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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

February 16, 2005

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Court allows IDF to level Palestinian grove near Mofaz's home
The High Court Wednesday rejected a petition by Palestinian woman Zuheria Murshad, 72, to bar the IDF from uprooting 60 citrus trees in her grove, adjacent to Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz's home in Kochav Ya'ir. The decision paves the way for the military to clear an 80-meter radius for "security reasons." ( Destory Legal, for sake of Illegal! Talk about Peace! )

Barrier 'harms West Bank health'
Israel's West Bank barrier is blocking 10,000 chronically ill Palestinians from access to essential treatment, say three leading medical organisations. The organisations also said that over 100,000 pregnant women could suffer from the lack of access to healthcare.

Jerusalem Resident Delivers Baby Boy at Kalandia Israeli Checkpoint
Israeli soldiers at Qalandia checkpoint,near Jerusalem, denied access to a pregnant womanon her route to one of the Palestinian hospitals in Jerusalem. A medical crew belongs to Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) could assist the woman in her delivery after 15 minutes a baby boy.

ILA admits using banned chemicals to spray Bedouin crops
The petition, filed in May 2004 by attorney Marwan Dalal of Adalah, the Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel, claims that "the spraying of crops endangers the life and health of human beings and animals, as well as their environment." Along with the petition, Adalah submitted an expert opinion that stated that crop spraying increases the chances of birth defects and statistical likelihood of developing cancer.

Gaza Strip evacuees able to move to West Bank
"I cannot prevent an individual who wants to use his compensation to buy a house in Gush Etzion [a southern West Bank settlement bloc] from doing so," Labour's Isaac Herzog, housing minister in Mr Sharon's coalition, said. "This would be totally within his rights." ( Who expects rights in Illegal State to be Legal? )

Palestinian women experience major poverty induced by loss of spouses, UN says
Palestinian women are suffering massively from malnutrition, especially when they are pregnant and nursing, and have high rates of poverty as widowed heads of household, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan says in a new report to a UN women's rights panel.

Gazan students unable to study in West Bank
Bashar Abu Shahala was studying in his room. The other three - Muhanna, Bashar Abu Salim and Mohammad Matar - chatted and watched television. Suddenly, they realized that soldiers were surrounding the house. The soldiers burst into the apartment shortly thereafter. "They treated us like criminals," Abu Shahala said. "They ordered us to gather our belongings and blindfolded us, handcuffed us.

Israel provokes Palestinian resistance groups in Nablus, kills two
Since the announcement of the hudna ("cease-fire"), Nablus hasn't seen anything like a hudna. In what seems to have been a gun battle between the two resistance fighters and the Israeli troops (who were supported by a helicopter), both of them were shot and were left bleeding to death.

IDF kills two armed Palestinians near West Bank settlement
Al Aqsa members said the two armed men were guarding an abandoned Palestinian house near the settlement and were killed by Israeli troops without provocation. Al Aqsa members indicated they would retaliate.

Motion against targeted killings put on hold due to truce
Deputy state prosecutor, Shay Nitzan, quoted in the court session Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's announcement at the Sharm el-Sheikh summit last week, that parallel with the ceasing of violence on the part of Palestinians, 'Israel shall stop its military actions against Palestinians anywhere'.

Israel publishes list of 500 Palestinian prisoners to be released
The Israeli prison service published a list Wednesday of 500 Palestinians who have been approved for release in the coming days as part of a package of goodwill gestures. The names are being published in order to allow Israelis to file appeals against any of those slated for release.

Hebron Settlers Attack and badly injure two OD members in At-Tuwani
Shortly thereafter CPTer Sally Hunsburger, and 2 OD members appeared over the crest of the hill from herding in the direction of Tuba. Settlers reappeared, noticed the video camera and attacked the 2 OD team members.

Jordanian ambassador to Israel to return Sunday
Jordan said Wednesday that it is returning its ambassador to Israel on post Sunday, setting the stage for a normalizing of diplomatic relations between Amman and Tel Aviv after a four-year break.

Sharon firm on West Bank sites
He told a press conference that Jewish "population blocks" had been there for many years and that, in agreement with President George Bush, they "will be part of the Jewish state in the future". ( Peace = Zionists' illegal becomes legal, Palestinians give up legal rights!?? )

PA officials approve new cabinet
The makeup of the government was agreed to on Wednesday at a meeting of Abbas' Fatah movement. "I will present my Cabinet to the legislative council for approval on Tuesday," Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia said - referring to the Palestinia legislature - after the meeting.

ECHO Allocates €34 million for Aid to Palestinian People
The European Commission is one of the largest donors of humanitarian aid to the Palestinian population. Since the start of the Intifada in the Occupied Palestinian Territories in 2000, the EC's humanitarian aid department (ECHO) has provided €155 million in assistance to Palestinian people throughout the region.

Israeli MPs approve billion-dollar compensation package for Gaza settlers
Israel's planned pullout from the Gaza Strip took a major step forward when MPs approved a billion-dollar compensation package for the 8,000 Jewish settlers who are to be uprooted from their homes. A total of 59 members of the 120-seat Knesset voted for the evacuation-compensation bill in the third and final reading, while 40 voted against

Abbas authorizes death sentences for 'collaborators'
Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has authorized death sentences passed against three Palestinians who were found guilty of "collaboration" with Israel. It's not clear when the three men, whose identities were not revealed, would be executed by firing squad.

Fugitives to join PA security forces
This is the first time that members of Hamas and Islamic Jihad would serve in the PA security forces. "The fugitives who will join the security forces belong to all the Palestinian groups and factions," Naja said. "The move is designed to protect them against Israeli assassination attempts."

Jailed Palestinian leader sees continued bloodshed
Barghouthi, a grassroots figure in the four-year-old revolt, made his remarks to an Israeli newspaper on Wednesday as Israel's parliament met for a crucial vote on Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's plan to evacuate settlers from Gaza and parts of the West Bank.

Blanket scorn for Mofaz decision to halt Ya'alon term
Senior IDF Staff officers said Wednesday that someone must have lost his sense of national responsiblity when reaching the decision to replace both IDF Chief of Staff Moshe Ya'alon and Shin Bet security service director Avi Dichter prior to the implementation of the disengagement plan.

Herzog's Greater Jerusalem
Jerusalem's new neighborhoods, the ones that effectively separate the Arab eastern parts of the city and the West Bank, were built by Labor people and especially by former Jerusalem mayor, Teddy Kollek. It was also during Kollek's tenure that plans were made for the new neighborhood of Har Homa, an attempt to separate eastern Jerusalem and Bethlehem...

The demographic key
But in effect there is nothing in the disengagement plan that has anything to do with demography. On the other hand, there is a direct connection between the demographic issue and the territorial exchange plan. According to all those plans the route of the geodemographic border was drawn according to the principle of territorial contiguity.

Israeli absence good for UK Mideast talks - Shalom
"It was agreed with Prime Minister (Tony) Blair and Prime Minister (Ariel) Sharon that Israel will not participate in this convention while they are talking only about how to help the Palestinians," the Israeli minister told reporters.

Getting tight with the Bible Belt
In Elon's view, it is a productive relationship; Evangelical churches in the United States, with a combined membership of more than 50 million, are the closest thing to the Yesha Council of settlements on the other side of the Atlantic. Church leaders believe the Land of Israel belongs to Jews, and that only after the Jews settle the land will Jesus be able to return.

Protest Israeli president’s visit!
In March, Israeli president Moshe Katsav will tour Australia. We are calling upon all concerned with the systematic injustices of the Israeli state to take this chance to protest. We hope that this will be the first moment of new movements in this country opposed to apartheid Israel, as many opposed apartheid South Africa in the past...

More Americans — 29 percent — have a positive view of the Palestinian Authority than in any previous poll, although 62 percent still have a negative view of it. Also, 69 percent of the U.S. public, the highest level in nearly six years, regard Israel positively, according to the Gallup Poll.

Sources: Israel satisfied by U.S. decision to recall Syria envoy
Political sources in Jerusalem expressed satisfaction Tuesday at the decision by the United States to recall its envoy from Syria following the assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri in Beirut.

US ambassador meets Syrian FM
The agency said Mr Shara had "given Mrs Scobey a reply to the message that she, in turn, will transmit to the American secretary of state". SANA quoted Mrs Scobey as "expressing the hope of returning as quickly as possible to her post in Damascus".

Kidnapped Italian journalist appeals for end of occupation
"I beg you, put an end to the occupation. Press on the Italian government to end the occupation," Sgrena said in the video tape, aired by the Dubai-based al-Arabiya TV channel. "I came to Iraq at the end of January, to witness the situation of this people ... Hundreds of civilians were killed, among them children and old people.