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Thursday, February 10, 2005

February 10, 2005

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Buying the State of Israel
The JNF purchased the land from the state starting in 1949 and early 1950. Then prime minister David Ben-Gurion initiated the sale of land to the JNF to prevent any possibility of international pressure forcing Israel to restore it to the Palestinian refugees.

Palestinians continue nonviolent resistance to Israeli Apartheid Wall
The Israeli High Court froze construction of the Apartheid Wall for four months in the regions of Sulfit and Askaka, but occupation authorities went back to construction a week ago, applying plans for the Apartheid Wall despite the decision to halt. The Israeli occupation government is trying to building the Apartheid Wall around its settlement blocs such as Ariel and Kdumim between Nablus and Qalqiliya.

Palestinian shot dead by gunfire near Gaza settlement
Gunfire from the Atzmona settlement in the Gaza Strip killed a Palestinian man Wednesday, in the first conflict-related fatality since Israel and the Palestinians declared a truce a day ago, Palestinian security officials said.

Second Palestinian killed after summit
Aljazeera's correspondent in Ram Allah reported that a Palestinian was killed on Thursday when occupation forces opened fire on the car he was driving in Wadi al-Haramiya neighbourhood near the West Bank city of Ram Allah .

More mortars fired in Gaza as Abbas orders forces to stop attacks
Three more mortar shells were fired by Palestinian militants at a settlement in the Gaza Strip in another act of defiance against a new ceasefire pledge, Israeli military sources said. The fresh salvo came after around 30 mortars and rockets were fired at the main Gush Katif settlement bloc in the early hours

Abbas fires three top commanders after attacks
PA officials said on condition of anonymity that Abbas dismissed Brigadier General Abdel Razek al-Majaydeh, public security chief for the West Bank and Gaza, national police chief Saeb al-Ajez and Omar Ashour, commander of the security forces in the southern Gaza Strip. Also, several lower-ranking officers lost their jobs. ( Israel is fine with their kiillings! )

Prisoners slated for release gathered in Ketziot
According to the Israeli-Palestinian agreement, the prisoners to be released are from all Palestinian organizations, although most of them belong to the Fatah movement, the political faction of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

The PA condemns Israeli measures to "silence the voices of truth"
Anna Nillson from Sweden and Anna Lenna Di Govani from Italy are the latest in a growing number of human rights volunteers that Israel has denied entrance to as a way of preventing them from entering the West Bank and Gaza. The Palestinian Government issued a statement early this week "condemning Israeli occupation measures which aim to silence the voices of truth".

Israel freezes plan to build Gaza trench
Military planners last month asked Israel's attorney general for permission to destroy as many as 3,000 Palestinian homes to build the trench on a volatile patrol road near the Rafah refugee camp. The request drew immediate condemnations from the Palestinians.

State must pay damages to Palestinian said hurt by IDF in 1991
Dahar sued the state and an IDF captain identified only as Capt. Yoav... the captain commanded troops at the scene when Dahar was shot in the head by a rubber bullet while he was traveling in a car in Jenin during the first intifada. Dahar was hospitalized with serious injuries and lost his ability to speak... (& rremaining 99,999 of injured then? )

Gaza children receive school kits under UNICEF education plan
“There are many children in schools affected by the conflict or in marginalized areas where basic educational supplies are really needed,” said Dan Rohrmann, UNICEF's Special Representative in the occupied Palestinian territory. “The children are very committed to pursuing education and we would like to ensure that the commitment is supported through the provision of these basic materials.”

Weekly Report: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories
This week, 4 Palestinian civilians, including a child, were killed by IOF.  Human rights violations perpetrated by IOF included incursions into Palestinian areas, indiscriminate shelling and total closure imposed on Palestinian communities. IOF have also continued to construct the annexation wall inside the West Bank territory.

Sharon promised Abbas to free more prisoners with `blood on their hands'
Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon told Israeli newspaper Haaretz on Wednesday that he promised Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas during the Sharm el-Sheikh summit that he would increase the number of Palestinian prisoners with "blood on their hands" who will be released if the disengagement passes smoothly.

Palestinian gunmen break into prison, kill two prisoners
The three inmates killed Thursday had been awaiting trial for their involvement in two separate shooting deaths in the Bureij refugee camp. Thursday's attackers were members of the families of the two victims, police said.

Abbas Meets Canadian FM
Qurie highly appreciated the sustained Canadian economic support to the Palestinian people and its efforts to revive the peace process as well as its sponsorship of the international working group on Palestinian refugees.

Palestine Children's Relief Fund
Plastic surgery is a specialty in great need in the Middle East. There are too few, or in some areas no, plastic surgeons working in the areas most in need. As a result, the PCRF has been responding to this crisis by organizing, sponsoring and sending plastic surgery missions to the region.

Sharon: no referendum on pullout; will put an end to threats
Speaking to Israeli newspaper Haaretz, Sharon accused that calls for the referendum are meant to prevent the pullout from taking place, confirming that he intends to put an end to the wave of incitement and threats, especially inside the Likud party.

A shameful kind of Zionist
Take for example the "proper Zionist decision" regarding the theft of the property of West Bankers who are defined as "absent" from their lands inside East Jerusalem. The Israeli government drew the rusty weapon used by the two-year-old state to take over millions of dunam of abandoned property and decided to resume use of the law to continue "redeeming the land."

Don't help Israel by undermining Mahmoud Abbas' peace moves
The policies advanced by Abbas are based on an assumption that, faced with overwhelming Israeli force and the unconditional support of the United States for the Sharon government, the Palestinians had no other choice but to fully align themselves with the demands of the Bush administration and the international community, and hope for the best.

Prisoners hold the key
"We told our Egyptian brothers that we will observe a de facto ceasefire for a period of time pending the unmasking of the Israeli position on the paramount issue of the prisoners," said Mahmoud Zahar, Hamas's political leader in Gaza, following his meeting with the Egyptian delegation in Gaza on Monday night.

Congressman: Oil-rich Arab states should match U.S. aid to PA
The senior Democrat on the House International Relations Committee said Thursday he would condition U.S. aid to the Palestinians on oil-rich Arab "deadbeats" making good on their own promised contributions.

U.S. calls in Syrian envoy, hints at sanctions
The U.S. State Department called in Syria's ambassador this week and warned him Damascus must stop insurgents from crossing into Iraq and end support for Palestinian militants or risk fresh U.S. sanctions, U.S. officials said on Wednesday.

Israeli military sources said Hamas has used Israel's ceasefire pledge to rebuild its military capabilities. The sources said this includes production of the Kassam-class short-range missiles, anti-tank rockets and mines.

PM asked not to name Yuval Diskin as Shin Bet chief
The Public Committee Against Torture in Israel is asking Prime Minister Ariel Sharon not to appoint Yuval Diskin as head of the Shin Bet internal security service because the previous security service deputy chief is an "advocate of targeted killings."

Refusenik officers appeal dismissals from command posts
Five Israel Defense Forces reserve officers who announced their intention to refuse to take part in the evacuation of settlements appealed Thursday to the High Court of Justice against the subsequent army decision to dismiss them from their command positions.

US helicopters end rebel occupation of Iraq police station
At least six police were killed in the rebel assault on the police station, while the rotting bodies of more than 20 drivers from a government food convoy were found in the same region south of the capital, dubbed the triangle of death, and a dozen people were killed in other violence.

Eason Jordan and the names of 12 journalists "deliberately targeted" by US troops
There's been a small storm of protest over CNN chief news executive Eason Jordan accusing the US military not only of killing 12 journalists, but doing it deliberately. That's the kind of statement that really requires a bit of preparation, so it's quite annoying that he seems to have bungled the job of defending something I suspect is true.

Iraqi Army rids Baghdad hotspot of Americans
The U.S. 82nd Airborne will pass responsibility for Haifa Street over to Iraqi forces next Tuesday, so for a few days American and Iraqi troops are fighting insurgents side by side. "We're going to explain the territory, where our patrols go, and where the troublespots are," said Captain Eric Massey.