and have been under arrest since Friday.

Compensation bill faces vote Sunday
The decisive vote lies in the hands of MK Azmi Bishara (Balad). At least eight of the 17 committee members are expected to vote against the disengagement plan Sunday.

Knesset panel okays evacuation compensation bill
The larger than expected majority was reached only after MKs Azmi Bishara (Balad) and Avraham Ravitz (Degel Hatorah) voted in favor of the bill.

HAMAS and Islamic Jihad Comply de Facto Ceasefire
Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has pursuaded the Islamic Resistance Movement (HAMAS) and the Islamic Jihad to comply with the ceasefire with Israel. Leaders of the two organizations met with Abbas in Gaza and declared that they will "comply with the de facto ceasefire with Israel"...

Israeli, PA officials due to finalize Jericho handover
IDF Brigadier General Gadi Eisenkut and his Palestinian regional counterpart, General Haj Ismail, were slated to meet Sunday night to finalize details for handing over the West Bank city of Jericho to Palestinian security control, Israel Radio reported.

Hamas opposes US envoy Ward
Hamas said on Sunday that it is strongly opposed to the US decision to appoint Lt.-Gen. William Ward as Middle East security envoy, and expressed fear that the move was aimed at putting pressure on the Palestinian Authority security forces to crack down on armed Palestinian groups.

Israel approves release of 500 Palestinian prisoners
Both men have declared an end to hostilities after four years of bloodshed but the success of Abbas's efforts to persuade the likes of Hamas to also hold their fire is in part dependent on the whole prisoners issue.

PM: Practical steps must be taken against right-wing extremists
Ben-Eliezer, who was born in Iraq, presented to the cabinet a threatening letter that read: "Arab blood is flowing through your veins, and for this you must leave Israel and return to Iraq to defend Saddam Hussein. You are contemptible. You are a miserable Iraqi with Arab-Nazi blood flowing through your veins."

Israel considers buying natural gas from Gaza
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Infrastructure Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer agreed in a meeting last Wednesday to investigate the possibility of purchasing Palestinian natural gas from offshore drilling performed by British Gas off the coast of the Gaza Strip.

Four Israelis arrested for trying to sell Palestinian land
At the start of last week, police arrested Issa Safouri, a 34-year-old Nazareth resident and a member of the Likud Central Committee who is thought to have made of use of forged documents and located the American buyer.

Israel lets 200 Gaza workers cross
Israel has let more than 200 labourers enter from the Gaza Strip for the first time in months in a gesture to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas as he tries to strengthen a ceasefire agreed last week.

Tali Fahima asks court to ease terms of her imprisonment
The conditions, the petitions states, are having an adverse effect on her mental health. Fahima is accused of translating and reading to Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades members sensitive material the Israel Defense Forces had lost during an operation in the West Bank city of Jenin in May 2004.

From Aqaba To Sharm - Fake Peace Festivals
This, in the media world, is coupled with the faith that Israel is finally led by a man of peace. Sharon, who might have had some problems in the past, so the story goes, has changed his skin, and now he is leading Israel to painful concessions. There is once again talk of cooperation, public embraces and peace conferences.

Good morning to the Israeli left
After an eternally long hibernation, we are starting to hear the sounds of its awakening. Only when the wind is once again blowing in its direction - and not because of anything it did - does the extra-parliamentary left dare to come out of the closet where it locked itself up more than four years ago.

Men of the moment / Low-key Palestinian leader could earn elusive Israeli trust
Those who know Abbas say yes. Abbas, they say, has a demonstrated integrity and a selflessness that become evident to anyone who meets him, and these traits are well-known to Israeli leaders, including Sharon. The result: Israelis are willing to trust Abbas in ways they would not trust Arafat.

Peres to meet Shas' spiritual leader on coalition
The move, so far reported as a private initiative, not coordinated with the Israeli Prime Minister's Office, came as the so far minority cabinet is facing huge difficulties in passing vital bills within the sate institutions in order to approve its decisions.

Iran starts production of torpedoes
"Iran's marine units have now achieved an effective weapon witha complicated and modern technology in confronting surface andunder-sea threats," Shamkhani said, adding the torpedoes could bemounted on helicopters, surface vessels and submarines.

The Problem with Western Democracy
A recent online poll carried out by the Arabic website of Al Jazeera satellite television found that more than 80 percent of respondents distrust "Western democracy." The results simply restated the obvious. The query, of course, hardly meant to question "Western democracy" in its own right, but rather its imposition on the Arab world.

On This Day 1991: US bombers strike civilians in Baghdad
Iraqi foreign minister Tariq Aziz said: "This was a criminal, pre-meditated, planned attack against civilians."The final death toll was 314 including 130 children, after one of the 900kg bombs exploded in the middle of the largest upstairs room and the other blew up and blocked a ventilation shaft.

Shia parties triumph in Iraq poll
The two main Kurdish parties were in second place with about a quarter of the votes, followed by the alliance led by interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi. Many Sunni Muslims, who dominated Iraq under Saddam Hussein, boycotted the elections on 30 January. Shia leaders say they will try to draw them into the political process.

Iraqi General Dead; 3 U.S. Soldiers Killed
Insurgents also fired a rocket at the governor's building in Mosul, killing one woman and one man, as well as injuring four others, officials at the hospital said. Two Iraqi National Guard troops were killed on Mosul's airport road while trying to diffuse a roadside bomb, police said.

US troops to withdraw from Ramadi: Iraqi official
US forces will withdraw from the city of Ramadi in the restive Anbar province to pave the way for Iraqi security forces to take up responsibility in the country,an official said Sunday.

Allawi Likely to Be Key in New Government
The Shiites, with their 48 percent share, will be forced to reach out to other groups to form a government, and Allawi is expected to play a key role in the negotiations and end up with an influential role. Allawi, 60, has been negotiating with other Iraqi forces, including Kurds and Sunnis, since shortly after the vote two weeks ago to ensure he won't be sidelined.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

February 12, 2005

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Other Voices: Presbyterians advocate peace
The actions of the Presbyterian Church had nothing to do with uniting or dividing the American-Jewish community, but rather were about a willingness to listen to and engage a people whose voices had been silenced. If anyone should understand what that is like, the Jewish people should.

MK Elon reaches out to evangelicals
"The state hasn't done enough to reach out to our strategic partners, the Christian lovers of Israel," Elon said. "Whoever knows the Bible is aware that our role is to be a light unto the nations, so it is our responsibility to reach out to the Christians as part of our redemption process."

Erakat: West Bank deportees to return
Over the past two years, Israel has deported 56 West Bank residents to the Gaza Strip on security grounds. Another 13 Palestinians, who were involved in the siege of Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity in April 2002, were deported to Europe. A senior Israeli source confirmed that an agreement had been reached but could not say exactly when the deportees would return.

Film portrays 'human face' of suicide bombers
Hany Abu-Assad, its Palestinian director, hoped there would not be protests. "The film is meant to open discussion, not tell you what you know," he told the Guardian. "I am giving a human face to the suicide bombers, but I am also critical... I was making an honest film. They are human beings. That is the reality."

IOF Turns 2 Houses into Military Barracks, Besieges Security Post in WB
Massive Israeli troops broke into the houses of Munzer Da'na and his brother Nasry, demanding the 26 family members to leave out shortly before they seized the two houses, located in the neighbourhood, turning them into military barracks, witnesses added.

Gush Shalom: Sharon Seizes Lands and Talks about Peace
The statement demonstrated also that the so-called Israeli military commander of the central region, has ordered confiscation of vast areas of Palestinain lands owned by hundreds of families in the Touana village, south of the Hebron mountain area in the West Bank.

PCHR Condemns an Attack by Armed Persons at Gaza Central Prison
PCHR strongly condemns an attack by a number of armed persons early Thursday morning against Gaza Central Prison, which left 2 prisoners dead and a number of members of the police injured.  The attackers also kidnapped a third prisoner to the central Gaza Strip and tortured and killed him.

Palestinian exiles allowed back home as Abbas looks to confirm truce
They "will be allowed back in on condition they undertake to abandon violence and live under close Palestinian Authority (PA) supervision," an Israeli official said. According to Palestinian officials the deal is to be implemented within two weeks.

Israeli, PA officials meet in TA to coordinate security plans
Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz was meeting Saturday evening with Palestinian cabinet secretary Hassan Abu Libdeh, Palestinian Negotiations Minister Saeb Erekat, and senior PA security official Mohammed Dahlan, over transferring control of several West Bank cities to Palestinian Authority control, and other security metters.

Abbas Threatens to 'Use Force' Against Palestinian Armed Groups
In response to attacks organized against Jewish settlements on the Gaza Strip after the cease-fire reached last Tuesday (February 8), the Palestinian President has warned that force would be used against those not obeying the cease-fire.

Abbas demands militant leaders in Gaza abide by cease-fire
Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Shimon Peres and Palestinian Negotiations Minister Saeb Erekat also met to discuss ways to jumpstart the peace process, in a bid to keep the momentum going after Tuesday's landmark summit.

Barghouti calls for talks between factions
The imprisoned former Fatah leaderin the West Bank Marwan Barghouti has called for intensified dialogue between the Palestinian Authority and various factions toreach a comprehensive national agreement on all issues including cease-fire with Israel.

Palestinian source: “ Israel agreed to cease assassinations outside P.A areas”

Letters detailing the agreement were delivered by the Palestinian delegation to Hamas and the Islamic Jihad leaders in exile, after the summit, the Palestinian Authority considered the pledge as a positive development.

Security Coordinator Plans Regional Talks
Army Lt. Gen. William E. Ward, the new U.S. security coordinator for the Middle East, will make his first trip to the region later this month and confer with Arab leaders as well as Palestinian and Israeli security officials.

France demands list of Israeli firms selling arms to Ivory Coast
The companies involved told the Defense Ministry the equipment was supplied long before the events in question, and they did not view themselves responsible for the deaths of the French soldiers.

Israeli FM to petition Britain, France to blacklist Hezbollah
Silvan Shalom will lobby British and French officials to support an Israeli proposal, submitted to the European Union earlier this week, which would see the Lebanese-based movement added to the EU "terrorist" blacklist at a debate on the issue by the end of the month.

Hizbollah Denies Helping Palestinian Uprising
Hizbollah denied on Saturday it was attempting to wreck an Israeli-Palestinian truce and said the Jewish state had accused the Islamic guerrillas in order to mask its own plans to destroy peace efforts.

NATO chief urges alliance to prepare Mideast role
NATO should prepare for a role in supporting any future agreement to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Secretary-General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer said on Saturday. Any NATO presence would be conditional on there being a peace accord and on the agreement of both sides for the alliance to be involved. It may also require a U.N. mandate, he said.

The role of the Palestinian women in Local Government
In the 1970s, and for the first time within the Occupied Palestinian Territories, there emerged a distinct commitment to articulating women's concerns both separately and in connection with the national movement, and to working towards the establishment of an organized women's movement.

Palestinian refugees uncertain about Sharm el-Sheikh deal
"What could a poor Palestinian refugee like me say about the Sharm el-Sheikh Summit? Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak gave Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon a way out of his dilemma. He was stuck and not able to control the intifada, so he wants the PA to do the dirty work," Mashaal said.

Abbas in Gaza to promote truce deal
He also said an official announcement from the groups is, however, not expected as they sought to understand the scope and depth of the truce deal. In late January Abbas deployed some 4000 security personnel across Gaza with "firm instructions" to prevent all operations.

More on US Aid for Checkpoint Crossings
The modernization of checkpoints between Israel and the Palestinian Territories is now being ironically cast as a "humanitarian" project to be undertaken by the either the Israelis or the Palestinians as a way of improving the Palestinian quality of life and ease of communication. Needless to say, the American taxpayer is being asked to underwrite the cost.

Canadian FM urges Hizbullah to abandon violence
Israel has said Hizbullah is the biggest threat to the current Middle East peace negotiations after it was accused of supporting militant groups in Palestine. But the group's deputy secretary general, Sheikh Naim Qassem, denied Hizbullah was involved in any activity outside Lebanese territories.

Lebanese president criticizes top U.S. official
The deputy assistant secretary of state for Near East affairs, David Satterfield, has "no right whatsoever to assess the Lebanese presidency's ability to protect Lebanon's interests and maintain stability," Lahoud said in a statement issued by his office.

Calm restored in Maghar following Druze-Christian clashes
A brawl between Christian and Druze youths broke out Thursday after rumors spread that some Christian youths created photo images of Druze girls as nude models and posted them on the internet. On Friday and Saturday, the violence spread, gunshots were fired, shops and vehicles were vandalized and stone-throwing mobs clashed with each other.

Shiites and Kurds set to grab Iraqi presidency and premiership
"Looking at the partial results, it appears that the Sistani list will have more than 50 percent and that Kurdish parties will come second," said Sunni politician Saad Abdel Razzak. "They should therefore share the posts of president and prime minister between themselves."

Iraq Election Results Available Tomorrow
Farid Ayar said on Al-Arabiya television Saturday that the commission would meet Sunday morning to finalize some unspecified issues and then announce the final figures in the afternoon. The results will be considered official after three days.

Friday, February 11, 2005

February 11, 2005

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'I hope that I can see my son before I die'
Widad al-Attaba has been glued to the television news since the landmark Israeli-Palestinian summit, hoping that the revival of the peace process will lead to a reunion with her son Saeed who has spent the past 28 years in prison. ( Imprisoned by an Occupying Power )

Palestinian AG temporarily closes the “Egyptian Cement” file
Thursday evening, Palestinian Attorney General, Hussein Abu ‘Assy, announced in a press conference that he temporarily froze the “Egyptian Cement” file, which is a case against some Palestinian companies which imported cement from Egypt and sold it to Israel to be used in erecting the annexation wall.

New Settlement in Beit Safafa: Further Isolation of Jerusalemites, further Settlement Expansion
Occupation Forces revealed a plan for a new settlement in Beit Safafa, southwest of Jerusalem city. The core of the existing settlement of Giv'at Hamatos will now be made up of a new settlement comprising 1,850 housing units, and the adding of about 7,500 settlers to East Jerusalem. In 1991 the Occupation excluded this area of Beit Safafa land from the Plan Scheme...

Israel to Annex more lands South of Hebron

Israeli soldiers handed residents form the village of Tarama, in the southern West Bank city of Hebron, military orders to annex their family farmlands in order to erect the annexation wall in that area. Annexing the land “for security claims” is one of the ways the Israeli army uses to annex more Palestinian lands and expand Israeli settlements and military camps.

Israel's obligations under IHL in the Occupied Palestinian Territory
The purpose of this brief is to review and explain the various obligations of Israel in the OPT. It assumes the full applicability of the laws of occupation to the situation and population in the OPT. For a discussion of Israeli objections to the applicability of the Geneva Conventions to the OPT, the reader should consult the policy brief on the Application of International Humanitarian Law (IHL) to the OPT.

Legal aspects of Israel's disengagement plan under International Humanitarian Law
The proposed disengagement raises a number of legal issues that will be reviewed in this note. These issues can be summarized as follows: - What is the current legal status of the occupied Palestinian territory (OPT)3 and what are the current responsibilities of Israel toward the Palestinian population in the OPT? - Who determines the end of occupation?...

Bir Shiva detainees suffering of harsh conditions
Also, soldiers are barring dozens of detainees from their visitation rights, detainees Shadi Fathi Matar, 24, from Tulkarem was sentenced to 24 consecutive years, suffering from health problems and is not receiving the needed medication or treatment.

Sharm deal is no long-term solution
"I am not even talking about Jerusalem and the refugees, but lesser but real problems such as daily Israeli repression, land confiscation and the building of the apartheid wall," he said, referring to the illegal separation wall Israel is building in the West Bank.

Jewish Groups Criticize Presbyterian Vote To Divest From Israel
the church does not plan a “blanket divestment” of its $7 billion in investment funds from companies operating in Israel. Rather, he said, it will target businesses that it believes bear particular responsibility for the suffering of Palestinians and will give them a chance to change their behavior before selling their shares. He cited as one possible example Caterpillar Inc.

Abbas never won a popular mandate
However, drowned by the rhetoric from Egypt came a reminder of how inconsequential were both Abbas's election and the latest would-be milestone in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. On the same day, the Israeli High Court approved further construction of Israel's separation wall in occupied East Jerusalem.

Abbas to confront militant leaders
Mr Abbas is to confront militant leaders in the Gaza Strip in a bid to curb the violence. He will tell militant leaders that "there is only one Palestinian Authority and one leadership, and [he] will not accept any measures that can subject our national project to danger," cabinet secretary Hassan Abu Libdeh said.

Sharon gives Abbas more time to curb mortar attacks
Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon adopted recommendations Thursday evening to give Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas more time to stop mortar fire before taking military action, the Jerusalem Post reported Friday.

Dahlan demands Israel to release detainees imprisoned since 1993
Also, Dahlan said that Palestinian-Israeli committees will meet in the coming days to implement the Sharm Al-Sheikh understandings. The committee will also discuss changing the Israeli criterions concerning the release of the detainees, after Israeli agreed to changing the criterions for the first time since 1993.

Jordan awaits Israeli response to nomination of ambassador
"Jordan's Foreign Ministry sent Israel a letter of inquiry on nominating the new ambassador and we are waiting for a reply," Jordanian Foreign Minister Hani Mulqi was quoted as saying.

Palestinian leader poised for key ceasefire talks with militants
Hamas leaders insist they remained committed to an informal "cooling down" period agreed with Abbas. Nevertheless, they said they reserved the right to respond to Israeli actions as in Thursday's attacks on Jewish settlements in southern Gaza.

Israel to reopen Gaza border
Israel says it will soon reopen its border with Gaza to Palestinian workers and merchants after the landmark meeting between Israeli and Palestinian leaders. In addition, Israel says it will let Gaza Palestinians visit relatives held in Israeli jails as a goodwill gesture.

'Referendum may erode US support'
Israel might lose ground in Washington if it carried out a disengagement referendum that would delay implementation of the plan, Israel's Ambassador to the US Danny Ayalon indicated Thursday, just two days after his boss, Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom, came out strongly in favor of the referendum.

Sharon ready to free Palestinians
Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said in an interview with Israeli newspaper Haaretz that he promised Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas the release of Palestinian militants at the Mideast summit in Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt if Palestinian militants stop attacks during Israel's withdrawal from the Gaza Strip.

Israeli-Palestinian scurity talks postponed
The talks were aimed at consolidating a ceasefire agreed by the Israeli and Palestinian leaders on Tuesday.  It said it was avenging the death of a Palestinian man who came under fire from a settlement in Gaza on Wednesday.

Right-wingers assault Netanyahu
Mr Netanyahu voted in parliament in favour of the withdrawal. He was surrounded at a wedding party, had objects thrown at him and the tires of his car were slashed. His bodyguards ushered him away and he was not hurt.

Needed for success in the Mideast - By: Daoud Kuttab
While a comprehensive solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict should be the goal for all parties, a more practical approach would be to try and accomplish smaller, more manageable success stories. Success will not happen until the daily lives of Palestinians and Israelis is given top priority.

Why was this summit different?
Two days later, on a Saturday night, several journalists were invited to meet a "senior political source" in the Ministry of Defense office in Tel Aviv. The official pulled out a piece of paper and read his notes from the summit in a bass voice. He expressed satisfaction with Mubarak and Hussein's understanding of the risks inherent in terror and their willingness to convey these feelings to Arafat.

Back to the era of brawn
The Yom Kippur War, the maturation of the Israeli nuclear option, and the rise of an American hegemony combined by the spring of 1974 to make the sides change their views. On the Israeli side, Dayan, together with most of the public, moved to the side of those who preferred peace to Sharm el-Sheikh, while Arab leaders realized that only through agreements would they repossess the territories.

Getting to no you
The actual practice: The sides come together with no real desire, only so as not to rile the Americans. Everyone knows that Israel is not really capable of giving up the settlements and is unwilling to return to the 1967 lines, while the Palestinians are totally unwilling to forgo the right of return and half of Jerusalem.

France demands list of Israeli firms selling arms to Ivory Coast
The demand, which indirectly places responsibility on Israeli companies for the death of French soldiers on a peace-keeping mission, was apparently raised by the French Embassy's military attache or a representative of its intelligence agencies in talks with Defense Ministry officials.

Hezbollah curses UN call for it to lay down arms
Hezbollah called on the Lebanese to help "bury" a United Nations resolution demanding the Islamic group disarm and it's Syrian backers quit Lebanon, and predicted it would not succeed without their support.

AG orders crackdown after Netanyahu harassed
Police in Rishon Lezion have detained a 17-year-old Netanya resident who is suspected of being one of the activists who shouted in Netanyahu's direction. It remains unclear whether the youth was one of those involved in vandalism.

Rights group says US killed detainees
Morton Sklar, the organisation's executive director, said there were legal memorandums issued at the highest level in the US Department of Justice and the US Department of Defence "justifying and encouraging the use of torture as a military necessity in time of war". The human rights group said that at least 37 detainees had been executed by torture during interrogations.

Despite falling out with U.S., Chalabi still a player in the new Iraq
He gained fame as the leader of the Iraqi National Congress, an exile group, and lobbied hard for the Bush administration to invade Iraq. The INC supplied defectors to U.S. intelligence who provided what turned out to be phony or exaggerated evidence of Iraqi weapons programs, which President Bush used to justify the war.