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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

February 08, 2005

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Apartheid Wall prevents rain water from draining, Qalqiliya homes flood
Bilal Al Bas, living in the western neighborhood of the city, swam with his family out the second floor windows of their house. The waters flooded the first floor due to the newly constructed Apartheid Wall. Now the natural drainage route for the rainy season waters is blocked by the Wall that not only towers into the sky, but digs deep into the earth as well.

High Court: Gov't can resume constructing fence segment
The court had earlier issued an interim injunction freezing the construction until it reached a decision on a petition submitted by residents of Biddu and Beit Surik, villages near the planned route. But on Tuesday the court canceled much of the injunction, allowing construction to continue in parts of the segment in question.

Mara'ba: Qalqilia Lands Threatened by Israeli Settlement
Mr. Mara'ba pointed out that the Jayous town, to the east of Qalqiliam has been witnessing demarcation and bulldozing behind the wall, just to build a new settlement called Tsufim, to the north of the town.

Amandla Ngawethu! South Africa and Palestine compared
Years later South Africans that were involved in the anti-apartheid struggle paid visits to the occupied Palestinian territories. They have remarked that the situation in Palestine is in many respects far worse than what they faced during the anti-apartheid struggle.

IOF Arrests Two Citizens, Storms School in WB
Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) arrested Tuesday two Palestinian citizens and stormed a secondary school in two separate attacks in the West Bank (WB), witnesses and Palestinian local sources said.

INSTANT VIEW-Israel, Palestinians declare end to violence
"I thought that the Palestinians had learned their lesson and wouldn't accept the continuation of the building of (Israel's West Bank) wall and the settlement policy just to accept a ceasefire and go back to 'normal' negotiations while realities on the ground are being changed."

What is the International Solidarity Movement?
Israelis have targeted ISMers for assassination. An Israeli sniper shot Tom Hurndall. "Accident," the murderer said. An American-made bulldozer from Caterpillar in Peoria slaughtered Rachel Corrie. Both of them died just days before I returned to the Middle East in 2003 to enter Baghdad and see the latest handiwork of the American imperium.

Amnesty International opposes the practice of administrative detention, and is calling for an end to the practice
Twenty eight-year-old Riyad Sadi ‘Abd al-Hamid ‘Ayyad has been in detention without charge or trial for more than three years. He was arrested by Israeli soldiers on 1 January 2002 while on his way to work in Gaza City. He was taken to a prison in Ashkelon, Israel, where he was interrogated for more than 70 days, during which he was reportedly subjected to torture and ill-treatment.

500 detainees to conduct hunger strike on Tuesday
At least 500 detainees in Ohali Qidar detention Bir Shiva announced on Monday evening that they will conduct hunger strike on Tuesday, in protest to the Sharm Al-Sheikh summit which will be held before arriving an agreement concerning the detainees.

Commander “in confirm kill” scandal released
The father of R charged the military police on Monday of “marking his son as the target and framework of the investigation”. The lawyer of R said that he believes that the case will be dropped, and that he expects that the indictment will be cancel.

Sharon Invites Abbas to Ranch in Israel
Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon on Tuesday invited Mahmoud Abbas to his ranch in southern Israel, and the Palestinian leader accepted, a senior Israeli official said.

Quotes from landmark Mideast summit
"In my meeting with Mr. Abbas today, I have reached an agreement where the Palestinians will cease all of their actions of violence against the Israelis everywhere and in parallel, Israel will cease its military operations against Palestinians in all locations." ( Not to stop: Land Grab, Checkpoints, Apartheid Wall...? )

Israel to free 500 Palestinians next week-ministry
Israel will release 500 Palestinian prisoners next week, Israel's Defence Ministry said on Tuesday, hours after Israeli and Palestinian leaders declared a ceasefire aimed at ending four years of violence.

PA official: IDF to quit five West Bank cities within three weeks
Israel Defense Forces troops will complete their handover of five West Bank cities to Palestinian control within three weeks, Palestinian negotiator Hassan Abu Libdeh said Tuesday, releasing a timetable for the first time.

Envoys gather in London to prepare for Palestinian summit
High-level diplomats gathered in London on Tuesday to prepare for an international conference next month, which aims to help the Palestinian government build democratic institutions. Officials from the European Union, the United States, the United Nations and Britain were scheduled to take part in closed-door talks with Palestinian Finance Minister Salam Fayad.

Rice: “leveling the settlements in not a good idea”
Also, Maariv said that “Israeli seeks to leave this dirty work to the P.A because the expense of leveling of the homes is very high, might endanger the lives of Israeli soldiers, and in order to avoid displaying Israel as the country which levels the homes instead of having these homes inhibited by Palestinian residents.

Uraiqat: US should follow road map
The Palestinian negotiation minister said the US must push Israel to negotiate on the main issues and help give peace a chance to succeed. Rice is on a three-day tour of the region, having met Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon over the weekend and Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas in the West Bank later on Monday.

Unauthorized Outposts to be removed only after Pullout
Israel has committed to the U.S. to remove the unauthorized outposts two years ago, however, Israel did not fulfill this commitment. Settlers have strongly protested the removal of some outposts and rebuilt some of them.

Knesset committee passes disengagement bill
The Knesset Finance Committee passed the Evacuation-Compensation Bill by one vote on Tuesday. The tie was broken by MK Mohammed Barakeh (Hadash), who decided at the last minute to vote in favor of the pullout bill instead of abstaining, as he had said he planned to do.

Israel disappointed as Egypt, Jordan delay return of envoys
Counter to earlier hopes in Israel, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and Abdullah, the King of Jordan did not announce at Tuesday's summit in Sharm al-Sheikh that they would return their ambassadors to Tel Aviv after more than four years of absence. ( Interesting, period same as that of Israels' latest crimes against humanity)

Sharon visit stirs protests in Egypt
University students staged demonstrations on campuses across the country and the journalists' syndicate organised a two-hour sit-in at its headquarters in downtown Cairo to register disapproval at the visit.

Fatah begins hunt for Arafat's missing millions
The search, aimed at giving Fatah the financial muscle to mount campaigns against the radical Islamist group Hamas in this year's elections, is part of a broader pursuit by Palestinian organisations of the suspected fortune Arafat stashed away.

Arafat's $200m gamble pays off
The investment was recommended by Mohammad Rachid, an Iraqi Kurd who became one of Mr Arafat's main financial advisers in the 1990s. Some of the money was transferred to Orascom from Lombard Odier, the Swiss bank where Mr Arafat and Mr Rachid were signatories of a secret bank account into which was transferred more than $200m from the Palestinian Authority over four years.

World leaders hopeful, optimistic following Sharm summit
Here in Sharm el-Sheikh it was certainly an important day and a stepping stone for both peoples," Baker concluded. Meanwhile, the Palestinian militant group Hamas will wait to see Israel's next move but will not be bound by Israeli-Palestinian cease-fire declarations made at summit, the group's representative in Lebanon said.

We have an opportunity
I think it would be a big mistake if the Palestinians have not already started the discussion with the Israelis on Israeli implementation of their part of the roadmap. The Palestinians have already started implementing their own commitments, and it would be unthinkable for the Palestinians to be doing so without the Israelis doing so as well.

Wrestling with rules of disengagement
But Palestinian militants say they have no intention of giving up their weapons until Israel has demonstrated its good faith by releasing Palestinian prisoners and easing the occupation. Sources close to the Palestinian Authority say that an Israeli insistence on disarming militants would lead to a quick return to hostilities.

Sharm al-Shaikh: Another false dawn?
Many Palestinians saw the talks as being lopsided in Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's favour. They said that while Palestinians agreed to a ceasefire with Israel, Sharon's government did not give Palestinians any concessions on the construction of settlements and a separation wall in the West Bank, or on the release of Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails.

Analysis / The intifada's graduation party
The promise of a Palestinian state will be held out as collateral for a quiet, coordinated withdrawal. This is Sharon's order of events: after the summit, a period of calm, to enable the Palestinian Authority to begin dismantling the "terrorist" infrastructure and Israel to prepare for the disengagement. ( American's were Terrorists while fighting British Occupation! )

Far-right faction fails to win seats in Likud secretariat
In a joint statement published Sunday, Livnat and Livni voiced "concern about another step to accumulate power within the Likud on the part of Jewish Leadership - a group that just a week ago called for refusal [to obey orders to evacuate settlements] and one of whose candidates was convicted in the past of terror activities.

Palestinian sentenced to 20 years for “attempting to avenge the assassination of Yassin”
The Israeli central court in Ten Aviv sentenced of Monday a Palestinian to twenty years after convicting him of attacking three Israelis with an axe last year in Ramat Gan , after receiving news about the assassination of Sheikh Ahmad Yassin, the spiritual leader of Hamas.

Kurds gain on Shiites, as new violence kills at least 27 in Iraq
With 4.4 million votes now counted, the Shiite coalition has won slightly more than half and the Kurdish Alliance slightly less than a quarter, leaving the group headed by interim Prime Minister Ayad Allawi trailing with 13 percent. Iraq's Independent Electoral Commission said it expects a final result to be available later this week...