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Monday, February 14, 2005

February 14, 2005

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Who Broke the Ceasefire (First)?
However, these media are either marginalizing or not reporting at all some very relevant facts, in particular that Israeli troops killed two unarmed Palestinians in separate incidents prior to the attacks, and that the rocket and mortar attacks were carried out explicitly as a response to the killings. On at least three counts, Israel should therefore be held responsible for endangering the calm in the region.

Gush Shalom: “Hands of Israeli leaders are also bloody”
Also, Gush Shalom said that Israeli should start releasing the sick and aged detainees, especially the detainees who were arrested before the Oslo agreement. The Israeli Peace Bloc also slammed Sharon and his policy of annexing Palestinian lands and the annexation wall erected in the West Bank.

IOF Kills Child in Hebron
Witnesses revealed that a 16-year-old child was shot dead with several bullets by an Israeli soldier who was driving a bulldozer in the old city of Hebron.They affirmed that the unidentified child was walking with his friends when the Israeli soldier unjustifiably targeted him with several bullets.

Child killed in Hebron
A local source in Hebron told IMEMC correspond ant that soldiers shot dead a 15-year-old child in the southern West Bank city of Hebron. IMEMC correspond ant stated that residents in the area said that the child did not attempt to attack the soldiers, and the he was shot one bullet to his leg, followed by four other bullets.

AMW 3-month analysis of BBC Radio 4 Today programme
The effect of the barrier was mainly discussed from an Israeli perspective, on two separate occasions during this period. Once was relating to the ICJ judgement that was due when an Israeli lawyer strayed from the subject of the ruling to the reason for the barrier and was not admonished. The other occasion was an item on the positive effects of the barrier from an Israeli perspective.

Protesters throw stones at police as thousands rally against pullout
Ten police officers were lightly hurt Monday evening in clashes with right-wing activists Monday as thousands of people demonstrated against the disengagement plan across the country, Israel Radio reported. ( ZERO injured, opposite to Anti-Apartheid demonstations! )

Israel is failing the moral test
According to Israeli authorities, one reason for my arrest two weeks ago in Biddu and my denial of entry into Israel in 2003 is that I "organized and participated in illegal demonstrations." Israeli authorities frequently use the term "illegal demonstrations" to describe peaceful protests against Israeli government violations of international law.

Come to Palestine, come stay with friends
The brochure promises prospective participants a trip "designed to develop relationships, break down stereotypes, foster philanthropic efforts and forge strategic partnerships to strengthen communities in the region," through living and studying in the Bethlehem area.

Abbas Declares War With Israel Effectively Over
Mr. Sharon's commitment to withdraw from Gaza and dismantle all Israeli settlements there and four in the West Bank, despite "how much pressure is on him from the Israeli Likud rightists," Mr. Abbas said, "is a good sign to start with" on the road to real peace. "And now he has a partner," Mr. Abbas said. ( Abbas blamming Arafat? )

PM Qorei to lead Palestinian delegation at London conference
Blair announced the conference on a visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories in December. Ironically Qorei had criticised the idea of a conference at the time, taking umbrage at any suggestion that Palestinians needed "grooming" for independence.

PM: Evacuation from Gaza, northern W. Bank to take 12 weeks
Sharon also told a meeting of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee in Jerusalem that he would seek cabinet approval on Monday for the evacuation of Gaza and four settlements in the northern West Bank.

Why do suicide bombers do it? new feature film asks
"For me it's very clear the occupation is the cause to force these people to do it," he said, speaking in English. "This is a mythical story: to kill yourself (along) with the enemy ... I am re-writing the myth from the human point of view, the Palestinian point of view, from the real point of view."

PLO Reiterates Significance of Heading toward Final Solution
Executive Committee (EC) of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) reiterated Sunday the significance of heading toward a peaceful and comprehensive solution for all the final status issues.

Sharon cracks down on extremist settlers
Dalia Rabin, whose father, Yitzhak, was assassinated by a far-right fanatic in 1995, warned: "If we don't do enough now to stop the deterioration, we will again see the terrible spectacle of a prime minister assassinated." The Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper quoted a police source as saying 84 senior officials were under protection because of concern for their lives.

Palestinians want help, advice at London meet
Palestinians will call for international help in reforming their institutions and vocal backing for their policies at a meeting in London next month, their envoy to Britain told Reuters on Monday.

Palestinians set to take control in Jericho on Tuesday
Israeli soldiers rarely operate in the sleepy Jordan valley town so the transfer is mainly of symbolic value although it will also serve as a trial run for similar transfers in four other areas, including Ramallah which serves as the political capital of the Palestinian Authority.

PCBS: Consumer Price Index Increased by 1.21% during January 2005
In a press release issued today, PCBS said that" the consumer price index numbers in the Palestinian Territories for the base year (1996=100), reached 147.02 for January 2005, recording a 1.21% increases compared with December 2004".

Militant settlers issue fresh threats to Sharon
The twin developments on Sunday showed that just as Israeli-Palestinian fighting winds down in the wake of a truce declared at a summit meeting last Tuesday, internal Israeli tensions are escalating into warnings of political assassinations. Israeli security services on Sunday announced increased protection of public officials, reports Reuters.

Intelligence or diplomacy?
The return to Israel of the Egyptian and Jordanian ambassadors - a first appointment has already been announced, under American pressure, but Cairo does not appear to be in any hurry - will be more symbolic than substantive when it occurs.

Palestinian militants hold fire
Hamas's position is seen as ensuring in the short term that there is no Palestinian infighting, and as a boost to Abbas's ability to make good on a commitment he made - reciprocated by Israel - at last week's summit in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, to halt violence, Palestinian analysts say.

Message to a rebel
Even though you are a minority, you are trying to prevent the disengagement and to that end, are holding the state budget for 2005 hostage. Last week you were not even embarrassed to send the prime minister an ultimatum: Agree to a referendum and get a budget; don't agree, and you won't get a budget. A referendum is nothing less than a transparent excuse meant to hide your true goals: to remain in Gaza.

Chirac rejects FM's request to add Hezbollah to EU terror list
During a meeting with Shalom on Monday afternoon, Chirac said France's efforts in the coming weeks will be focused primarily on the democratic process in Lebanon and the upcoming elections to be held in two months.

Head of Christian party abducted in Iraq: Arabiya TV
Kidnappers have abducted the head ofa Christian party in Iraq, demanding the withdrawal of US troops, Al Arabiya television reported Monday. The television gave no further details.

Polls will stiffen Kurdish resolve to achieve maximum autonomy under new constitution
Kurdish aspirations for a semi-autonomous Kurdistan within Iraq were given a strong fillip by yesterday's official election results, which gave the main Kurdish parties more than a quarter of the overall vote.

Bush congratulates Iraqi candidates in final election results
The Bush administration said Monday it looks forward to working with Iraq's new leaders and said the United States is confident that Baghdad is committed to an ''inclusive and representative'' government.

Oil pipeline attacked in northern Iraq
Unidentified attackers blew up an oil pipeline near the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk and set it on fire, police said on Monday. The attack took place at the al-Dibbis oil field north of Kirkuk on Sunday evening, they said.

Shia victory is blow to US line on Iran's N-arms
Sciri and Daawa members insist they are not beholden to Iran, but nonetheless feel kinship with the former exile home. One key Alliance politician warned that the US could not count on their support against Iran if Washington or its allies struck Iran's nuclear facilities, something the US has not ruled out.

EU executive hails 'step forward' in Iraq
"I congratulate those who will now have the task of building a governing coalition," Ferrero-Waldner said. But she added: "I trust they will ensure full representation of Iraq's diverse society in the political process, and in particular in the drafting of the constitution."

Shiites reach out to Sunnis after Iraq vote triumph
Iraq's long-oppressed Shiites were basking in their electoral triumph but pledged to reach out to rival Sunnis whose political isolation could further threaten the country's stability. The Sunnis, out of power for the first time in modern Iraq, will be left with scraps in the next executive.