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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

February 15, 2005

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Israel wall prevents healthcare
illegal West Bank seperation barrier is blocking some 10,000 chronically ill Palestinians from access to essential healthcare, three leading health organizations have charged. Medecins du Monde, the Palestinian Red Crescent Society and Physicians for Human Rights-Israel also said more than 100,000 pregnant women could face difficulties in child birth and 130,000 children will no longer be immunized once the 650-kilometer barrier is completed later this year.

Israel Seizes Palestinian Groundwater
Deputy Chairman of Palestinian Water Authority (PWA), Fadel Kawash, said that Israel controlled 900 million cubic meters of the Jordanian basin and it is now seizing groundwater of the western Palestinian basin. ( Who'll be blamed for the failure of Peace Process? )

Israel plans barrier checkpoints
But even if checkpoints deep inside the West Bank were dismantled, Palestinians said, replacements along the barrier would turn it into a permanent political border with Israel, gobbling up land they want for a viable state. "It will kill Palestinian hopes and aspirations for independence," Palestinian cabinet minister Saeb Erekat said.

Israel plans new W.Bank settlement
Israel has plans to build a new settlement in the West Bank that could take in settlers uprooted from Gaza, officials say, drawing protest from Palestinians who fear losing land for a state they seek.But President George W. Bush said in 2004 that Israel could expect to keep some of the West Bank land under an accord.

A Unilateral Exchange, Not a Disengagement
In practice, Israeli is running a unilateral exchange of Palestinian territories, not disengagement. The land Palestinians so far lost to the separation wall is much larger than areas Israel intends to evacuate under the disengagement plan. The Israeli Knesset is expected to approve the disengagement law on Wednesday.

PALESTINE: Risks on Al Aqsa Mosque by Jewish Extremists Boom
"Israeli high level security sources warning of the Chances of an attack on the al Aqsa mosque by Jewish right-wing extremists are far great, that the Arab and Islamic world must join hands in reining in such a risk asserting that the Islamic and Arab silent will encourage the Jewish organizations to go ahead in their plots destroying the Al Aqsa mosque."

Palestinian teenager shot dead
A 15-year-old Palestinian boy was shot dead late today by Israeli troops in the West Bank town of Beitunia near Ramallah, Palestinian medical and security sources said. Medical sources named the victim as Hani Khalil, and said a second boy, aged 14, was seriously injured in the incident near the vast separation barrier which Israel is building in the West Bank.

After 3 Years of his House seizure, Citizen Has Hopes to Get it Back
Sabir Aref 33, still has hopes to retrieve his house, located in Shufa village, south of Tulkarem, which Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) took over since three years and turned it into a military post.

Israeli Forces Attack Peaceful Congregation in Hebron
Israeli occupation forces attacked a peaceful congregation of civilians and international peace activists, who were protesting the construction of a new colonial road in Hebron City. Israeli troops used heavy clubs and rifle butts to attack the peaceful demonstration, which included civilians, farmers and international peace activists.

Wael, Born inside Israeli Prison, Released with his Mother
Wael happened to be the youngest Palestinian prisoner. He was destined to suffer a prison authority which deprived him from all the toys and gifts the international institutions offered him. Wael was deprived from all his needs the way his mother was deprived from all her needs as a pregnant.

Kofi Annan bends to Israeli pressure, doesn't renew Hansen's contract
The Palestinian Network of NGOs issued a press release in response to UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan's, decision to not renew UNRWA head Peter Hansen's contract after nine years. Hansen was a regular target of the Israeli government who tried to have him removed from his position several times.

2 Border Policemen found guilty of abusing Palestinians
The Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court on Tuesday convicted two former Border Policemen of assault and abuse of 16 bound Palestinian detainees in an incident three years ago. The Palestinians were handcuffed, led to a bus and continously beaten by the two. ( Only the two?! )

PA making big plans for evacuated Gaza property
Palestinian ministries are busy preparing for the post-disengagement era in Gush Katif and the northwest corner of Gaza, planning among other things for the construction of thousands of apartments in the areas evacuated in Gush Katif, to resettle refugees now living in camps in Gaza.

Prisoners release postponed until Monday
Monday at night, an Israeli source reported that the Israeli High Court will review appeals submitted by Israelis against the release of Palestinian detainees; Israeli army announced that it postponed the release of the 500 detainees until next Monday.

Prisoners released without consultation: Palestine
"It is not what we want," Palestinian Cabinet minister Saeb Erekat said. "It is not what our people want." He said the prisoners included those who had already completed their sentence or near of completion. Palestinians want Israel to release prisoners who have spent more than 20 years in jail.

Sharon : “ Israel will coordinate pullout with the P.A”
In a statement which was described as a “clearest”, Sharon said that disengagement from Gaza will be coordinated with the P.A, the statements of Sharon came during a press conference with the Foreign Press Association in Jerusalem.

new Palestinian cabinet to be announced in 24 hours: Abbas
Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas said on Tuesday that a new Palestinian cabinet will be announced in 24 hours. Nasser el-Qedwa, representative of the Palestinian National Authority in the United Nations, will hold the post of foreign minister to replace Nabil Shaath. Nabil Amro will hold the post of information minister.

IDF chief opposes transfer of Jericho village to Palestinians
Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Moshe Ya'alon said Tuesday that the military is opposed to transferring the West Bank village of Uja, on the northern outskirts of Jericho, to the Palestinian Authority, thus negating Palestinian claims that an agreement had been reached on the handover of Jericho and its environs.

Pullout from Jericho must include surrounding areas: Dahlan
Former Palestinian Interior Minister Mohammed Dahlan said on Tuesday that a Palestinian delegation will not accept security handover of the West Bank city of Jericho without surrounding areas.

U.S. reevaluating Israel travel warning
"We are now evaluating the travel warning [to Israel] because of the new political and security context," a U.S. official said, adding the United States was not yet considering lifting the travel warning to the West Bank and Gaza Strip. ( Wonder why Gaza & West Bank are unsafe? )

Russia may ship military vehicles to Palestine
A high-ranking Russian official on Tuesday offered to ship military vehicles to the Palestinian territories to reinforce their security, but only with Israel's prior consent, Interfax news agency reported.

Sharon forges ahead with Gaza pullout plan despite opposition
A vote on the bill is not expected until Wednesday with around 100 deputies of the 120-seat Knesset likely to speak at the debate. Some ultra-nationalist opponents of the pullout have said that they intend to read the names of each Gaza settler during their speeches and add the title "Jew, designated for expulsion" to each one.

Israel fears Jewish terror
The minister, Gideon Ezra, said he was prepared to invoke emergency detention laws normally used against Palestinians because of concern that rising incitement was creating a climate similar to that which led to the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin a decade ago.

Sharon's brinkmanship with the right
While Mahmoud Abbas spoke about the road map, Sharon concentrated on the short term. He proposed a deal to Abbas. The Palestinian Authority will keep the quiet during the evacuation and get the keys to the settlements. Sharon's stick will be "a reaction unprecedented in its intensity" if the evacuation takes place under Palestinian fire.

The late Palestinian leader, Yasser Arafat, always refused to accept any deal that left Israel with 100% of Jerusalem and large swathes of the West Bank. He insisted on some limited right of return for Palestinian refugees and creation of a viable, independent state on the West Bank and Gaza. Abbas has remained mute about these vital questions.

Abu Mazen: Palestine's last best hope
After the declarations at Sharm al-Sheikh this month, it seems Abu Mazen might pull off his gamble: a ceasefire with Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, all integrated within the Palestinian security forces. But will Israel keep its promises? And will the United States and the international community give him the support he needs?

Future of Hamas is Future of Palestine
With the dynamism it has shown in the armed struggle and its public services performances, Hamas has become a group that will leave its mark on the future of Palestine, because any decision made by this organization has more effect than any pledge made by the Palestinian president.

U.S. orders its envoy to Syria home after Hariri's death
Before departing, U.S. Ambassador Margaret Scobey delivered a stern note, called a demarche in diplomatic parlance, to the Syrian government, a U.S. official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Tuesday.

US accused of plan to muzzle al-Jazeera through privatisation
Washington has been particularly irritated by the station's coverage of civilian casualties and destruction caused by US troops in Iraq, and by its airing of messages from Osama bin Laden, the al-Qa'ida leader. In Iraq and some other Arab countries, al-Jazeera offices have been shut down.

Iraqi Shiite coalition names Jafari as PM candidate
Iraq's Shiite coalition that won the country's Jan. 30 elections on Tuesday named interim Vice President and leader of Dawa party Ibrahim al-Jafari as candidate for prime minister, the Dubai-based al-Arabiya TV channel reported.