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Saturday, February 12, 2005

February 12, 2005

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Other Voices: Presbyterians advocate peace
The actions of the Presbyterian Church had nothing to do with uniting or dividing the American-Jewish community, but rather were about a willingness to listen to and engage a people whose voices had been silenced. If anyone should understand what that is like, the Jewish people should.

MK Elon reaches out to evangelicals
"The state hasn't done enough to reach out to our strategic partners, the Christian lovers of Israel," Elon said. "Whoever knows the Bible is aware that our role is to be a light unto the nations, so it is our responsibility to reach out to the Christians as part of our redemption process."

Erakat: West Bank deportees to return
Over the past two years, Israel has deported 56 West Bank residents to the Gaza Strip on security grounds. Another 13 Palestinians, who were involved in the siege of Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity in April 2002, were deported to Europe. A senior Israeli source confirmed that an agreement had been reached but could not say exactly when the deportees would return.

Film portrays 'human face' of suicide bombers
Hany Abu-Assad, its Palestinian director, hoped there would not be protests. "The film is meant to open discussion, not tell you what you know," he told the Guardian. "I am giving a human face to the suicide bombers, but I am also critical... I was making an honest film. They are human beings. That is the reality."

IOF Turns 2 Houses into Military Barracks, Besieges Security Post in WB
Massive Israeli troops broke into the houses of Munzer Da'na and his brother Nasry, demanding the 26 family members to leave out shortly before they seized the two houses, located in the neighbourhood, turning them into military barracks, witnesses added.

Gush Shalom: Sharon Seizes Lands and Talks about Peace
The statement demonstrated also that the so-called Israeli military commander of the central region, has ordered confiscation of vast areas of Palestinain lands owned by hundreds of families in the Touana village, south of the Hebron mountain area in the West Bank.

PCHR Condemns an Attack by Armed Persons at Gaza Central Prison
PCHR strongly condemns an attack by a number of armed persons early Thursday morning against Gaza Central Prison, which left 2 prisoners dead and a number of members of the police injured.  The attackers also kidnapped a third prisoner to the central Gaza Strip and tortured and killed him.

Palestinian exiles allowed back home as Abbas looks to confirm truce
They "will be allowed back in on condition they undertake to abandon violence and live under close Palestinian Authority (PA) supervision," an Israeli official said. According to Palestinian officials the deal is to be implemented within two weeks.

Israeli, PA officials meet in TA to coordinate security plans
Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz was meeting Saturday evening with Palestinian cabinet secretary Hassan Abu Libdeh, Palestinian Negotiations Minister Saeb Erekat, and senior PA security official Mohammed Dahlan, over transferring control of several West Bank cities to Palestinian Authority control, and other security metters.

Abbas Threatens to 'Use Force' Against Palestinian Armed Groups
In response to attacks organized against Jewish settlements on the Gaza Strip after the cease-fire reached last Tuesday (February 8), the Palestinian President has warned that force would be used against those not obeying the cease-fire.

Abbas demands militant leaders in Gaza abide by cease-fire
Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Shimon Peres and Palestinian Negotiations Minister Saeb Erekat also met to discuss ways to jumpstart the peace process, in a bid to keep the momentum going after Tuesday's landmark summit.

Barghouti calls for talks between factions
The imprisoned former Fatah leaderin the West Bank Marwan Barghouti has called for intensified dialogue between the Palestinian Authority and various factions toreach a comprehensive national agreement on all issues including cease-fire with Israel.

Palestinian source: “ Israel agreed to cease assassinations outside P.A areas”

Letters detailing the agreement were delivered by the Palestinian delegation to Hamas and the Islamic Jihad leaders in exile, after the summit, the Palestinian Authority considered the pledge as a positive development.

Security Coordinator Plans Regional Talks
Army Lt. Gen. William E. Ward, the new U.S. security coordinator for the Middle East, will make his first trip to the region later this month and confer with Arab leaders as well as Palestinian and Israeli security officials.

France demands list of Israeli firms selling arms to Ivory Coast
The companies involved told the Defense Ministry the equipment was supplied long before the events in question, and they did not view themselves responsible for the deaths of the French soldiers.

Israeli FM to petition Britain, France to blacklist Hezbollah
Silvan Shalom will lobby British and French officials to support an Israeli proposal, submitted to the European Union earlier this week, which would see the Lebanese-based movement added to the EU "terrorist" blacklist at a debate on the issue by the end of the month.

Hizbollah Denies Helping Palestinian Uprising
Hizbollah denied on Saturday it was attempting to wreck an Israeli-Palestinian truce and said the Jewish state had accused the Islamic guerrillas in order to mask its own plans to destroy peace efforts.

NATO chief urges alliance to prepare Mideast role
NATO should prepare for a role in supporting any future agreement to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Secretary-General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer said on Saturday. Any NATO presence would be conditional on there being a peace accord and on the agreement of both sides for the alliance to be involved. It may also require a U.N. mandate, he said.

The role of the Palestinian women in Local Government
In the 1970s, and for the first time within the Occupied Palestinian Territories, there emerged a distinct commitment to articulating women's concerns both separately and in connection with the national movement, and to working towards the establishment of an organized women's movement.

Palestinian refugees uncertain about Sharm el-Sheikh deal
"What could a poor Palestinian refugee like me say about the Sharm el-Sheikh Summit? Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak gave Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon a way out of his dilemma. He was stuck and not able to control the intifada, so he wants the PA to do the dirty work," Mashaal said.

Abbas in Gaza to promote truce deal
He also said an official announcement from the groups is, however, not expected as they sought to understand the scope and depth of the truce deal. In late January Abbas deployed some 4000 security personnel across Gaza with "firm instructions" to prevent all operations.

More on US Aid for Checkpoint Crossings
The modernization of checkpoints between Israel and the Palestinian Territories is now being ironically cast as a "humanitarian" project to be undertaken by the either the Israelis or the Palestinians as a way of improving the Palestinian quality of life and ease of communication. Needless to say, the American taxpayer is being asked to underwrite the cost.

Canadian FM urges Hizbullah to abandon violence
Israel has said Hizbullah is the biggest threat to the current Middle East peace negotiations after it was accused of supporting militant groups in Palestine. But the group's deputy secretary general, Sheikh Naim Qassem, denied Hizbullah was involved in any activity outside Lebanese territories.

Lebanese president criticizes top U.S. official
The deputy assistant secretary of state for Near East affairs, David Satterfield, has "no right whatsoever to assess the Lebanese presidency's ability to protect Lebanon's interests and maintain stability," Lahoud said in a statement issued by his office.

Calm restored in Maghar following Druze-Christian clashes
A brawl between Christian and Druze youths broke out Thursday after rumors spread that some Christian youths created photo images of Druze girls as nude models and posted them on the internet. On Friday and Saturday, the violence spread, gunshots were fired, shops and vehicles were vandalized and stone-throwing mobs clashed with each other.

Shiites and Kurds set to grab Iraqi presidency and premiership
"Looking at the partial results, it appears that the Sistani list will have more than 50 percent and that Kurdish parties will come second," said Sunni politician Saad Abdel Razzak. "They should therefore share the posts of president and prime minister between themselves."

Iraq Election Results Available Tomorrow
Farid Ayar said on Al-Arabiya television Saturday that the commission would meet Sunday morning to finalize some unspecified issues and then announce the final figures in the afternoon. The results will be considered official after three days.