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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

February 09, 2005

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Army to annex lands south of Hebron
Abdul-Hadi Hantash, from the Palestine Land Defense Committee, expert of lands and settlements, said that the new military orders aim to confiscate the Palestinian lands in order to expand the Israeli illegal settlements, and erect new illegal outposts.

French, Israeli and Palestinian Campaign on Health Impact of Apartheid Wall
Three health organizations, Médecins du Monde-France , Physicians for Human Rights (PHR)-Israel and the Palestine Red Crescent Society, who have worked together as partners for many years, will launch of a joint campaign on the health impact of the Apartheid Wall at two press conferences.

Analysis / Enough with the talk
Palestinian commentators wrote that construction of the separation fence, always dubbed "racist" in Palestinian reports, constitutes violence against them, like the checkpoints, roadblocks and all the other limits on their freedom of movement. In general, the occupation in its entirety is one big form of violence against them, the reports said.

Whose fence is it anyway?
the High Court of Justice did not decide on the question of jurisdiction; rather it only ruled on the matter of relativity, in essence ruling that the argument heard in that context was partial. Therefore all the justices did was to refrain from disqualifying the state's argument that it is authorized to build a fence for security purposes.

Israelis shoot Palestinian after truce - witnesses
Witnesses said the 20-year-old from Rafah refugee camp in southern Gaza was shot from nearby Atzmona settlement, which has an Israeli army garrison and many of whose residents are armed. ( Illegaly Settled, Armed fully Supported by Jewish State!! )

There will be no Middle East peace without justice - By Robert Fisk
Never before have we been in such need of the caustic voice of the late Edward Said. So, the Palestinians will end their occupation of Israel. No more will Palestinian tanks smash their way into Haifa and Tel Aviv. No more will Palestinian F-18s bomb Israeli population centres. No more will Palestinian Apache helicopters carry out "targeted killings" - ie: murders - of Israeli military leaders. The Palestinians have promised to end all "acts of violence"...

Israel to release 350 Palestinians from Desert Prison
Sources from inside the prison, stated that the list included names from most of the resistance movements except Hamas. The prisoners rejected this list describing it as "discriminatory". They added that any release of the prisoners should be on fair basis.

Child Prisoners Call for Ending their Suffering
Child prisoners of "Hasharon Talmond" Israeli prison called Tuesday on human rights organizations and the International Red Cross Society to immediately intervene to stop the Israeli cruel practices against them.

IOF Arrests 2 Civilians, Continues Closure
In the neighborhood of Al-Mawasi, south of Khanyounis, Israeli soldiers stormed the house of Adel al-Doji and led him to an undisclosed area, witnesses told WAFA. In the meantime, security sources said that IOF blocked main roads connecting the cities in the Gaza Strip together.

The blood of Iman al-Hamas
And the blood of Iman al-Hamas - on whose hands is her blood? With or without the confirmed killing, the soldiers in R.'s unit, with him or without him at the Girit outpost in Rafah, killed the 13-year-old schoolgirl who was walking on October 5 with her schoolbag in broad daylight.

Israel set to reopen Gaza border after truce summit
Israel's Defence Ministry said an initial 1,000 workers and hundreds of traders from Gaza would be issued permits in coming days to enter Israel, restoring an economic lifeline to the tiny, slum-ridden territory that has been largely severed because of violence since 2000. ( Surely not because of Demolitions, Massacres, and Destructions! )

PLC gives Abbas 10 days to reshuffle cabinet
The Palestinian Legislative Council(PLC) gave on Wednesday a 10-day ultimatum to newly-elected leaderMahmoud Abbas to reshuffle the cabinet. "Arguments and disputes into the council's yard would continueif Qurei does not reshuffle the current cabinet and at least bringin new ministers," said Fattouh.

Israel wants Quartet meet on Palestinian economy
The Quartet promoting Middle East peace should meet with Israel and the Palestinians to draft a single strategy to set the Palestinian Authority's economy on its feet, Israel's Deputy Prime Minister said on Wednesday. ( Zionists are good in destruction only! )

Hamas, Jihad to meet with Abbas before deciding on attacks
Hamas and Islamic Jihad are waiting until Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas updates them Wednesday about the previous day's Sharm el-Sheikh summit before they decide whether to halt attacks on Israeli targets.

Mideast quartet to meet in London over aid to Palestine: Russian FM
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced Wednesday that the so-called Mideast quartet willhold a meeting in London on March 1 to discuss financial aid to Palestine, the Interfax news agency reported.

U.S. Leans to send PA reforms' envoy, not an overall peace one
The U.S. already announced the appointment of Army Lt. Gen. William Ward to help the Palestinians reorganize their competing security services and to promote security cooperation with Israel. ( Who'd cooperate with whom to offer security to Palestinians??? )

Egyptian ambassador to return within 10 days
Egypt's ambassador will return to Israel in a week or 10 days, the Egyptian cabinet spokesman said Wednesday. Asked when Egypt would send back its ambassador to Israel, cabinet spokesman Magdi Radi told Reuters: "In a week or 10 days." He said the ambassador had yet to be selected.

US Congress recognizes PLO as terrorist entity
The US House of Representatives last month passed a bill in which the Palestine Liberation Organization was recognized as a terrorist entity and its members as being “engaged in terrorist activity.” The PLO was for decades acknowledged to be the world’s most dangerous terrorist organization, before being legitimized by Israel and the West at the White House Rose Garden in 1993.

Abbas prepares to sell ceasefire declaration to Palestinian militants
Arriving back in Ramallah after the first top level Israeli-Palestinian meeting in more than four years, Abbas expressed satifaction with its results but admitted that the real challenge of implementing dual pledges to end the bloodshed still lay ahead.

EU to continue development aid to Palestine
The European Commission announced Wednesday it would offer 250 million euros ($320 million) in aid to the Palestinian state to rebuild its war torn infrastructure. The amount is unchanged from what was provided in 2004.

PA officials say Hezbollah is trying to disrupt cease-fire
The Lebanese militant group Hezbollah is trying to recruit Palestinian militants for attacks on Israelis in order to sabotage Middle East peace efforts, senior Palestinian officials said Wednesday.

Sharon Prepares to Meet with Abbas in Ramallah
An official from Ariel Sharon's entourage, who wanted to remain anonymous, said: "The Prime Minister told Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas) during the summit in Sharm El-Sheikh that he is ready to meet with him in Ramallah."

Jewish Voice for Peace welcomes cease fire, calls for more action to end all forms of violence
Plitnick said, "Today is a day to celebrate the lives that will not be lost in the coming days. But if we want this cease-fire to last the American government needs to stay the course. It needs to stand by both the Palestinian and the Israeli people and push hard for the dismantling of the wall, and for the Gaza withdrawal to be replicated on the West Bank."

Full text of Sharon's Sharm address
We must all make a commitment not to agree to a temporary solution, not to allow violence to raise its head, but to act together, determinedly, to dismantle the terrorist infrastructure, to disarm and subdue it once and for all. Only by crushing terror and violence will we build peace. ( I wonder who'd disarm and subdue Israel considering US use of VETO )

Requiem for a referendum
Yasser Arafat died on November 11, but he was finally buried yesterday at the Sharm summit. At an elegant, focused and businesslike ceremony, the bloody Al-Aqsa intifada, which he sparked, was also interred. A closing celebration would have been preferable to an opening one yesterday.

2004 immigration figures are lowerst since 1989
According to the figures, the number of immigrants who arrived in Israel the previous year was 10 percent higher. The 2004 figures are similar to numbers from the 80s, when the annual figures fluctuated between 9,000 and 20,000 new immigrants a year.

Background/ Sharon, Bush gamble on Abbas - this time, to win
Bush may also have much to gain this time around from a successful Abbas administration. If calm in the territories and PA reforms - matched by Israeli peace moves - translate into a peace process, the American way out of Iraq may be lit by the suddenly renewed prospect of Palestinian statehood.

Palestinians want Abbas-Sharon summit to end suffering
"It could be the bad weather that withheld people here in Gaza from celebrating, but I can say that expectations and hopes are riding high here, and people are waiting to see good actions on theground," said Salem Helles, a Palestinian student in Gaza.

“We dealt with Rabin, now we will deal Sharon”
Graffiti, ostensibly written by right wing Jewish groups in Ra'nana, in Tel Aviv, threats Sharon with the same “treatment given to Rabin', “i.e. assassination”. The graffiti describes Sharon as a “traitor to the Jewish state“.

Stories from Fallujah
"One story is of a young girl who is 16 years old," he says of one of the testimonies he video taped recently, "She stayed for three days with the bodies of her family who were killed in their home. When the soldiers entered she was in her home with her father, mother, 12 year-old brother and two sisters. She watched the soldiers enter and shoot her mother and father directly, without saying anything."