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Sunday, February 13, 2005

February 13, 2005

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Outpost Survey in the Occupied Territories – 2004
Two outpost dismantled; One outpost dismantled and rebuilt; Three new outposts erected; 12 outposts were expanded significantly; Permanent construction is being carried out in 15 outposts; Up to today there are 99 outposts in the West Bank...

PA: Prisoners' release' list, disappointing
According to the ministry media department, the list includes the names of 193 administrative detainees- Palestinians detained over secret evidences, without proper court procedures- 77 of the prisoners listed would end their prison term in less than a month, and excludes prisoners who spent long prison terms, female and child prisoners.

MPA: 321 Child Prisoners in Israeli Prisons
Ministry of Prisoners Affairs (MPA) said that since the outbreak of "Al-Aqsa" Intifada in September 2000, about 3,000 Palestinian children have been arrested, 321 of them are still in jail including 11 girls. Also, the Palestinian child prisoners are denied the right to education.

PCHR Organizes a Workshop on the Draft Amended Law of Judicial Authority
On Sunday morning, 13 February 2005, PCHR organized a workshop in its offices in Gaza City on the draft amended law of judicial authority, in the context of its efforts to ensure the independence and fairness of the Palestinian judiciary.

Palestinian fighters' bodies to be returned
Medics from Magen David Adom emergency medical service said that in coordination with the Israeli army and the health ministries of both sides, Israel would hand over the bodies of the 15 Palestinians at the Erez border crossing in Gaza on Monday.

Settlers clash with police at WB outpost
Following a clash with Israeli soldiers on Friday over the placed caravan, settlers promised to remove it by the beginning of the current week. A violent confrontation broke out as Border Police tried to prevent the settlers from hooking up the caravan. ( IOF deals much faster with Anti-Apartheid Israelis !! )

Seven settlers indicted after violent Gaza protest
According to Israel Defense Forces sources, the settlers threw stones at Palestinians and tried to pull Palestinian drivers out of their vehicles in attempts to commandeer them. The settlers resisted police efforts to remove the Gaza residents' blockade. Seven people in their 20s were detained and have been under arrest since Friday.

Compensation bill faces vote Sunday
The decisive vote lies in the hands of MK Azmi Bishara (Balad). At least eight of the 17 committee members are expected to vote against the disengagement plan Sunday.

Knesset panel okays evacuation compensation bill
The larger than expected majority was reached only after MKs Azmi Bishara (Balad) and Avraham Ravitz (Degel Hatorah) voted in favor of the bill.

HAMAS and Islamic Jihad Comply de Facto Ceasefire
Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has pursuaded the Islamic Resistance Movement (HAMAS) and the Islamic Jihad to comply with the ceasefire with Israel. Leaders of the two organizations met with Abbas in Gaza and declared that they will "comply with the de facto ceasefire with Israel"...

Israeli, PA officials due to finalize Jericho handover
IDF Brigadier General Gadi Eisenkut and his Palestinian regional counterpart, General Haj Ismail, were slated to meet Sunday night to finalize details for handing over the West Bank city of Jericho to Palestinian security control, Israel Radio reported.

Hamas opposes US envoy Ward
Hamas said on Sunday that it is strongly opposed to the US decision to appoint Lt.-Gen. William Ward as Middle East security envoy, and expressed fear that the move was aimed at putting pressure on the Palestinian Authority security forces to crack down on armed Palestinian groups.

Israel approves release of 500 Palestinian prisoners
Both men have declared an end to hostilities after four years of bloodshed but the success of Abbas's efforts to persuade the likes of Hamas to also hold their fire is in part dependent on the whole prisoners issue.

PM: Practical steps must be taken against right-wing extremists
Ben-Eliezer, who was born in Iraq, presented to the cabinet a threatening letter that read: "Arab blood is flowing through your veins, and for this you must leave Israel and return to Iraq to defend Saddam Hussein. You are contemptible. You are a miserable Iraqi with Arab-Nazi blood flowing through your veins."

Israel considers buying natural gas from Gaza
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Infrastructure Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer agreed in a meeting last Wednesday to investigate the possibility of purchasing Palestinian natural gas from offshore drilling performed by British Gas off the coast of the Gaza Strip.

Four Israelis arrested for trying to sell Palestinian land
At the start of last week, police arrested Issa Safouri, a 34-year-old Nazareth resident and a member of the Likud Central Committee who is thought to have made of use of forged documents and located the American buyer.

Israel lets 200 Gaza workers cross
Israel has let more than 200 labourers enter from the Gaza Strip for the first time in months in a gesture to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas as he tries to strengthen a ceasefire agreed last week.

Tali Fahima asks court to ease terms of her imprisonment
The conditions, the petitions states, are having an adverse effect on her mental health. Fahima is accused of translating and reading to Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades members sensitive material the Israel Defense Forces had lost during an operation in the West Bank city of Jenin in May 2004.

From Aqaba To Sharm - Fake Peace Festivals
This, in the media world, is coupled with the faith that Israel is finally led by a man of peace. Sharon, who might have had some problems in the past, so the story goes, has changed his skin, and now he is leading Israel to painful concessions. There is once again talk of cooperation, public embraces and peace conferences.

Good morning to the Israeli left
After an eternally long hibernation, we are starting to hear the sounds of its awakening. Only when the wind is once again blowing in its direction - and not because of anything it did - does the extra-parliamentary left dare to come out of the closet where it locked itself up more than four years ago.

Men of the moment / Low-key Palestinian leader could earn elusive Israeli trust
Those who know Abbas say yes. Abbas, they say, has a demonstrated integrity and a selflessness that become evident to anyone who meets him, and these traits are well-known to Israeli leaders, including Sharon. The result: Israelis are willing to trust Abbas in ways they would not trust Arafat.

Peres to meet Shas' spiritual leader on coalition
The move, so far reported as a private initiative, not coordinated with the Israeli Prime Minister's Office, came as the so far minority cabinet is facing huge difficulties in passing vital bills within the sate institutions in order to approve its decisions.

Iran starts production of torpedoes
"Iran's marine units have now achieved an effective weapon witha complicated and modern technology in confronting surface andunder-sea threats," Shamkhani said, adding the torpedoes could bemounted on helicopters, surface vessels and submarines.

The Problem with Western Democracy
A recent online poll carried out by the Arabic website of Al Jazeera satellite television found that more than 80 percent of respondents distrust "Western democracy." The results simply restated the obvious. The query, of course, hardly meant to question "Western democracy" in its own right, but rather its imposition on the Arab world.

On This Day 1991: US bombers strike civilians in Baghdad
Iraqi foreign minister Tariq Aziz said: "This was a criminal, pre-meditated, planned attack against civilians."The final death toll was 314 including 130 children, after one of the 900kg bombs exploded in the middle of the largest upstairs room and the other blew up and blocked a ventilation shaft.

Shia parties triumph in Iraq poll
The two main Kurdish parties were in second place with about a quarter of the votes, followed by the alliance led by interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi. Many Sunni Muslims, who dominated Iraq under Saddam Hussein, boycotted the elections on 30 January. Shia leaders say they will try to draw them into the political process.

Iraqi General Dead; 3 U.S. Soldiers Killed
Insurgents also fired a rocket at the governor's building in Mosul, killing one woman and one man, as well as injuring four others, officials at the hospital said. Two Iraqi National Guard troops were killed on Mosul's airport road while trying to diffuse a roadside bomb, police said.

US troops to withdraw from Ramadi: Iraqi official
US forces will withdraw from the city of Ramadi in the restive Anbar province to pave the way for Iraqi security forces to take up responsibility in the country,an official said Sunday.

Allawi Likely to Be Key in New Government
The Shiites, with their 48 percent share, will be forced to reach out to other groups to form a government, and Allawi is expected to play a key role in the negotiations and end up with an influential role. Allawi, 60, has been negotiating with other Iraqi forces, including Kurds and Sunnis, since shortly after the vote two weeks ago to ensure he won't be sidelined.